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Disease Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Cacergasia 300.9
Expand Cachexia 799.4
Café au lait spots 709.09
Caffey's disease or syndrome (infantile cortical hyperostosis) 756.59
Caisson disease 993.3
Caked breast (puerperal, postpartum) 676.2
Cake kidney 753.3
Calabar swelling 125.2
Calcaneal spur 726.73
Calcaneoapophysitis 732.5
Calcaneonavicular bar 755.67
Calcareous see condition
Calcicosis (occupational) 502
Expand Calciferol (vitamin D) deficiency 268.9
Expand Calcification
     see also: Calcification
Expand Calcinosis (generalized) (interstitial) (tumoral) (universalis) 275.49
     see also: Calcification, by site
Expand Calcium
Calciuria 791.9
Calculi see: Calculus
Calculosis, intrahepatic see: Choledocholithiasis
Expand Calculus, calculi, calculous 592.9
Caliectasis 593.89
Expand California
Caligo cornea 371.03
Callositas, callosity (infected) 700
Expand Callus (infected) 700
Calvé (-Perthes) disease (osteochondrosis, femoral capital) 732.1
     see also: Alopecia
Cameroon fever
     see also: Malaria
Camptocormia 300.11
Camptodactyly (congenital) 755.59
Camurati-Engelmann disease (diaphyseal sclerosis) 756.59
Canal see condition
Expand Canaliculitis (lacrimal) (acute) 375.31
Canavan's disease 330.0
Expand Cancer (M8000/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Cancerous (M8000/3) see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Cancerphobia 300.29
Cancrum oris 528.1
Expand Candidiasis, candidal 112.9
Candidiosis see: Candidiasis
Candiru infection or infestation 136.8
Expand Canities (premature) 704.3
Expand Canker (mouth) (sore) 528.2
Cannabinosis 504
Canton fever 081.9
Expand Cap
Capillariasis 127.5
Capillary see condition
Caplan's syndrome 714.81
Caplan-Colinet syndrome 714.81
Capsule see condition
Expand Capsulitis (joint) 726.90
Expand Caput
Carapata disease 087.1
Carate see: Pinta
Carboxyhemoglobinemia 986
Carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome (CDGS) 271.8
Expand Carbuncle 680.9
     see also: Carbuncle
Expand Carcinoid (tumor) (M8240/1)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, uncertain behavior
Carcinoidosis 259.2
Expand Carcinoma (M8010/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Carcinomaphobia 300.29
Expand Carcinomatosis
Expand Carcinosarcoma (M8980/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Cardia, cardial see condition
Expand Cardiac
     see also: condition
     see also: Pain, precordial
Cardiectasis see: Hypertrophy, cardiac
Cardiochalasia 530.81
     see also: Degeneration, myocardial
Cardiomegalia glycogenica diffusa 271.0
Expand Cardiomegaly
     see also: Hypertrophy, cardiac
     see also: Degeneration, myocardial
Expand Cardiomyopathy (congestive) (constrictive) (familial) (infiltrative) (obstructive) (restrictive) (sporadic) 425.4
Cardionephritis see: Hypertension, cardiorenal
Cardionephropathy see: Hypertension, cardiorenal
Cardionephrosis see: Hypertension, cardiorenal
Cardioneurosis 306.2
Cardiopathia nigra 416.0
Expand Cardiopathy
     see also: Disease, heart
     see also: Pericarditis
Cardiophobia 300.29
Cardioptosis 746.87
Cardiorenal see condition
     see also: Infarct, myocardium
Cardiosclerosis see: Arteriosclerosis, coronary
Cardiosis see: Disease, heart
Expand Cardiospasm (esophagus) (reflex) (stomach) 530.0
Cardiostenosis see: Disease, heart
Cardiosymphysis 423.1
Cardiothyrotoxicosis see: Hyperthyroidism
Cardiovascular see condition
Expand Carditis (acute) (bacterial) (chronic) (subacute) 429.89
Expand Care (of)
Expand Caries (bone)
     see also: Tuberculosis, bone
015.9 [730.8]
Carini's syndrome (ichthyosis congenita) 757.1
Carious teeth 521.00
Carneous mole 631
Carnosinemia 270.5
Carotid body or sinus syndrome 337.0
Carotidynia 337.0
Carotinemia (dietary) 278.3
Carotinosis (cutis) (skin) 278.3
Carpal tunnel syndrome 354.0
Carpenter's syndrome 759.89
Carpopedal spasm
     see also: Tetany
Carpoptosis 736.05
Expand Carrier (suspected) of
Carrión's disease (Bartonellosis) 088.0
Car sickness 994.6
Expand Carter's
Cartilage see condition
Expand Caruncle (inflamed)
Cascade stomach 537.6
Caseation lymphatic gland
     see also: Tuberculosis
Expand Caseous
Cassidy (-Scholte) syndrome (malignant carcinoid) 259.2
Castellani's bronchitis 104.8
Castleman's tumor or lymphoma (mediastinal lymph node hyperplasia) 785.6
Expand Castration, traumatic 878.2
Casts in urine 791.7
Cat's ear 744.29
Expand Catalepsy 300.11
Cataphasia 307.0
Cataplexy (idiopathic)
     see also: Narcolepsy
Expand Cataract (anterior cortical) (anterior polar) (black) (capsular) (central) (cortical) (hypermature) (immature) (incipient) (mature) 366.9
Expand Cataracta 366.10
Expand Catarrh, catarrhal (inflammation)
     see also: condition
Catarrhus aestivus
     see also: Fever, hay
Catastrophe, cerebral
     see also: Disease, cerebrovascular, acute
Expand Catatonia, catatonic (acute) 781.99
Expand Cat-scratch
     see also: Injury, superficial
Expand Cauda equina
     see also: condition
Cauliflower ear 738.7
Caul over face 768.9
Expand Causalgia 355.9
Expand Cause
Expand Caustic burn
     see also: Burn, by site
Cavare's disease (familial periodic paralysis) 359.3
Expand Cave-in, injury
Expand Cavernitis (penis) 607.2
Cavernositis 607.2
Cavernous see condition
Expand Cavitation of lung
     see also: Tuberculosis
Expand Cavity
Cavovarus foot, congenital 754.59
Expand Cavus foot (congenital) 754.71
Expand Cazenave's
CDGS (carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome) 271.8
Cecitis see: Appendicitis
Cecocele see: Hernia
Cecum see condition
Expand Celiac
Expand Cell, cellular
     see also: condition
Expand Cellulitis (diffuse) (with lymphangitis)
     see also: Abscess
Expand Cementoblastoma, benign (M9273/0) 213.1
Expand Cementoma (M9273/0) 213.1
Cementoperiostitis 523.40
Expand Cephalgia, cephalagia
     see also: Headache
Expand Cephalhematocele, cephalematocele
Expand Cephalhematoma, cephalematoma (calcified)
Cephalic see condition
Cephalitis see: Encephalitis
Cephalocele 742.0
Cephaloma see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Cephalomenia 625.8
Cephalopelvic see condition
Cercomoniasis 007.3
Cerebellitis see: Encephalitis
Cerebellum (cerebellar) see condition
Cerebral see condition
Cerebritis see: Encephalitis
Cerebrohepatorenal syndrome 759.89
Cerebromacular degeneration 330.1
     see also: Softening, brain
Cerebrosidosis 272.7
Cerebrospasticity see: Palsy, cerebral
Cerebrospinal see condition
Cerebrum see condition
Ceroid storage disease 272.7
Cerumen (accumulation) (impacted) 380.4
Expand Cervical
     see also: condition
Cervicalgia 723.1
Expand Cervicitis (acute) (chronic) (nonvenereal) (subacute) (with erosion or ectropion) 616.0
Cervicoaural fistula 744.49
Cervicocolpitis (emphysematosa)
     see also: Cervicitis
Cervix see condition
Expand Cesarean delivery, operation or section NEC 669.7
Céstan's syndrome 344.89
Céstan-Chenais paralysis 344.89
Céstan-Raymond syndrome 433.8
Expand Cestode infestation NEC 123.9
Cestodiasis 123.9
CGF (congenital generalized fibromatosis) 759.89
Chabert's disease 022.9
Chacaleh 266.2
Chafing 709.8
Chagas' disease
     see also: Trypanosomiasis, American
Chagres fever 084.0
Chalasia (cardiac sphincter) 530.81
Chalazion 373.2
Chalazoderma 757.39
Expand Chalcosis 360.24
Chalicosis (occupational) (pulmonum) 502
Expand Chancre (any genital site) (hard) (indurated) (infecting) (primary) (recurrent) 091.0
Chancriform syndrome 114.1
Expand Chancroid 099.0
Chandipura fever 066.8
Chandler's disease (osteochondritis dissecans, hip) 732.7
Expand Change(s) (of)
     see also: Removal of
Changing sleep-work schedule, affecting sleep 327.36
Changuinola fever 066.0
Chapping skin 709.8
Expand Character
Expand Charcôt's
Charcôt-Marie-Tooth disease, paralysis, or syndrome 356.1
CHARGE association (syndrome) 759.89
Expand Charleyhorse (quadriceps) 843.8
Charlouis' disease
     see also: Yaws
Chauffeur's fracture see: Fracture, ulna, lower end
Cheadle (-Möller) (-Barlow) disease or syndrome (infantile scurvy) 267
Expand Checking (of)
Expand Checkup
Chédiak-Higashi (-Steinbrinck) anomaly, disease, or syndrome (congenital gigantism of peroxidase granules) 288.2
     see also: condition
Cheese itch 133.8
Cheese washers' lung 495.8
Expand Cheilitis 528.5
Cheilodynia 528.5
     see also: Cleft, palate, with cleft lip
Cheilophagia 528.9
     see also: Cleft, lip
Expand Cheilosis 528.5
Cheiromegaly 729.89
Cheiropompholyx 705.81
     see also: Keloid
Expand Chemical burn
     see also: Burn, by site
Chemodectoma (M8693/1) see: Paraganglioma, nonchromaffin
Chemoprophylaxis NEC V07.39
Chemosis, conjunctiva 372.73
Expand Chemotherapy
Cherubism 526.89
Chest see condition
Cheyne-Stokes respiration (periodic) 786.04
Expand Chiari's
Chiari-Frommel syndrome 676.6
Chicago disease (North American blastomycosis) 116.0
Expand Chickenpox
     see also: Varicella
Chiclero ulcer 085.4
Chiggers 133.8
Expand Chignon 111.2
Chigoe disease 134.1
Chikungunya fever 066.3
Chilaiditi's syndrome (subphrenic displacement, colon) 751.4
Expand Chilblains 991.5
Expand Child
Childbed fever 670
Expand Childbirth
     see also: Delivery
Childhood, period of rapid growth V21.0
Expand Chill(s) 780.99
Chilomastigiasis 007.8
Chin see condition
Chinese dysentery 004.9
Chiropractic dislocation
     see also: Lesion, nonallopathic, by site
Chitral fever 066.0
Chlamydia, chlamydial see condition
Expand Chloasma 709.09
Chloroma (M9930/3) 205.3
Expand Chlorosis 280.9
Chlorotic anemia 280.9
Chocolate cyst (ovary) 617.1
Expand Choked
Chokes (resulting from bends) 993.3
Choking sensation 784.99
     see also: Disease, gallbladder
Expand Cholangiocarcinoma (M8160/3)
Expand Cholangiohepatitis 575.8
Cholangiohepatoma (M8180/3) 155.0
Expand Cholangiolitis (acute) (chronic) (extrahepatic) (gangrenous) 576.1
Expand Cholangioma (M8160/0) 211.5
Expand Cholangitis (acute) (ascending) (catarrhal) (chronic) (infective) (malignant) (primary) (recurrent) (sclerosing) (secondary) (stenosing) (suppurative) 576.1
Cholecystdocholithiasis see: Choledocholithiasis
Expand Cholecystitis 575.10
Choledochitis (suppurative) 576.1
Choledocholith see: Choledocholithiasis
Expand Choledocholithiasis 574.5
Expand Cholelithiasis (impacted) (multiple) 574.2
Expand Cholemia
     see also: Jaundice
Cholemic gallstone see: Cholelithiasis
Choleperitoneum, choleperitonitis
     see also: Disease, gallbladder
Expand Cholera (algid) (Asiatic) (asphyctic) (epidemic) (gravis) (Indian) (malignant) (morbus) (pestilential) (spasmodic) 001.9
     see also: Cholera
Expand Cholestasis 576.8
Expand Cholesteatoma (ear) 385.30
Expand Cholesteatosis (middle ear)
     see also: Cholesteatoma
Cholesteremia 272.0
Expand Cholesterin
Expand Cholesterol
Expand Cholesterolemia 272.0
Expand Cholesterosis, cholesterolosis (gallbladder) 575.6
Cholocolic fistula
     see also: Fistula, gallbladder
Choluria 791.4
Expand Chondritis (purulent) 733.99
Chondroangiopathia calcarea seu punctate 756.59
Expand Chondroblastoma (M9230/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, bone, benign
Expand Chondrocalcinosis (articular) (crystal deposition) (dihydrate)
     see also: Arthritis, due to, crystals
275.49 [712.3]
Chondrodermatitis nodularis helicis 380.00
Expand Chondrodysplasia 756.4
Expand Chondrodystrophia (fetalis) 756.4
Chondrodystrophy (familial) (hypoplastic) 756.4
Chondroectodermal dysplasia 756.55
Chondrolysis 733.99
Expand Chondroma (M9220/0)
     see also: Neoplasm cartilage, benign
Expand Chondromalacia 733.92
Chondromatosis (M9220/1) see: Neoplasm, cartilage, uncertain behavior
Chondromyxosarcoma (M9220/3) see: Neoplasm, cartilage, malignant
Chondro-osteodysplasia (Morquio-Brailsford type) 277.5
Chondro-osteodystrophy 277.5
Chondro-osteoma (M9210/0) see: Neoplasm, bone, benign
Chondropathia tuberosa 733.6
Expand Chondrosarcoma (M9220/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, cartilage, malignant
Chordae tendineae rupture (chronic) 429.5
Expand Chordee (nonvenereal) 607.89
Chorditis (fibrinous) (nodosa) (tuberosa) 478.5
Chordoma (M9370/3) see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Expand Chorea (gravis) (minor) (spasmodic) 333.5
Choreoathetosis (paroxysmal) 333.5
Chorioadenoma (destruens) (M9100/1) 236.1
Expand Chorioamnionitis 658.4
Chorioangioma (M9120/0) 219.8
Expand Choriocarcinoma (M9100/3)
Chorioencephalitis, lymphocytic (acute) (serous) 049.0
Chorioepithelioma (M9100/3) see: Choriocarcinoma
Choriomeningitis (acute) (benign) (lymphocytic) (serous) 049.0
Chorionepithelioma (M9100/3) see: Choriocarcinoma
     see also: Scleroderma
Expand Chorioretinitis 363.20
Choristoma see: Neoplasm, by site, benign
Choroid see condition
Choroideremia, choroidermia (initial stage) (late stage) (partial or total atrophy) 363.55
Expand Choroiditis
     see also: Chorioretinitis
Expand Choroidopathy NEC 363.9
Choroidoretinitis see: Chorioretinitis
Choroidosis, central serous 362.41
Choroidretinopathy, serous 362.41
Christian's syndrome (chronic histiocytosis X) 277.89
Christian-Weber disease (nodular nonsuppurative panniculitis) 729.30
Christmas disease 286.1
Expand Chromaffinoma (M8700/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, benign
Chromatopsia 368.59
Chromhidrosis, chromidrosis 705.89
Chromoblastomycosis 117.2
Chromomycosis 117.2
Chromophytosis 111.0
Chromotrichomycosis 111.8
Chronic see condition
Churg-Strauss syndrome 446.4
Chyle cyst, mesentery 457.8
Expand Chylocele (nonfilarial) 457.8
Chylomicronemia (fasting) (with hyperprebetalipoproteinemia) 272.3
Chylopericardium (acute) 420.90
Expand Chylothorax (nonfilarial) 457.8
Expand Chylous
Expand Chyluria 791.1
Cicatricial (deformity) see: Cicatrix
Expand Cicatrix (adherent) (contracted) (painful) (vicious) 709.2
CIN I [cervical intraepithelial neoplasia I] 622.11
CIN II [cervical intraepithelial neoplasia II] 622.12
CIN III [cervical intraepithelial neoplasia III] 233.1
Expand Cinchonism
Circine herpes 110.5
Circle of Willis see condition
Expand Circular
     see also: condition
Expand Circulating anticoagulants 286.5
Expand Circulation
Circulatory system see condition
Circulus senilis 371.41
Expand Circumcision
Circumscribed see condition
Circumvallata placenta see: Placenta, abnormal
Expand Cirrhosis, cirrhotic 571.5
Cistern, subarachnoid 793.0
Citrullinemia 270.6
Citrullinuria 270.6
Ciuffini-Pancoast tumor (M8010/3) (carcinoma, pulmonary apex) 162.3
Civatte's disease or poikiloderma 709.09
Clam diggers' itch 120.3
Clap see: Gonorrhea
Clark's paralysis 343.9
Clarke-Hadfield syndrome (pancreatic infantilism) 577.8
Clastothrix 704.2
Claude's syndrome 352.6
Claude Bernard-Horner syndrome
     see also: Neuropathy, peripheral, autonomic
Expand Claudication, intermittent 443.9
Claudicatio venosa intermittens 453.8
Claustrophobia 300.29
Clavus (infected) 700
Expand Clawfoot (congenital) 754.71
Expand Clawhand (acquired) 736.06
Expand Clawtoe (congenital) 754.71
Clay eating 307.52
Clay shovelers' fracture see: Fracture, vertebra, cervical
Cleansing of artificial opening
     see also: Attention to artificial opening
Expand Cleft (congenital)
     see also: Imperfect, closure
Cleft hand (congenital) 755.58
Cleidocranial dysostosis 755.59
Cleidotomy, fetal 763.89
Cleptomania 312.32
Expand Clérambault's syndrome 297.8
Clergyman's sore throat 784.49
Expand Click, clicking
Clifford's syndrome (postmaturity) 766.22
Expand Climacteric
     see also: Menopause
Clinical research investigation (control) (participant) V70.7
Clinodactyly 755.59
Clitoris see condition
Cloaca, persistent 751.5
Clonorchiasis 121.1
Clonorchiosis 121.1
Clonorchis infection, liver 121.1
Clonus 781.0
Closed bite 524.20
Expand Closed surgical procedure converted to open procedure
Expand Closure
Expand Clot (blood)
Clotting defect NEC
     see also: Defect, coagulation
Expand Clouded state 780.09
Expand Clouding
Expand Cloudy
Clouston's (hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia 757.31
Clubbing of fingers 781.5
Expand Clubfinger 736.29
Expand Clubfoot (congenital) 754.70
Expand Club hand (congenital) 754.89
Expand Clubnail (acquired) 703.8
Clump kidney 753.3
Expand Clumsiness 781.3
Cluttering 307.0
Clutton's joints 090.5
Expand Coagulation, intravascular (diffuse) (disseminated)
     see also: Fibrinolysis
Expand Coagulopathy
     see also: Defect, coagulation
Expand Coalition
Expand Coal miners'
Coal workers' lung or pneumoconiosis 500
Expand Coarctation
Coated tongue 529.3
Coats' disease 362.12
     see also: Dependence
Coccidioidal granuloma 114.3
Expand Coccidioidomycosis 114.9
Expand Coccidioidosis 114.9
Coccidiosis (colitis) (diarrhea) (dysentery) 007.2
Cocciuria 791.9
Coccus in urine 791.9
Coccydynia 724.79
Coccygodynia 724.79
Coccyx see condition
Expand Cochin-China
Cock's peculiar tumor 706.2
Cockayne's disease or syndrome (microcephaly and dwarfism) 759.89
Cockayne-Weber syndrome (epidermolysis bullosa) 757.39
Cocked-up toe 735.2
Codman's tumor (benign chondroblastoma) (M9230/0) see: Neoplasm, bone, benign
Coenurosis 123.8
Coffee workers' lung 495.8
Expand Cogan's syndrome 370.52
Coiling, umbilical cord see: Complications, umbilical cord
Expand Coitus, painful (female) 625.0
Expand Cold 460
     see also: Herpes, simplex
Expand Colibacillosis 041.4
Colibacilluria 791.9
Expand Colic (recurrent) 789.0
     see also: Cystitis
Expand Colitis (acute) (catarrhal) (croupous) (cystica superficialis) (exudative) (hemorrhagic) (noninfectious) (phlegmonous) (presumed noninfectious) 558.9
Expand Collagen disease NEC 710.9
Expand Collagenosis
     see also: Collagen disease
Expand Collapse 780.2
Expand Collateral
     see also: condition
Expand Colles' fracture (closed) (reversed) (separation) 813.41
Collet's syndrome 352.6
Collet-Sicard syndrome 352.6
Colliculitis urethralis
     see also: Urethritis
Expand Colliers'
Collodion baby (ichthyosis congenita) 757.1
Colloid milium 709.3
Expand Coloboma NEC 743.49
Coloenteritis see: Enteritis
Colon see condition
Coloptosis 569.89
Expand Color
Expand Colostomy
     see also: Vaginitis
Colpocele 618.6
     see also: Vaginitis
Colporrhexis 665.4
Colpospasm 625.1
Column, spinal, vertebral see condition
Expand Coma 780.01
Combat fatigue
     see also: Reaction, stress, acute
Combined see condition
Comedo 706.1
Expand Comedocarcinoma (M8501/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, breast, malignant
Comedomastitis 610.4
Expand Comedones 706.1
Comma bacillus, carrier (suspected) of V02.3
Comminuted fracture see: Fracture, by site
Expand Common
Expand Commotio (current)
Expand Commotion (current)
Expand Communication
Compartment syndrome see: Syndrome, compartment
Expand Compensation
Expand Complaint
     see also: Disease
Complete see condition
Expand Complex
Expand Complications
Expand Compound presentation, complicating delivery 652.8
Compressed air disease 993.3
Expand Compression
Expand Compulsion, compulsive
Expand Concato's disease (pericardial polyserositis) 423.2
Concavity, chest wall 738.3
Expand Concealed
Concentric fading 368.12
Concern (normal) about sick person in family V61.49
Concrescence (teeth) 520.2
Expand Concretio cordis 423.1
Expand Concretion
     see also: Calculus
Expand Concussion (current) 850.9
Expand Condition
     see also: Disease
Expand Conduct disturbance
     see also: Disturbance, conduct
Expand Condyloma NEC 078.10
Confinement see: Delivery
Expand Conflagration
     see also: Burn, by site
Expand Conflict
Confluent see condition
Expand Confusion, confused (mental) (state)
     see also: State, confusional
Confusional arousals 327.41
Congelation 991.9
Expand Congenital
     see also: condition
Expand Congestion, congestive (chronic) (passive)
Congestive see: Congestion
Expand Conical
Expand Conjoined twins 759.4
Expand Conjugal maladjustment V61.10
Conjunctiva see condition
Expand Conjunctivitis (exposure) (infectious) (nondiphtheritic) (pneumococcal) (pustular) (staphylococcal) (streptococcal) NEC 372.30
Conjunctoblepharitis see: Conjunctivitis
Conjunctivochalasis 372.81
Conn (-Louis) syndrome (primary aldosteronism) 255.12
Connective tissue see condition
X 756.59
Consanguinity V19.7
Consecutive see condition
Consolidated lung (base) see: Pneumonia, lobar
Expand Constipation 564.00
Expand Constitutional
     see also: condition
Constitutionally substandard 301.6
Expand Constriction
Constrictive see condition
Expand Consultation V65.9
Consumption see: Tuberculosis
Expand Contact
Contamination, food
     see also: Poisoning, food
Expand Contraception, contraceptive
Expand Contraction, contracture, contracted
Expand Contusion (skin surface intact) 924.9
Expand Conus (any type) (congenital) 743.57
Expand Convalescence (following) V66.9
Expand Conversion
Converter, tuberculosis (test reaction) 795.5
Expand Convulsions (idiopathic) 780.39
Expand Convulsive
     see also: Convulsions
Cooke-Apert-Gallais syndrome (adrenogenital) 255.2
Cooley's anemia (erythroblastic) 282.49
Coolie itch 126.9
Expand Cooper's
Coordination disturbance 781.3
Copper wire arteries, retina 362.13
Copra itch 133.8
Coprolith 560.39
Coprophilia 302.89
Coproporphyria, hereditary 277.1
Expand Coprostasis 560.39
Expand Cor
Corbus' disease 607.1
Expand Cord
     see also: condition
Cord's angiopathy
     see also: Tuberculosis
017.3 [362.18]
Cordis ectopia 746.87
Corditis (spermatic) 608.4
Corectopia 743.46
Cori type glycogen storage disease see: Disease, glycogen storage
Cork-handlers' disease or lung 495.3
Corkscrew esophagus 530.5
Corlett's pyosis (impetigo) 684
Corn (infected) 700
Expand Cornea
     see also: condition
Cornelia de Lange's syndrome (Amsterdam dwarf, mental retardation, and brachycephaly) 759.89
Cornual gestation or pregnancy see: Pregnancy, cornual
Cornu cutaneum 702.8
Expand Coronary (artery)
     see also: condition
Expand Corpora
     see also: condition
     see also: Obesity
Corpus see condition
Corrigan's disease see: Insufficiency, aortic
Corrosive burn see: Burn, by site
Corsican fever
     see also: Malaria
Expand Cortical
     see also: condition
Corticoadrenal see condition
Corticosexual syndrome 255.2
Expand Coryza (acute) 460
Costen's syndrome or complex 524.60
     see also: Constipation
Costochondritis 733.6
Cotard's syndrome (paranoia) 297.1
Cot death 798.0
Cotungo's disease 724.3
Expand Cough 786.2
Expand Counseling NEC V65.40
Coupled rhythm 427.89
Couvelaire uterus (complicating delivery) see: Placenta, separation
Cowper's gland see condition
Expand Cowperitis
     see also: Urethritis
Expand Cowpox (abortive) 051.0
Expand Coxa
Coxae malum senilis 715.25
Expand Coxalgia (nontuberculous) 719.45
Coxalgic pelvis 736.30
Coxitis 716.65
Expand Coxsackie (infection) (virus) 079.2
Crabs, meaning pubic lice 132.2
Crack baby 760.75
Expand Cracked
Cradle cap 690.11
Craft neurosis 300.89
Craigiasis 007.8
Expand Cramp(s) 729.82
Cranial see condition
Cranioclasis, fetal 763.89
Craniocleidodysostosis 755.59
Craniofenestria (skull) 756.0
Craniolacunia (skull) 756.0
Craniopagus 759.4
Craniopathy, metabolic 733.3
Craniopharyngeal see condition
Craniopharyngioma (M9350/1) 237.0
Craniorachischisis (totalis) 740.1
Cranioschisis 756.0
Craniostenosis 756.0
Craniosynostosis 756.0
Expand Craniotabes (cause unknown) 733.3
Craniotomy, fetal 763.89
Cranium see condition
Craw-craw 125.3
Expand Creaking joint 719.60
Expand Creeping
Crenated tongue 529.8
Creotoxism 005.9
Expand Crepitus
Crescent or conus choroid, congenital 743.57
Expand Cretin, cretinism (athyrotic) (congenital) (endemic) (metabolic) (nongoitrous) (sporadic) 243
Cretinoid degeneration 243
Expand Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (syndrome) (new variant) 046.1
Crib death 798.0
Cribriform hymen 752.49
Cri-du-chat syndrome 758.31
Crigler-Najjar disease or syndrome (congenital hyperbilirubinemia) 277.4
Crimean hemorrhagic fever 065.0
Criminalism 301.7
Expand Crisis
Crocq's disease (acrocyanosis) 443.89
Crohn's disease
     see also: Enteritis, regional
Cronkhite-Canada syndrome 211.3
Crooked septum, nasal 470
Expand Cross
Crossed ectopia of kidney 753.3
Crossfoot 754.50
Expand Croup, croupous (acute) (angina) (catarrhal) (infective) (inflammatory) (laryngeal) (membranous) (nondiphtheritic) (pseudomembranous) 464.4
Crouzon's disease (craniofacial dysostosis) 756.0
Crowding, teeth 524.31
CRST syndrome (cutaneous systemic sclerosis) 710.1
Cruchet's disease (encephalitis lethargica) 049.8
Cruelty in children
     see also: Disturbance, conduct
Crural ulcer
     see also: Ulcer, lower extremity
Expand Crush, crushed, crushing (injury) 929.9
Crusta lactea 690.11
Crusts 782.8
Crutch paralysis 953.4
Cruveilhier's disease 335.21
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten cirrhosis, disease, or syndrome 571.5
Cruz-Chagas disease
     see also: Trypanosomiasis
Expand Crying
Cryoglobulinemia (mixed) 273.2
Crypt (anal) (rectal) 569.49
Cryptitis (anal) (rectal) 569.49
Cryptococcosis (European) (pulmonary) (systemic) 117.5
Expand Cryptococcus 117.5
Cryptopapillitis (anus) 569.49
Cryptophthalmos (eyelid) 743.06
Cryptorchid, cryptorchism, cryptorchidism 752.51
Cryptosporidiosis 007.4
Cryptotia 744.29
Expand Crystallopathy
Crystalluria 791.9
Csillag's disease (lichen sclerosus et atrophicus) 701.0
Cuban itch 050.1
Expand Cubitus
Cultural deprivation V62.4
Cupping of optic disc 377.14
Curling's ulcer see: Ulcer, duodenum
Curling esophagus 530.5
Curschmann (-Batten) (-Steinert) disease or syndrome 359.2
Expand Curvature
Expand Cushing's
Expand Cushingoid due to steroid therapy
Cut (external) see: Wound, open, by site
Expand Cutaneous
     see also: condition
Expand Cutis
     see also: condition
Cyanopathy, newborn 770.83
Expand Cyanosis 782.5
Expand Cycle
Cyclencephaly 759.89
Expand Cyclical vomiting 536.2
Cyclitic membrane 364.74
Expand Cyclitis
     see also: Iridocyclitis
Cyclokeratitis see: Keratitis
Cyclophoria 378.44
Cyclopia, cyclops 759.89
Cycloplegia 367.51
Cyclospasm 367.53
Cyclosporiasis 007.5
Cyclothymia 301.13
Cyclothymic personality 301.13
Cyclotropia 378.33
Cyesis see: Pregnancy
Expand Cylindroma (M8200/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Cylindruria 791.7
Cyllosoma 759.89
Expand Cynanche
Cynorexia 783.6
Cyphosis see: Kyphosis
Cyprus fever
     see also: Brucellosis
Cyriax's syndrome (slipping rib) 733.99
Expand Cyst (mucus) (retention) (serous) (simple)
Expand Cystadenocarcinoma (M8440/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Expand Cystadenofibroma (M9013/0)
Expand Cystadenoma (M8440/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, benign
Cystathioninemia 270.4
Cystathioninuria 270.4
Expand Cystic
     see also: condition
Cysticerciasis 123.1
Cysticercosis (mammary) (subretinal) 123.1
Expand Cysticercus 123.1
Cystinosis (malignant) 270.0
Cystinuria 270.0
Expand Cystitis (bacillary) (colli) (diffuse) (exudative) (hemorrhagic) (purulent) (recurrent) (septic) (suppurative) (ulcerative) 595.9
Expand Cystocele (-rectocele)
Expand Cystoid
Cystolithiasis 594.1
Expand Cystoma (M8440/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, benign
Cystoplegia 596.53
Cystoptosis 596.8
     see also: Pyelitis
Cystorrhagia 596.8
Expand Cystosarcoma phyllodes (M9020/1) 238.3
Expand Cystostomy status V44.50
     see also: Urethritis
Expand Cystourethrocele
     see also: Cystocele
Expand Cytomegalic inclusion disease 078.5
Cytomycosis, reticuloendothelial
     see also: Histoplasmosis, American
Expand Cytopenia 289.9