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Disease Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Daae (-Finsen) disease (epidemic pleurodynia) 074.1
Dabney's grip 074.1
Da Costa's syndrome (neurocirculatory asthenia) 306.2
Expand Dacryoadenitis, dacryadenitis 375.00
Expand Dacryocystitis 375.30
Dacryocystoblenorrhea 375.42
Dacryocystocele 375.43
Dacryolith, dacryolithiasis 375.57
Dacryoma 375.43
Expand Dacryopericystitis (acute) (subacute) 375.32
Dacryops 375.11
Dacryosialadenopathy, atrophic 710.2
Expand Dacryostenosis 375.56
Expand Dactylitis
Dactylolysis spontanea 136.0
     see also: Syndactylism
Expand Damage
Dameshek's syndrome (erythroblastic anemia) 282.49
Dana-Putnam syndrome (subacute combined sclerosis with pernicious anemia) 281.0 [336.2]
Danbolt (-Closs) syndrome (acrodermatitis enteropathica) 686.8
Dandruff 690.18
Dandy fever 061
Expand Dandy-Walker deformity or syndrome (atresia, foramen of Magendie) 742.3
Dangle foot 736.79
Danielssen's disease (anesthetic leprosy) 030.1
Danlos' syndrome 756.83
Expand Darier's disease (congenital) (keratosis follicularis) 757.39
Darier-Roussy sarcoid 135
Expand Darling's
Dartre 054.9
Darwin's tubercle 744.29
Davidson's anemia (refractory) 284.9
Davies' disease 425.0
Davies-Colley syndrome (slipping rib) 733.99
Dawson's encephalitis 046.2
Day blindness
     see also: Blindness, day
Expand Dead
Deaf and dumb NEC 389.7
Expand Deaf mutism (acquired) (congenital) NEC 389.7
Expand Deafness (acquired) (complete) (congenital) (hereditary) (middle ear) (partial) 389.9
Expand Death
de Beurmann-Gougerot disease (sporotrichosis) 117.1
Expand Debility (general) (infantile) (postinfectional) 799.3
Débove's disease (splenomegaly) 789.2
Expand Decalcification
Expand Decapitation 874.9
Decapsulation, kidney 593.89
Expand Decay
Decensus, uterus see: Prolapse, uterus
Expand Deciduitis (acute)
Deciduoma malignum (M9100/3) 181
Deciduous tooth (retained) 520.6
Decline (general)
     see also: Debility
Expand Decompensation
Decompression sickness 993.3
Expand Decrease, decreased
Decubital gangrene 707.00 [785.4]
     see also: Decubitus
Expand Decubitus (ulcer) 707.00
Deepening acetabulum 718.85
Expand Defect, defective 759.9
Defeminization syndrome 255.2
Expand Deferentitis 608.4
Defibrination syndrome
     see also: Fibrinolysis
Expand Deficiency, deficient
Expand Deficient
     see also: Deficiency
Expand Deficit
Expand Deflection
Expand Defluvium
Expand Deformity 738.9
Expand Degeneration, degenerative
Expand Deglutition
Degos' disease or syndrome 447.8
Degradation disorder, branched-chain amino-acid 270.3
Expand Dehiscence
Expand Dehydration (cachexia) 276.51
Deiters' nucleus syndrome 386.19
Déjérine's disease 356.0
Déjérine-Klumpke paralysis 767.6
Déjérine-Roussy syndrome 338.0
Déjérine-Sottas disease or neuropathy (hypertrophic) 356.0
Déjérine-Thomas atrophy or syndrome 333.0
de Lange's syndrome (Amsterdam dwarf, mental retardation, and brachycephaly) 759.89
Expand Delay, delayed
Del Castillo's syndrome (germinal aplasia) 606.0
Deleage's disease 359.89
Expand Deletion syndrome
Delhi (boil) (button) (sore) 085.1
Expand Delinquency (juvenile) 312.9
Expand Delirium, delirious 780.09
Expand Delivery
Dellen, cornea 371.41
Expand Delusions (paranoid) 297.9
Expand Dementia 294.8
Demerol dependence
     see also: Dependence
Demineralization, ankle
     see also: Osteoporosis
Demodex folliculorum (infestation) 133.8
de Morgan's spots (senile angiomas) 448.1
Expand Demyelinating
Expand Demyelination, demyelinization
Expand Dengue (fever) 061
Expand Dens
Expand Density
Expand Dental
     see also: condition
Dentia praecox 520.6
Denticles (in pulp) 522.2
Dentigerous cyst 526.0
Expand Dentin
Dentinogenesis imperfecta 520.5
Expand Dentinoma (M9271/0) 213.1
Expand Dentition 520.7
Denture sore (mouth) 528.9
Expand Dependence
Expand Dependency
Depersonalization (episode, in neurotic state) (neurotic) (syndrome) 300.6
Expand Depletion
Expand Deposit
Depraved appetite 307.52
Expand Depression 311
Expand Depressive reaction
     see also: Reaction, depressive
Expand Deprivation
Expand de Quervain's
Expand Derangement
Dercum's disease or syndrome (adiposis dolorosa) 272.8
Derealization (neurotic) 300.6
Dermal see condition
Dermaphytid see: Dermatophytosis
Dermatergosis see: Dermatitis
Expand Dermatitis (allergic) (contact) (occupational) (venenata) 692.9
Dermatoarthritis, lipoid 272.8 [713.0]
Dermatochalasia, dermatochalasis 374.87
Expand Dermatofibroma (lenticulare) (M8832/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, skin, benign
Dermatofibrosarcoma (protuberans) (M8832/3) see: Neoplasm, skin, malignant
Dermatographia 708.3
Expand Dermatolysis (congenital) (exfoliativa) 757.39
Dermatomegaly NEC 701.8
Dermatomucomyositis 710.3
Expand Dermatomycosis 111.9
Dermatomyositis (acute) (chronic) 710.3
Dermatoneuritis of children 985.0
Dermatophiliasis 134.1
Dermatophytide see: Dermatophytosis
Expand Dermatophytosis (Epidermophyton) (infection) (microsporum) (tinea) (Trichophyton) 110.9
Dermatopolyneuritis 985.0
Expand Dermatorrhexis 756.83
Expand Dermatosclerosis
     see also: Scleroderma
Expand Dermatosis 709.9
Dermographia 708.3
Dermographism 708.3
Expand Dermoid (cyst) (M9084/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, benign
Expand Dermopathy
Dermophytosis see: Dermatophytosis
Descemet's membrane see condition
Descemetocele 371.72
Descending see condition
Expand Descensus uteri (complete) (incomplete) (partial) (without vaginal wall prolapse) 618.1
Desensitization to allergens V07.1
Expand Desert
Expand Desertion (child) (newborn) 995.52
Expand Desmoid (extra-abdominal) (tumor) (M8821/1)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
Despondency 300.4
Desquamative dermatitis NEC 695.89
Expand Destruction
Expand Destructiveness
     see also: Disturbance, conduct
Expand Detachment
Detergent asthma 507.8
Expand Deterioration
de Toni-Fanconi syndrome (cystinosis) 270.0
Deuteranomaly 368.52
Deuteranopia (anomalous trichromat) (complete) (incomplete) 368.52
Deutschländer's disease see: Fracture, foot
Expand Development
Developmental see condition
Devergie's disease (pityriasis rubra pilaris) 696.4
Expand Deviation
Devic's disease 341.0
Expand Device
Expand Devil's
Devitalized tooth 522.9
Expand Devonshire colic 984.9
Expand Dextraposition, aorta 747.21
Dextratransposition, aorta 745.11
Dextrinosis, limit (debrancher enzyme deficiency) 271.0
Expand Dextrocardia (corrected) (false) (isolated) (secondary) (true) 746.87
Dextroversion, kidney (left) 753.3
Dhobie itch 110.3
Expand Diabetes, diabetic (brittle) (congenital) (familial) (mellitus) (poorly controlled) (severe) (slight) (without complication) 250.0
Diacyclothrombopathia 287.1
Diagnosis deferred 799.9
Expand Dialysis (intermittent) (treatment)
Diamond-Blackfan anemia or syndrome (congenital hypoplastic anemia) 284.01
Diamond-Gardener syndrome (autoerythrocyte sensitization) 287.2
Diaper rash 691.0
Diaphoresis (excessive) NEC
     see also: Hyperhidrosis
Diaphragm see condition
Diaphragmalgia 786.52
Diaphragmitis 519.4
Diaphyseal aclasis 756.4
Diaphysitis 733.99
Expand Diarrhea, diarrheal (acute) (autumn) (bilious) (bloody) (catarrhal) (choleraic) (chronic) (gravis) (green) (infantile) (lienteric) (noninfectious) (presumed noninfectious) (putrefactive) (secondary) (sporadic) (summer) (symptomatic) (thermic) 787.91
Expand Diastasis
Diastema, teeth, tooth 524.30
Diastematomyelia 742.51
Diataxia, cerebral, infantile 343.0
Expand Diathesis
Diaz's disease or osteochondrosis 732.5
Expand Dibothriocephaliasis 123.4
Expand Dibothriocephalus (infection) (infestation) (latus) 123.4
Dicephalus 759.4
Dichotomy, teeth 520.2
Dichromat, dichromata (congenital) 368.59
Dichromatopsia (congenital) 368.59
Dichuchwa 104.0
Dicroceliasis 121.8
Didelphys, didelphic
     see also: Double uterus
     see also: Epididymitis
Expand Died
     see also: Death
Dientamoeba diarrhea 007.8
Expand Dietary
Dietl's crisis 593.4
Expand Dieulafoy lesion (hemorrhagic)
Expand Difficult
Expand Difficulty
Diffuse see condition
Diffused ganglion 727.42
Di George's syndrome (thymic hypoplasia) 279.11
Digestive see condition
Di Guglielmo's disease or syndrome (M9841/3) 207.0
Diktyoma (M9051/3) see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Dilaceration, tooth 520.4
Expand Dilatation
Dilated, dilation see: Dilatation
Expand Diminished
Diminuta taenia 123.6
Diminution, sense or sensation (cold) (heat) (tactile) (vibratory)
     see also: Disturbance, sensation
Dimitri-Sturge-Weber disease (encephalocutaneous angiomatosis) 759.6
Expand Dimple
Dioctophyma renale (infection) (infestation) 128.8
Dipetalonemiasis 125.4
Diphallus 752.69
Expand Diphtheria, diphtheritic (gangrenous) (hemorrhagic) 032.9
Expand Diphyllobothriasis (intestine) 123.4
Diplacusis 388.41
Expand Diplegia (upper limbs) 344.2
Diplococcus, diplococcal see condition
Diplomyelia 742.59
Expand Diplopia 368.2
Expand Dipsomania
     see also: Alcoholism
Expand Dipylidiasis 123.8
Direction, teeth, abnormal 524.30
Dirt-eating child 307.52
Expand Disability
Expand Disarticulation
     see also: Derangement, joint
Disaster, cerebrovascular
     see also: Disease, cerebrovascular, acute
Expand Discharge
Expand Discitis 722.90
Discogenic syndrome see: Displacement, intervertebral disc
Expand Discoid
Expand Discoloration
Expand Discomfort
Discomycosis see: Actinomycosis
Discontinuity, ossicles, ossicular chain 385.23
Expand Discrepancy
Expand Discrimination
Expand Disease, diseased
     see also: Syndrome
Expand Disfigurement (due to scar) 709.2
Disgerminoma see: Dysgerminoma
Disinsertion, retina 361.04
Expand Disintegration, complete, of the body 799.89
Disk kidney 753.3
Dislocatable hip, congenital
     see also: Dislocation, hip, congenital
Expand Dislocation (articulation) (closed) (displacement) (simple) (subluxation) 839.8
Expand Dislodgement
Disobedience, hostile (covert) (overt)
     see also: Disturbance, conduct
Expand Disorder
     see also: Disease
Disorganized globe 360.29
Expand Displacement, displaced
Expand Disproportion 653.9
Expand Disruption
Expand Disruptio uteri
     see also: Rupture, uterus
Expand Dissatisfaction with
Dissecting see condition
Expand Dissection
Disseminated see condition
Dissociated personality NEC 300.15
Expand Dissociation
Expand Dissociative
Dissolution, vertebra
     see also: Osteoporosis
Expand Distention
Distichia, distichiasis (eyelid) 743.63
Distoma hepaticum infestation 121.3
Expand Distomiasis 121.9
Expand Distomolar (fourth molar) 520.1
Disto-occlusion (division I) (division II) 524.22
Expand Distortion (congenital)
Expand Distress
Expand Distribution vessel, atypical NEC 747.60
Districhiasis 704.2
Expand Disturbance
     see also: Disease
Disulfiduria, beta-mercaptolactate-cysteine 270.0
Disuse atrophy, bone 733.7
Ditthomska syndrome 307.81
Diuresis 788.42
Expand Divers'
Expand Diverticula, diverticulosis, diverticulum (acute) (multiple) (perforated) (ruptured) 562.10
Expand Diverticulitis (acute)
     see also: Diverticula
Diverticulosis see: Diverticula
Expand Division
Divorce V61.0
Dix-Hallpike neurolabyrinthitis 386.12
Expand Dizziness 780.4
Doan-Wiseman syndrome (primary splenic neutropenia) 289.53
Dog bite see: Wound, open, by site
X 093.1
X 288.2
Dolichocephaly, dolichocephalus 754.0
Dolichocolon 751.5
Dolichostenomelia 759.82
Donohue's syndrome (leprechaunism) 259.8
Expand Donor
Donovanosis (granuloma venereum) 099.2
DOPS (diffuse obstructive pulmonary syndrome) 496
Expand Double
Douglas' pouch, cul-de-sac see condition
Down's disease or syndrome (mongolism) 758.0
Down-growth, epithelial (anterior chamber) 364.61
Dracontiasis 125.7
Dracunculiasis 125.7
Dracunculosis 125.7
Expand Drainage
Dream state, hysterical 300.13
Drepanocytic anemia
     see also: Disease, sickle cell
Dresbach's syndrome (elliptocytosis) 282.1
Expand Dreschlera (infection) 118
Dressler's syndrome (postmyocardial infarction) 411.0
Dribbling (post-void) 788.35
Drift, ulnar 736.09
Expand Drinking (alcohol)
     see also: Alcoholism
Expand Drip, postnasal (chronic) 784.91
Drivers' license examination V70.3
Expand Droop
Expand Drop
Expand Dropped
Expand Dropsy, dropsical
     see also: Edema
Expand Drowned, drowning 994.1
Drowsiness 780.09
Expand Drug
     see also: condition
Expand Drunkenness
     see also: Abuse, drugs, nondependent
Expand Drusen
Drusenfieber 075
Expand Dry, dryness
     see also: condition
DSAP (disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis) 692.75
Duane's retraction syndrome 378.71
Duane-Stilling-Tnrk syndrome (ocular retraction syndrome) 378.71
Dubin-Johnson disease or syndrome 277.4
Dubini's disease (electric chorea) 049.8
Dubois' abscess or disease 090.5
Expand Duchenne's
Duchenne-Aran myelopathic, muscular atrophy (nonprogressive) (progressive) 335.21
Duchenne-Griesinger disease 359.1
Expand Ducrey's
Duct, ductus see condition
Duengero 061
Duhring's disease (dermatitis herpetiformis) 694.0
Dukes (-Filatov) disease 057.8
Expand Dullness
Dumb ague
     see also: Malaria
     see also: Aphasia
Dumdum fever 085.0
Expand Dumping syndrome (postgastrectomy) 564.2
Expand Duodenitis (nonspecific) (peptic) 535.60
Duodenocholangitis 575.8
Duodenum, duodenal see condition
Duplay's disease, periarthritis, or syndrome 726.2
Expand Duplex
     see also: Accessory
Expand Duplication
     see also: Accessory
X 781.6
Expand Dupuytren's
Durand-Nicolas-Favre disease (climatic bubo) 099.1
Duroziez's disease (congenital mitral stenosis) 746.5
Expand Dust
Expand Dutton's
Expand Dwarf, dwarfism 259.4
Dyke-Young anemia or syndrome (acquired macrocytic hemolytic anemia) (secondary) (symptomatic) 283.9
Dynia abnormality
     see also: Defect, coagulation
Dysacousis 388.40
Expand Dysadrenocortism 255.9
Dysarthria 784.5
Expand Dysautonomia
     see also: Neuropathy, peripheral, autonomic
Dysbarism 993.3
Expand Dysbasia 719.7
Dysbetalipoproteinemia (familial) 272.2
Dyscalculia 315.1
     see also: Constipation
Expand Dyschondroplasia (with hemangiomata) 756.4
Dyschondrosteosis 756.59
Dyschromia 709.00
Dyscollagenosis 710.9
Dyscoria 743.41
Dyscraniopyophalangy 759.89
Expand Dyscrasia
Dysdiadochokinesia 781.3
Dysectasia, vesical neck 596.8
Dysendocrinism 259.9
Expand Dysentery, dysenteric (bilious) (catarrhal) (diarrhea) (epidemic) (gangrenous) (hemorrhagic) (infectious) (sporadic) (tropical) (ulcerative) 009.0
Dysequilibrium 780.4
Expand Dysesthesia 782.0
Dysfibrinogenemia (congenital)
     see also: Defect, coagulation
Expand Dysfunction
Dysgammaglobulinemia 279.06
Expand Dysgenesis
Expand Dysgerminoma (M9060/3)
Dysgeusia 781.1
Dysgraphia 781.3
Dyshidrosis 705.81
Dysidrosis 705.81
Dysinsulinism 251.8
Dyskaryotic cervical smear 795.09
Expand Dyskeratosis
     see also: Keratosis
Expand Dyskinesia 781.3
Expand Dyslalia 784.5
Expand Dyslexia 784.61
Dyslipidemia 272.4
Expand Dysmaturity
     see also: Immaturity
Expand Dysmenorrhea (essential) (exfoliative) (functional) (intrinsic) (membranous) (primary) (secondary) 625.3
Dysmetabolic syndrome X 277.7
Dysmetria 781.3
Dysmorodystrophia mesodermalis congenita 759.82
Dysnomia 784.3
Expand Dysorexia 783.0
Expand Dysostosis
Expand Dyspareunia (female) 625.0
Expand Dyspepsia (allergic) (congenital) (fermentative) (flatulent) (functional) (gastric) (gastrointestinal) (neurogenic) (occupational) (reflex) 536.8
Expand Dysphagia 787.2
Dysphagocytosis, congenital 288.1
Dysphasia 784.5
Expand Dysphonia 784.49
Expand Dyspigmentation
     see also: Pigmentation
Expand Dyspituitarism 253.9
Expand Dysplasia
     see also: Anomaly
Expand Dyspnea (nocturnal) (paroxysmal) 786.09
Expand Dyspraxia 781.3
Expand Dysproteinemia 273.8
Dysprothrombinemia (constitutional)
     see also: Defect, coagulation
Dysreflexia, autonomic 337.3
Expand Dysrhythmia
Dyssecretosis, mucoserous 710.2
Expand Dyssocial reaction, without manifest psychiatric disorder
Expand Dyssomnia NEC 780.56
Dyssplenism 289.4
Expand Dyssynergia
Dystasia, hereditary areflexic 334.3
Dysthymia 300.4
Dysthymic disorder 300.4
Dysthyroidism 246.9
Expand Dystocia 660.9
Expand Dystonia
Expand Dystonic
Dystopia kidney 753.3
Expand Dystrophy, dystrophia 783.9
Expand Dysuria 788.1