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Disease Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Eagle-Barrett syndrome 756.71
Eales' disease (syndrome) 362.18
Expand Ear
     see also: condition
Expand Earache 388.70
Early satiety 780.94
Eaton-Lambert syndrome
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
199.1 [358.1]
Eberth's disease (typhoid fever) 002.0
Expand Ebstein's
Eccentro-osteochondrodysplasia 277.5
Ecchondroma (M9210/0) see: Neoplasm, bone, benign
Ecchondrosis (M9210/1) 238.0
Ecchordosis physaliphora 756.0
Expand Ecchymosis (multiple) 459.89
Echinococciasis see: Echinococcus
Echinococcosis see: Echinococcus
Expand Echinococcus (infection) 122.9
Echinorhynchiasis 127.7
Echinostomiasis 121.8
Echolalia 784.69
ECHO virus infection NEC 079.1
Expand Eclampsia, eclamptic (coma) (convulsions) (delirium) 780.39
Eclipse blindness (total) 363.31
Expand Economic circumstance affecting care V60.9
Economo's disease (encephalitis lethargica) 049.8
Expand Ectasia, ectasis
Expand Ecthyma 686.8
Ectocardia 746.87
Ectodermal dysplasia, congenital 757.31
Ectodermosis erosiva pluriorificialis 695.1
Expand Ectopic, ectopia (congenital) 759.89
Expand Ectrodactyly 755.4
Expand Ectromelia 755.4
Expand Ectropion 374.10
Expand Eczema (acute) (allergic) (chronic) (erythematous) (fissum) (occupational) (rubrum) (squamous) 692.9
Eczematoid, exudative 691.8
Eddowes' syndrome (brittle bones and blue sclera) 756.51
Expand Edema, edematous 782.3
Expand Edentia (complete) (partial)
     see also: Absence, tooth
Expand Edentulism 525.40
Edsall's disease 992.2
Educational handicap V62.3
Edwards' syndrome 758.2
Expand Effect, adverse NEC
Expand Effect, remote
Effects, late see: Late, effect (of)
Effluvium, telogen 704.02
Expand Effort
Expand Effusion
Expand Egg (oocyte) (ovum)
Expand Eggshell nails 703.8
Expand Ego-dystonic
Egyptian splenomegaly 120.1
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome 756.83
Expand Ehrlichiosis 082.40
Eichstedt's disease (pityriasis versicolor) 111.0
Eisenmenger's complex or syndrome (ventricular septal defect) 745.4
Expand Ejaculation, semen
Ekbom syndrome (restless legs) 333.94
Ekman's syndrome (brittle bones and blue sclera) 756.51
Expand Elastic skin 756.83
Elastofibroma (M8820/0) see: Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Expand Elastoidosis
Expand Elastoma 757.39
Elastomyofibrosis 425.3
Expand Elastosis 701.8
Elbow see condition
Expand Electric
Electrocution 994.8
Expand Electrolyte imbalance 276.9
Elephant man syndrome 237.71
Expand Elephantiasis (nonfilarial) 457.1
Elevated see: Elevation
Expand Elevation
Expand Elliptocytosis (congenital) (hereditary) 282.1
Ellis-van Creveld disease or syndrome (chondroectodermal dysplasia) 756.55
Ellison-Zollinger syndrome (gastric hypersecretion with pancreatic islet cell tumor) 251.5
Expand Elongation, elongated (congenital)
     see also: Distortion
Elschnig bodies or pearls 366.51
El Tor cholera 001.1
Emaciation (due to malnutrition) 261
Emancipation disorder 309.22
Embadomoniasis 007.8
Embarrassment heart, cardiac see: Disease, heart
Expand Embedded tooth, teeth 520.6
Embolic see condition
Expand Embolism 444.9
Embolization see: Embolism
Embolus see: Embolism
Expand Embryoma (M9080/1)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, uncertain behavior
Expand Embryonic
Embryopathia NEC 759.9
Embryotomy, fetal 763.89
Expand Embryotoxon 743.43
Expand Emesis
     see also: Vomiting
Emissions, nocturnal (semen) 608.89
Expand Emotional
Emotionality, pathological 301.3
Emotogenic disease
     see also: Disorder, psychogenic
Employment examination (certification) V70.5
Empty sella (turcica) syndrome 253.8
Expand Empyema (chest) (diaphragmatic) (double) (encapsulated) (general) (interlobar) (lung) (medial) (necessitatis) (perforating chest wall) (pleura) (pneumococcal) (residual) (sacculated) (streptococcal) (supradiaphragmatic) 510.9
Enameloma 520.2
Expand Encephalitis (bacterial) (chronic) (hemorrhagic) (idiopathic) (nonepidemic) (spurious) (subacute) 323.9
Expand Encephalocele 742.0
Encephalocystocele 742.0
Expand Encephalomalacia (brain) (cerebellar) (cerebral) (cerebrospinal)
     see also: Softening, brain
Encephalomeningitis see: Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomeningocele 742.0
Encephalomeningomyelitis see: Meningoencephalitis
     see also: Meningoencephalitis
Expand Encephalomyelitis (chronic) (granulomatous) (hemorrhagic necrotizing, acute) (myalgic, benign)
     see also: Encephalitis
Encephalomyelocele 742.0
Encephalomyelomeningitis see: Meningoencephalitis
Encephalomyeloneuropathy 349.9
Expand Encephalomyelopathy 349.9
Encephalomyeloradiculitis (acute) 357.0
Encephalomyeloradiculoneuritis (acute) 357.0
Encephalomyeloradiculopathy 349.9
Encephalomyocarditis 074.23
Expand Encephalopathia hyperbilirubinemica, newborn 774.7
Expand Encephalopathy (acute) 348.30
Expand Encephalorrhagia
     see also: Hemorrhage, brain
Encephalosis, posttraumatic 310.2
Expand Enchondroma (M9220/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, bone, benign
Enchondromatosis (cartilaginous) (congenital) (multiple) 756.4
Enchondroses, multiple (cartilaginous) (congenital) 756.4
Expand Encopresis
     see also: Incontinence, feces
Expand Encounter for
     see also: Admission for
Encystment see: Cyst
End-of-life care V66.7
Endamebiasis see: Amebiasis
Endamoeba see: Amebiasis
Expand Endarteritis (bacterial, subacute) (infective) (septic) 447.6
Endemic see condition
Expand Endocarditis (chronic) (indeterminate) (interstitial) (marantis) (nonbacterial thrombotic) (residual) (sclerotic) (sclerous) (senile) (valvular) 424.90
Expand Endocardium, endocardial
     see also: condition
Expand Endocervicitis
     see also: Cervicitis
Endocrine see condition
Endocrinopathy, pluriglandular 258.9
Endodontitis 522.0
     see also: Mastoiditis
Endometrioma 617.9
Expand Endometriosis 617.9
Expand Endometritis (nonspecific) (purulent) (septic) (suppurative) 615.9
Endometrium see condition
Endomyocardiopathy, South African 425.2
Endomyocarditis see: Endocarditis
Endomyofibrosis 425.0
     see also: Endometritis
Endopericarditis see: Endocarditis
Endoperineuritis see: Disorder, nerve
Expand Endophlebitis
     see also: Phlebitis
Expand Endophthalmia
     see also: Endophthalmitis
Expand Endophthalmitis (globe) (infective) (metastatic) (purulent) (subacute) 360.00
Endosalpingioma (M9111/1) 236.2
Endosteitis see: Osteomyelitis
Endothelioma, bone (M9260/3) see: Neoplasm, bone, malignant
Expand Endotheliosis 287.8
Endotoxemia - code to condition
Endotoxic shock 785.52
     see also: Cervicitis
Enema rash 692.89
Engel-von Recklinghausen disease or syndrome (osteitis fibrosa cystica) 252.01
Engelmann's disease (diaphyseal sclerosis) 756.59
English disease
     see also: Rickets
Engman's disease (infectious eczematoid dermatitis) 690.8
Expand Engorgement
Expand Enlargement, enlarged
     see also: Hypertrophy
Expand Enophthalmos 376.50
Enostosis 526.89
Entamebiasis see: Amebiasis
Entamebic see: Amebiasis
Expand Entanglement, umbilical cord(s) 663.3
Enteralgia 789.0
Enteric see condition
Expand Enteritis (acute) (catarrhal) (choleraic) (chronic) (congestive) (diarrheal) (exudative) (follicular) (hemorrhagic) (infantile) (lienteric) (noninfectious) (perforative) (phlegmonous) (presumed noninfectious) (pseudomembranous) 558.9
Enteroarticular syndrome 099.3
Enterobiasis 127.4
Enterobius vermicularis 127.4
Expand Enterocele
     see also: Hernia
Expand Enterocolitis
     see also: Enteritis
Enterocystoma 751.5
Enterogastritis see: Enteritis
Enterogenous cyanosis 289.7
Expand Enterolith, enterolithiasis (impaction) 560.39
Expand Enteropathy 569.9
     see also: Peritonitis
Enteroptosis 569.89
Enterorrhagia 578.9
Expand Enterospasm 564.9
     see also: Obstruction, intestine
Expand Enterostomy status V44.4
Expand Enthesopathy 726.90
Entrance, air into vein see: Embolism, air
Entrapment, nerve see: Neuropathy, entrapment
Expand Entropion (eyelid) 374.00
Enucleation of eye (current) (traumatic) 871.3
Expand Enuresis 788.30
Enzymopathy 277.9
Eosinopenia 288.59
Expand Eosinophilia 288.3
Expand Eosinophilic
     see also: condition
Ependymitis (acute) (cerebral) (chronic) (granular)
     see also: Meningitis
Expand Ependymoblastoma (M9392/3)
Expand Ependymoma (epithelial) (malignant) (M9391/3)
Expand Ependymopathy 349.2
Ephelides, ephelis 709.09
Ephemeral fever
     see also: Pyrexia
Epiblepharon (congenital) 743.62
Epicanthus, epicanthic fold (congenital) (eyelid) 743.63
Expand Epicondylitis (elbow) (lateral) 726.32
     see also: Cystitis
Epidemic see condition
Epidermidalization, cervix see condition
Epidermidization, cervix see condition
Epidermis, epidermal see condition
Epidermization, cervix see condition
Epidermodysplasia verruciformis 078.19
Expand Epidermoid
Expand Epidermolysis
Epidermophytid see: Dermatophytosis
Epidermophytosis (infected) see: Dermatophytosis
Epidermosis, ear (middle)
     see also: Cholesteatoma
Epididymis see condition
Expand Epididymitis (nonvenereal) 604.90
Expand Epididymo-orchitis
     see also: Epididymitis
Epidural see condition
     see also: Gastritis
Epigastrium, epigastric see condition
     see also: Hernia, epigastric
Expand Epiglottiditis (acute) 464.30
Epiglottis see condition
Expand Epiglottitis (acute) 464.30
Epignathus 759.4
Expand Epilepsia
Expand Epilepsy, epileptic (idiopathic) 345.9
Expand Epileptiform
Epiloia 759.5
Epimenorrhea 626.2
     see also: Nasopharyngitis
Expand Epiphora 375.20
Expand Epiphyseal arrest 733.91
Epiphyseolysis, epiphysiolysis
     see also: Osteochondrosis
Expand Epiphysitis
     see also: Osteochondrosis
     see also: Hernia
     see also: Peritonitis
     see also: Hernia, umbilicus
Expand Episcleritis 379.00
Expand Episode
Expand Epispadias
Episplenitis 289.59
Expand Epistaxis (multiple) 784.7
Expand Epithelioma (malignant) (M8011/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Expand Epitheliopathy
Epithelium, epithelial see condition
Epituberculosis (allergic) (with atelectasis)
     see also: Tuberculosis
Eponychia 757.5
Expand Epstein's
Expand Epstein-Barr infection (viral) 075
Epulis (giant cell) (gingiva) 523.8
Equinia 024
Expand Equinovarus (congenital) 754.51
Expand Equivalent
Expand Erb's
Erb (-Duchenne) paralysis (birth injury) (newborn) 767.6
Erb-Goldflam disease or syndrome 358.00
Erdheim's syndrome (acromegalic macrospondylitis) 253.0
Erection, painful (persistent) 607.3
Expand Ergosterol deficiency (vitamin D) 268.9
Expand Ergotism (ergotized grain) 988.2
Erichsen's disease (railway spine) 300.16
Erlacher-Blount syndrome (tibia vara) 732.4
Erosio interdigitalis blastomycetica 112.3
Expand Erosion
Expand Erotomania 302.89
Expand Error
Expand Eructation 787.3
Expand Eruption
Expand Erysipelas (gangrenous) (infantile) (newborn) (phlegmonous) (suppurative) 035
Erysipelatoid (Rosenbach's) 027.1
Erysipeloid (Rosenbach's) 027.1
Expand Erythema, erythematous (generalized) 695.9
Erythematosus see condition
Erythematous see condition
Erythermalgia (primary) 443.82
Erythralgia 443.82
Erythrasma 039.0
Expand Erythredema 985.0
Expand Erythremia (acute) (M9841/3) 207.0
Expand Erythroblastopenia (acquired) 284.8
Erythroblastophthisis 284.01
Expand Erythroblastosis (fetalis) (newborn) 773.2
Erythrocyanosis (crurum) 443.89
Erythrocythemia see: Erythremia
Erythrocytopenia 285.9
Expand Erythrocytosis (megalosplenic)
Expand Erythroderma
     see also: Erythema
Erythrogenesis imperfecta 284.09
Erythroleukemia (M9840/3) 207.0
Erythromelalgia 443.82
Erythromelia 701.8
Erythropenia 285.9
Erythrophagocytosis 289.9
Erythrophobia 300.23
Expand Erythroplakia
Expand Erythroplasia (Queyrat) (M8080/2)
Erythropoiesis, idiopathic ineffective 285.0
Expand Escaped beats, heart 427.60
Esoenteritis see: Enteritis
Esophagalgia 530.89
Expand Esophagectasis 530.89
Esophagismus 530.5
Expand Esophagitis (alkaline) (chemical) (chronic) (infectional) (necrotic) (peptic) (postoperative) (regurgitant) 530.10
Esophagocele 530.6
Esophagodynia 530.89
Esophagomalacia 530.89
Esophagoptosis 530.89
Esophagospasm 530.5
Esophagostenosis 530.3
Esophagostomiasis 127.7
Expand Esophagostomy
Esophagotracheal see condition
Esophagus see condition
Expand Esophoria 378.41
Expand Esotropia (nonaccommodative) 378.00
Espundia 085.5
Essential see condition
Esterapenia 289.89
Esthesioneuroblastoma (M9522/3) 160.0
Esthesioneurocytoma (M9521/3) 160.0
Esthesioneuroepithelioma (M9523/3) 160.0
Esthiomene 099.1
Expand Estivo-autumnal
Estrangement V61.0
Estriasis 134.0
Ethanolaminuria 270.8
     see also: Alcoholism
Ether dependence, dependency
     see also: Dependence
     see also: Dependence
Ethmoid, ethmoidal see condition
Expand Ethmoiditis (chronic) (nonpurulent) (purulent)
     see also: Sinusitis, ethmoidal
     see also: Alcoholism
Eulenburg's disease (congenital paramyotonia) 359.2
Eunuchism 257.2
Expand Eunuchoidism 257.2
European blastomycosis 117.5
Eustachian see condition
Euthyroid sick syndrome 790.94
Euthyroidism 244.9
Expand Evaluation
Evans' syndrome (thrombocytopenic purpura) 287.32
Expand Eventration
Expand Eversion
Expand Evidence
Expand Evisceration
Evulsion see: Avulsion
Expand Ewing's
Exaggerated lumbosacral angle (with impinging spine) 756.12
Expand Examination (general) (routine) (of) (for) V70.9
Expand Exanthem, exanthema
     see also: Rash
Expand Excess, excessive, excessively
Excitability, abnormal, under minor stress 309.29
Expand Excitation
Expand Excitement
Excluded pupils 364.76
Expand Excoriation (traumatic)
     see also: Injury, superficial, by site
Excyclophoria 378.44
Excyclotropia 378.33
Exencephalus, exencephaly 742.0
Expand Exercise
Exfoliation, teeth due to systemic causes 525.0
Expand Exfoliative
     see also: condition
Expand Exhaustion, exhaustive (physical NEC) 780.79
Exhibitionism (sexual) 302.4
Exomphalos 756.79
Expand Exophoria 378.42
Expand Exophthalmic
Expand Exophthalmos 376.30
Expand Exostosis 726.91
Expand Exotropia 378.10
Expand Explanation of
Expand Exposure 994.9
Exsanguination, fetal 772.0
Expand Exstrophy
Extensive see condition
Expand Extra
     see also: Accessory
Expand Extraction
Expand Extrasystole 427.60
Extrauterine gestation or pregnancy see: Pregnancy, ectopic
Expand Extravasation
Extremity see condition
Extrophy see: Exstrophy
Expand Extroversion
Extruded tooth 524.34
Expand Extrusion
Exudate, pleura see: Effusion, pleura
Exudates, retina 362.82
Exudative see condition
Eye, eyeball, eyelid see condition
Eyestrain 368.13
Eyeworm disease of Africa 125.2