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Disease Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Gafsa boil 085.1
Gain, weight (abnormal) (excessive)
     see also: Weight, gain
Gaisböck's disease or syndrome (polycythemia hypertonica) 289.0
Expand Gait
Expand Galactocele (breast) (infected) 611.5
Expand Galactophoritis 611.0
Expand Galactorrhea 676.6
Galactosemia (classic) (congenital) 271.1
Galactosuria 271.1
Expand Galacturia 791.1
Galen's vein see condition
Expand Gallbladder
     see also: condition
Gall duct see condition
Gallop rhythm 427.89
Expand Gallstone (cholemic) (colic) (impacted)
     see also: Cholelithiasis
Gambling, pathological 312.31
Gammaloidosis 277.39
Expand Gammopathy 273.9
Gamna's disease (siderotic splenomegaly) 289.51
Gampsodactylia (congenital) 754.71
Gamstorp's disease (adynamia episodica hereditaria) 359.3
Gandy-Nanta disease (siderotic splenomegaly) 289.51
Expand Gang activity, without manifest psychiatric disorder V71.09
Gangliocytoma (M9490/0) see: Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Ganglioglioma (M9505/1) see: Neoplasm, by site, uncertain behavior
Expand Ganglion 727.43
Ganglioneuroblastoma (M9490/3) see: Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Expand Ganglioneuroma (M9490/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Ganglioneuromatosis (M9491/0) see: Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Expand Ganglionitis
Gangliosidosis 330.1
Gangosa 102.5
Expand Gangrene, gangrenous (anemia) (artery) (cellulitis) (dermatitis) (dry) (infective) (moist) (pemphigus) (septic) (skin) (stasis) (ulcer) 785.4
Expand Gannister disease (occupational) 502
Ganser's syndrome, hysterical 300.16
Gardner-Diamond syndrome (autoerythrocyte sensitization) 287.2
Gargoylism 277.5
Expand Garré's
Garrod's pads, knuckle 728.79
Expand Gartner's duct
Expand Gas
Gastradenitis 535.0
Expand Gastralgia 536.8
Expand Gastrectasis, gastrectasia 536.1
Gastric see condition
Expand Gastrinoma (M8153/1)
Expand Gastritis 535.5
Gastrocarcinoma (M8010/3) 151.9
Gastrocolic see condition
Gastrocolitis see: Enteritis
Gastrodisciasis 121.8
Expand Gastroduodenitis
     see also: Gastritis
Gastrodynia 536.8
Expand Gastroenteritis (acute) (catarrhal) (congestive) (hemorrhagic) (noninfectious)
     see also: Enteritis
Gastroenterocolitis see: Enteritis
Gastroenteropathy, protein-losing 579.8
Gastroenteroptosis 569.89
Gastroesophageal laceration-hemorrhage syndrome 530.7
Gastroesophagitis 530.19
     see also: Gastritis
Gastrointestinal see condition
Gastrojejunal see condition
     see also: Gastritis
Gastrojejunocolic see condition
Gastroliths 537.89
Gastromalacia 537.89
Expand Gastroparalysis 536.3
Expand Gastroparesis 536.3
Expand Gastropathy 537.9
Gastroptosis 537.5
Gastrorrhagia 578.0
Expand Gastrorrhea 536.8
Expand Gastroschisis (congenital) 756.79
Expand Gastrospasm (neurogenic) (reflex) 536.8
Gastrostaxis 578.0
Gastrostenosis 537.89
Expand Gastrostomy
Expand Gastrosuccorrhea (continuous) (intermittent) 536.8
Expand Gaucher's
Gayet's disease (superior hemorrhagic polioencephalitis) 265.1
Gayet-Wernicke's syndrome (superior hemorrhagic polioencephalitis) 265.1
Gee (-Herter) (-Heubner) (-Thaysen) disease or syndrome (nontropical sprue) 579.0
Gélineau's syndrome
     see also: Narcolepsy
Gemination, teeth 520.2
Expand Gemistocytoma (M9411/3)
Expand Genetic
General, generalized see condition
Expand Genital see condition
Genito-anorectal syndrome 099.1
Genitourinary system see condition
Expand Genu
Geographic tongue 529.1
Geophagia 307.52
Expand Geotrichosis 117.9
Gephyrophobia 300.29
Gerbode defect 745.4
Expand Gerhardt's
Gerlier's disease (epidemic vertigo) 078.81
Expand German measles 056.9
Expand Germinoblastoma (diffuse) (M9614/3) 202.8
Germinoma (M9064/3) see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Gerontoxon 371.41
Gerstmann's syndrome (finger agnosia) 784.69
Expand Gestation (period)
     see also: Pregnancy
Expand Gestational proteinuria 646.2
Ghon tubercle primary infection
     see also: Tuberculosis
Expand Ghost
Ghoul hand 102.3
Expand Gianotti Crosti syndrome 057.8
Expand Giant
Giardia lamblia infestation 007.1
Giardiasis 007.1
Gibert's disease (pityriasis rosea) 696.3
Gibraltar fever see: Brucellosis
Expand Giddiness 780.4
Gierke's disease (glycogenosis I) 271.0
Gigantism (cerebral) (hypophyseal) (pituitary) 253.0
Gilbert's disease or cholemia (familial nonhemolytic jaundice) 277.4
Gilchrist's disease (North American blastomycosis) 116.0
Gilford (-Hutchinson) disease or syndrome (progeria) 259.8
Gilles de la Tourette's disease (motor-verbal tic) 307.23
Gillespie's syndrome (dysplasia oculodentodigitalis) 759.89
Expand Gingivitis 523.10
Gingivoglossitis 529.0
Gingivopericementitis 523.40
Gingivosis 523.10
Expand Gingivostomatitis 523.10
Giovannini's disease 117.9
GISA (glycopeptide intermediate staphylococcus aureus V09.8
Gland, glandular see condition
Glanders 024
Glanzmann (-Naegeli) disease or thrombasthenia 287.1
Glassblowers' disease 527.1
Expand Glaucoma (capsular) (inflammatory) (noninflammatory) (primary) 365.9
Glaucomatous flecks (subcapsular) 366.31
Glazed tongue 529.4
Gleet 098.2
Glénard's disease or syndrome (enteroptosis) 569.89
Glinski-Simmonds syndrome (pituitary cachexia) 253.2
Expand Glioblastoma (multiforme) (M9440/3)
Expand Glioma (malignant) (M9380/3)
Gliomatosis cerebri (M9381/3) 191.0
Glioneuroma (M9505/1) see: Neoplasm, by site, uncertain behavior
Expand Gliosarcoma (M9380/3)
Expand Gliosis (cerebral) 349.89
Expand Glisson's
Glissonitis 573.3
Globinuria 791.2
Expand Globus 306.4
Glomangioma (M8712/0)
     see also: Hemangioma
Glomangiosarcoma (M8710/3) see: Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Glomerular nephritis
     see also: Nephritis
     see also: Nephritis
Expand Glomerulonephritis
     see also: Nephritis
Expand Glomerulosclerosis
     see also: Sclerosis, renal
Glossagra 529.6
Glossalgia 529.6
Expand Glossitis 529.0
Glossocele 529.8
Expand Glossodynia 529.6
Glossoncus 529.8
Glossophytia 529.3
Glossoplegia 529.8
Glossoptosis 529.8
Glossopyrosis 529.6
Glossotrichia 529.3
Glossy skin 701.9
Glottis see condition
Glottitis see: Glossitis
Expand Glucagonoma (M8152/0)
Glucoglycinuria 270.7
Glue ear syndrome 381.20
Glue sniffing (airplane glue)
     see also: Dependence
Glycinemia (with methylmalonic acidemia) 270.7
Glycinuria (renal) (with ketosis) 270.0
Expand Glycogen
Expand Glycogenosis
     see also: Disease, glycogen storage
Glycopenia 251.2
Expand Glycopeptide
Glycoprolinuria 270.8
Expand Glycosuria 791.5
Expand Gnathostoma (spinigerum) (infection) (infestation) 128.1
Gnathostomiasis 128.1
Expand Goiter (adolescent) (colloid) (diffuse) (dipping) (due to iodine deficiency) (endemic) (euthyroid) (heart) (hyperplastic) (internal) (intrathoracic) (juvenile) (mixed type) (nonendemic) (parenchymatous) (plunging) (sporadic) (subclavicular) (substernal) 240.9
Goldberg (-Maxwell) (-Morris) syndrome (testicular feminization) 259.5
Expand Goldblatt's
Expand Goldenhar's syndrome (oculoauriculovertebral dysplasia) 756.0
Goldflam-Erb disease or syndrome 358.00
Goldscheider's disease (epidermolysis bullosa) 757.39
Goldstein's disease (familial hemorrhagic telangiectasia) 448.0
Golfer's elbow 726.32
Goltz-Gorlin syndrome (dermal hypoplasia) 757.39
Expand Gonadoblastoma (M9073/1)
     see also: Vesiculitis
Expand Gongylonemiasis 125.6
Goniosynechiae 364.73
Gonococcemia 098.89
Expand Gonococcus, gonococcal (disease) (infection)
     see also: condition
Expand Gonocytoma (M9073/1)
Expand Gonorrhea
Goodpasture's syndrome (pneumorenal) 446.21
Good's syndrome 279.06
Gopalan's syndrome (burning feet) 266.2
Gordon's disease (exudative enteropathy) 579.8
Gorlin-Chaudhry-Moss syndrome 759.89
Gougerot's syndrome (trisymptomatic) 709.1
Gougerot-Blum syndrome (pigmented purpuric lichenoid dermatitis) 709.1
Gougerot-Carteaud disease or syndrome (confluent reticulate papillomatosis) 701.8
Gougerot-Hailey-Hailey disease (benign familial chronic pemphigus) 757.39
Gougerot (-Houwer)-Sjögren syndrome (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) 710.2
Gouley's syndrome (constrictive pericarditis) 423.2
Goundou 102.6
Expand Gout, gouty 274.9
Expand Gowers'
Gowers-Paton-Kennedy syndrome 377.04
Gradenigo's syndrome 383.02
Expand Graft-versus-host disease (bone marrow) 996.85
Graham Steell's murmur (pulmonic regurgitation)
     see also: Endocarditis, pulmonary
Grain-handlers' disease or lung 495.8
Grain mite (itch) 133.8
Expand Grand
Granite workers' lung 502
Expand Granular
     see also: condition
Expand Granulation tissue, abnormal
     see also: Granuloma
Expand Granulocytopenia, granulocytopenic (primary) 288.00
Expand Granuloma NEC 686.1
Expand Granulomatosis NEC 686.1
Granulomatous tissue see: Granuloma
Granulosis rubra nasi 705.89
Graphite fibrosis (of lung) 503
Expand Graphospasm 300.89
Grating scapula 733.99
Gravel (urinary)
     see also: Calculus
Graves' disease (exophthalmic goiter)
     see also: Goiter, toxic
Gravis see condition
Grawitz's tumor (hypernephroma) (M8312/3) 189.0
Expand Grayness, hair (premature) 704.3
Gray or grey syndrome (chloramphenicol) (newborn) 779.4
Greenfield's disease 330.0
Green sickness 280.9
Greenstick fracture see: Fracture, by site
Greig's syndrome (hypertelorism) 756.0
Griesinger's disease
     see also: Ancylostomiasis
Expand Grinders'
Grinding, teeth 306.8
Expand Grip
Expand Grippe, grippal
     see also: Influenza
Grippy cold 487.1
Grisel's disease 723.5
Groin see condition
Expand Grooved
Ground itch 126.9
Growing pains, children 781.99
Expand Growth (fungoid) (neoplastic) (new) (M8000/1)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, unspecified nature
GRSA (glycopeptide resistant staphylococcus aureus) V09.8
Gruber's hernia see: Hernia, Gruber's
Gruby's disease (tinea tonsurans) 110.0
G-trisomy 758.0
Guama fever 066.3
Gubler (-Millard) paralysis or syndrome 344.89
Guérin-Stern syndrome (arthrogryposis multiplex congenita) 754.89
Guertin's disease (electric chorea) 049.8
Guillain-Barré disease or syndrome 357.0
Guinea worms (infection) (infestation) 125.7
Guinon's disease (motor-verbal tic) 307.23
Gull's disease (thyroid atrophy with myxedema) 244.8
Gull and Sutton's disease see: Hypertension, kidney
Gum see condition
Gumboil 522.7
Expand Gumma (syphilitic) 095.9
Gunn's syndrome (jaw-winking syndrome) 742.8
Expand Gunshot wound
     see also: Wound, open, by site
Günther's disease or syndrome (congenital erythropoietic porphyria) 277.1
Gustatory hallucination 780.1
Gynandrism 752.7
Expand Gynandroblastoma (M8632/1)
Gynandromorphism 752.7
Gynatresia (congenital) 752.49
Gynecoid pelvis, male 738.6
Expand Gynecological examination V72.31
Gynecomastia 611.1
Gynephobia 300.29
Gyrate scalp 757.39