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Disease Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Iatrogenic syndrome of excess cortisol 255.0
Iceland disease (epidemic neuromyasthenia) 049.8
Expand Ichthyosis (congenita) 757.1
Expand Ichthyotoxism 988.0
Expand Icteroanemia, hemolytic (acquired) 283.9
Expand Icterus
     see also: Jaundice
Ictus solaris, solis 992.0
Expand Identity disorder 313.82
Idioglossia 307.9
Idiopathic see condition
Expand Idiosyncrasy
     see also: Allergy
Expand Idiot, idiocy (congenital) 318.2
Id reaction (due to bacteria) 692.89
Expand Ideation
IgE asthma 493.0
Expand Ileitis (chronic)
     see also: Enteritis
Expand Ileocolitis
     see also: Enteritis
Expand Ileostomy status V44.2
Ileotyphus 002.0
Ileum see condition
Expand Ileus (adynamic) (bowel) (colon) (inhibitory) (intestine) (neurogenic) (paralytic) 560.1
Iliac see condition
Iliotibial band friction syndrome 728.89
Ill, louping 063.1
Illegitimacy V61.6
Expand Illness
     see also: Disease
Expand Imbalance 781.2
Expand Imbecile, imbecility 318.0
Imbedding, intrauterine device 996.32
Imbibition, cholesterol (gallbladder) 575.6
Imerslund (-Gräsbeck) syndrome (anemia due to familial selective vitamin B12 malabsorption) 281.1
Iminoacidopathy 270.8
Iminoglycinuria, familial 270.8
Expand Immature
     see also: Immaturity
Expand Immaturity 765.1
Expand Immersion 994.1
Expand Immobile, immobility
Expand Immunization
Expand Immunodeficiency 279.3
Expand Immunotherapy, prophylactic V07.2
Expand Impaction, impacted
Expand Impaired, impairment (function)
Impaludism see: Malaria
Expand Impediment, speech NEC 784.5
Expand Impending
Imperception, auditory (acquired) (congenital) 389.9
Expand Imperfect
Imperfectly descended testis 752.51
Expand Imperforate (congenital)
     see also: Atresia
Expand Impervious (congenital)
     see also: Atresia
Impetiginization of other dermatoses 684
Expand Impetigo (any organism) (any site) (bullous) (circinate) (contagiosa) (neonatorum) (simplex) 684
Expand Impingement, soft tissue between teeth 524.89
Implant, endometrial 617.9
Expand Implantation
Expand Impotence (sexual) 607.84
Impoverished blood 285.9
Impression, basilar 756.0
Imprisonment V62.5
Expand Improper
Improperly tied umbilical cord (causing hemorrhage) 772.3
Impulses, obsessional 300.3
Impulsive neurosis 300.3
Inaction, kidney
     see also: Disease, renal
Inactive see condition
Expand Inadequate, inadequacy
Expand Inanition 263.9
Expand Inappropriate secretion
Inattention after or at birth 995.52
Inborn errors of metabolism see: Disorder, metabolism
Expand Incarceration, incarcerated
Incident, cerebrovascular
     see also: Disease, cerebrovascular, acute
Incineration (entire body) (from fire, conflagration, electricity, or lightning) see: Burn, multiple, specified sites
Expand Incised wound
Expand Incision, incisional
Expand Inclusion
Expand Incompatibility
Expand Incompetency, incompetence, incompetent
Expand Incomplete
     see also: condition
Expand Incontinence 788.30
Incontinentia pigmenti 757.33
Expand Incoordinate
Expand Incoordination
Expand Increase, increased
Incrustation, cornea, lead, or zinc 930.0
Incyclophoria 378.44
Incyclotropia 378.33
Indeterminate sex 752.7
India rubber skin 756.83
Indicanuria 270.2
Expand Indigestion (bilious) (functional) 536.8
Indirect see condition
Indolent bubo NEC 099.8
Expand Induced
Expand Induration, indurated
Induratio penis plastica 607.89
Industrial see condition
     see also: Abuse, drugs, nondependent
Expand Inefficiency
Inelasticity, skin 782.8
Expand Inequality, leg (acquired) (length) 736.81
Expand Inertia
Expand Infant
     see also: condition
Infant Hercules syndrome 255.2
Expand Infantile
     see also: condition
Expand Infantilism 259.9
Infants, healthy liveborn see: Newborn
Expand Infarct, infarction
Infecting see condition
Expand Infection, infected, infective (opportunistic) 136.9
Infective, infectious see condition
Expand Inferiority complex 301.9
Expand Infertility
Expand Infestation 134.9
Expand Infiltrate, infiltration
Expand Infirmity 799.89
Expand Inflammation, inflamed, inflammatory (with exudation)
Inflation, lung imperfect (newborn) 770.5
Expand Influenza, influenzal 487.1
Influenza-like disease 487.1
Infraction, Freiberg's (metatarsal head) 732.5
Infraeruption, teeth 524.34
Infusion complication, misadventure, or reaction see: Complication, infusion
Expand Ingestion
Expand Ingrowing
Expand Inguinal
     see also: condition
Expand Inhalation
Expand Inhibition, inhibited
Inhibitor, systemic lupus erythematosus (presence of) 286.5
Iniencephalus, iniencephaly 740.2
Injected eye 372.74
Expand Injury 959.9
Expand Inoculation
     see also: Vaccination
Expand Insanity, insane
     see also: Psychosis
Expand Insect
Insemination, artificial V26.1
Expand Insensitivity
Expand Insertion
Expand Insolation 992.0
Expand Insomnia, unspecified 780.52
Expand Inspiration
Inspissated bile syndrome, newborn 774.4
Expand Instability
Expand Insufficiency, insufficient
Expand Insufflation
Insular see condition
Expand Insulinoma (M8151/0)
Insuloma see: Insulinoma
Expand Insult
Insurance examination (certification) V70.3
     see also: Alcoholism
Interception of pregnancy (menstrual extraction) V25.3
Expand Interference
Expand Intermenstrual
Intermittent see condition
Internal see condition
Interproximal wear 521.10
Expand Interruption
Intersexuality 752.7
Interstitial see condition
Expand Intertrigo 695.89
Intervertebral disc see condition
Expand Intestine, intestinal
     see also: condition
Expand Intolerance
Intoxicated NEC
     see also: Alcoholism
Expand Intoxication
Intracranial see condition
Intrahepatic gallbladder 751.69
Expand Intraligamentous
     see also: condition
Expand Intraocular
     see also: condition
Expand Intrathoracic
     see also: condition
Expand Intrauterine contraceptive device
Intraventricular see condition
Intrinsic deformity see: Deformity
Intruded tooth 524.34
Intrusion, repetitive, of sleep (due to environmental disturbances) (with atypical polysomnographic features) 307.48
Expand Intumescent, lens (eye) NEC 366.9
Expand Intussusception (colon) (enteric) (intestine) (rectum) 560.0
Expand Invagination
Invalid (since birth) 799.89
Invalidism (chronic) 799.89
Expand Inversion
Expand Investigation
Inviability see: Immaturity
Involuntary movement, abnormal 781.0
Expand Involution, involutional
     see also: condition
Expand IQ
IRDS 769
Irideremia 743.45
Expand Iridis rubeosis 364.42
Iridochoroiditis (panuveitis) 360.12
Expand Iridocyclitis NEC 364.3
Iridocyclochoroiditis (panuveitis) 360.12
Iridodialysis 364.76
Iridodonesis 364.8
Iridoplegia (complete) (partial) (reflex) 379.49
Iridoschisis 364.52
Iris see condition
Expand Iritis 364.3
Expand Iron
Iron-miners' lung 503
Irradiated enamel (tooth, teeth) 521.89
Expand Irradiation
Irreducible, irreducibility see condition
Expand Irregular, irregularity
Expand Irritability (nervous) 799.2
Irritable see: Irritability
Expand Irritation
Isambert's disease 012.3
Expand Ischemia, ischemic 459.9
     see also: Sciatica
Ischiopagus 759.4
Ischium, ischial see condition
Ischomenia 626.8
Ischuria 788.5
Iselin's disease or osteochondrosis 732.5
Expand Islands of
Islet cell tumor, pancreas (M8150/0) 211.7
Expand Isoimmunization NEC
     see also: Incompatibility
Expand Isolation V07.0
Isosporosis 007.2
Expand Issue
Expand Itch
     see also: Pruritus
Itsenko-Cushing syndrome (pituitary basophilism) 255.0
Ivemark's syndrome (asplenia with congenital heart disease) 759.0
Ivory bones 756.52
Ixodes 134.8
Ixodiasis 134.8