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Disease Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Macacus ear 744.29
Expand Maceration
Machado-Joseph disease 334.8
Machupo virus hemorrhagic fever 078.7
Macleod's syndrome (abnormal transradiancy, one lung) 492.8
Macrocephalia, macrocephaly 756.0
Macrocheilia (congenital) 744.81
Macrochilia (congenital) 744.81
Macrocolon (congenital) 751.3
Expand Macrocornea 743.41
Macrocytic see condition
Macrocytosis 289.89
Expand Macrodactylia, macrodactylism (fingers) (thumbs) 755.57
Macrodontia 520.2
Macroencephaly 742.4
Macrogenia 524.05
Macrogenitosomia (female) (male) (praecox) 255.2
Macrogingivae 523.8
Macroglobulinemia (essential) (idiopathic) (monoclonal) (primary) (syndrome) (Waldenström's) 273.3
Expand Macroglossia (congenital) 750.15
Expand Macrognathia, macrognathism (congenital) 524.00
Macrogyria (congenital) 742.4
     see also: Hydrocephalus
     see also: Hypertrophy, breast
Macrophage activation syndrome 288.4
Macropsia 368.14
Expand Macrosigmoid 564.7
Macrospondylitis, acromegalic 253.0
Macrostomia (congenital) 744.83
Macrotia (external ear) (congenital) 744.22
Expand Macula
Maculae ceruleae 132.1
Macules and papules 709.8
Maculopathy, toxic 362.55
Madarosis 374.55
Expand Madelung's
Expand Madness
     see also: Psychosis
Expand Madura
Expand Maduromycosis (actinomycotic) 039.9
Maffucci's syndrome (dyschondroplasia with hemangiomas) 756.4
Magenblase syndrome 306.4
Expand Main en griffe (acquired) 736.06
Expand Maintenance
Expand Majocchi's
Major see condition
Expand Mal
Expand Malabar itch 110.9
Expand Malabsorption 579.9
Expand Malacia, bone 268.2
Expand Malacoplakia
Expand Malacosteon 268.2
Maladaptation see: Maladjustment
Maladie de Roger 745.4
Expand Maladjustment
Malaise 780.79
Malakoplakia see: Malacoplakia
Expand Malaria, malarial (fever) 084.6
Malassez's disease (testicular cyst) 608.89
Malassimilation 579.9
Maldescent, testis 752.51
Expand Maldevelopment
     see also: Anomaly, by site
Expand Male type pelvis 755.69
Expand Malformation (congenital)
     see also: Anomaly
Expand Malfunction
     see also: Dysfunction
Expand Malgaigne's fracture (closed) 808.43
Expand Malherbe's
Expand Malibu disease 919.8
Malignancy (M8000/3) see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Malignant see condition
Malingerer, malingering V65.2
Expand Mallet, finger (acquired) 736.1
Malleus 024
Mallory's bodies 034.1
Mallory-Weiss syndrome 530.7
Expand Malnutrition (calorie) 263.9
Expand Malocclusion (teeth) 524.4
Expand Malposition
Malposture 729.9
Malpresentation, fetus
     see also: Presentation, fetal
Expand Malrotation
Malta fever
     see also: Brucellosis
Maltosuria 271.3
Expand Maltreatment (of)
Malt workers' lung 495.4
Malum coxae senilis 715.25
Malunion, fracture 733.81
Expand Mammillitis
     see also: Mastitis
Expand Mammitis
     see also: Mastitis
Expand Mammographic
Mammoplasia 611.1
Expand Management
Mangled NEC
     see also: nature and site of injury
Expand Mania (monopolar)
     see also: Psychosis, affective
Expand Manic-depressive insanity, psychosis, reaction, or syndrome
     see also: Psychosis, affective
Expand Manifestations, rheumatoid
Mankowsky's syndrome (familial dysplastic osteopathy) 731.2
Mannoheptulosuria 271.8
Mannosidosis 271.8
Expand Manson's
Mansonellosis 125.5
Manual see condition
Maple bark disease 495.6
Maple bark-strippers' lung 495.6
Maple syrup (urine) disease or syndrome 270.3
Marable's syndrome (celiac artery compression) 447.4
Expand Marasmus 261
Expand Marble
Marburg disease (virus) 078.89
Expand March
Marchand multiple nodular hyperplasia (liver) 571.5
Marchesani (-Weill) syndrome (brachymorphism and ectopia lentis) 759.89
Marchiafava (-Bignami) disease or syndrome 341.8
Marchiafava-Micheli syndrome (paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria) 283.2
Marcus Gunn's syndrome (jaw-winking syndrome) 742.8
Expand Marfan's
Expand Marginal
Expand Marie's
Expand Marie-Bamberger disease or syndrome (hypertrophic) (pulmonary) (secondary) 731.2
Marie-Charcôt-Tooth neuropathic atrophy, muscle 356.1
Marie-Strümpell arthritis or disease (ankylosing spondylitis) 720.0
Expand Marihuana, marijuana
Marion's disease (bladder neck obstruction) 596.0
Marital conflict V61.10
Expand Mark
Expand Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis VI) 277.5
Marriage license examination V70.3
Expand Marrow (bone)
Marseilles fever 082.1
Marsh's disease (exophthalmic goiter) 242.0
Marshall's (hidrotic) ectodermal dysplasia 757.31
Marsh fever
     see also: Malaria
Martin's disease 715.27
Martin-Albright syndrome (pseudohypoparathyroidism) 275.49
Martorell-Fabre syndrome (pulseless disease) 446.7
Masculinization, female, with adrenal hyperplasia 255.2
Masculinovoblastoma (M8670/0) 220
Masochism 302.83
Masons' lung 502
Expand Mass
Massive see condition
Expand Mastalgia 611.71
Expand Mast cell
Masters-Allen syndrome 620.6
Expand Mastitis (acute) (adolescent) (diffuse) (interstitial) (lobular) (nonpuerperal) (nonsuppurative) (parenchymatous) (phlegmonous) (simple) (subacute) (suppurative) 611.0
Expand Mastocytoma (M9740/1) 238.5
Expand Mastocytosis 757.33
Expand Mastodynia 611.71
Mastoid see condition
     see also: Otalgia
Expand Mastoiditis (coalescent) (hemorrhagic) (pneumococcal) (streptococcal) (suppurative) 383.9
Expand Mastopathy, mastopathia 611.9
Mastoplasia 611.1
Masturbation 307.9
Expand Maternal condition, affecting fetus or newborn
Maternity see: Delivery
Matheiu's disease (leptospiral jaundice) 100.0
Mauclaire's disease or osteochondrosis 732.3
Maxcy's disease 081.0
Maxilla, maxillary
May (-Hegglin) anomaly or syndrome 288.2
Mayaro fever 066.3
Mazoplasia 610.8
MBD (minimal brain dysfunction), child
     see also: Hyperkinesia
MCAD (medium chain acyl CoA dehydrogenase deficiency) 277.85
McArdle (-Schmid-Pearson) disease or syndrome (glycogenosis V) 271
McCune-Albright syndrome (osteitis fibrosa disseminata) 756.59
MCLS (mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome) 446.1
McQuarrie's syndrome (idiopathic familial hypoglycemia) 251.2
Expand Measles (black) (hemorrhagic) (suppressed) 055.9
Meatitis, urethral
     see also: Urethritis
Meat poisoning see: Poisoning, food
Meatus, meatal see condition
Meat-wrappers' asthma 506.9
Expand Meckel's
Expand Meconium
Expand Median
     see also: condition
Mediastinal shift 793.2
Expand Mediastinitis (acute) (chronic) 519.2
Expand Mediastinopericarditis
     see also: Pericarditis
Mediastinum, mediastinal see condition
Medical services provided for see: Health, services provided because (of)
Expand Medicine poisoning (by overdose) (wrong substance given or taken in error) 977.9
Medin's disease (poliomyelitis)
Expand Mediterranean
Medulla see condition
Expand Medullary
Expand Medullated fibers
Expand Medulloblastoma (M9470/3)
Expand Medulloepithelioma (M9501/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Expand Medullomyoblastoma (M9472/3)
Meekeren-Ehlers-Danlos syndrome 756.83
Megacaryocytic see condition
Expand Megacolon (acquired) (functional) (not Hirschsprung's disease) 564.7
Megaduodenum 537.3
Expand Megaesophagus (functional) 530.0
Megakaryocytic see condition
Megalencephaly 742.4
Megalerythema (epidermicum) (infectiosum) 057.0
Megalia, cutis et ossium 757.39
Megaloappendix 751.5
Megalocephalus, megalocephaly NEC 756.0
Expand Megalocornea 743.41
Megalocytic anemia 281.9
Expand Megalodactylia (fingers) (thumbs) 755.57
Megaloduodenum 751.5
Expand Megaloesophagus (functional) 530.0
Megalogastria (congenital) 750.7
Megalomania 307.9
Megalophthalmos 743.8
Megalopsia 368.14
     see also: Splenomegaly
Expand Megaloureter 593.89
Megarectum 569.49
Expand Megasigmoid 564.7
Expand Megaureter 593.89
Megrim 346.9
Expand Meibomian
Meibomitis 373.12
Expand Meige
Melalgia, nutritional 266.2
Expand Melancholia
     see also: Psychosis, affective
Melanemia 275.0
Melanoameloblastoma (M9363/0) see: Neoplasm, bone, benign
Melanoblastoma (M8720/3) see: Melanoma
Expand Melanoblastosis
Melanocarcinoma (M8720/3) see: Melanoma
Melanocytoma, eyeball (M8726/0) 224.0
Expand Melanoderma, melanodermia 709.09
Melanodontia, infantile 521.05
Melanodontoclasia 521.05
Melanoepithelioma (M8720/3) see: Melanoma
Expand Melanoma (malignant) (M8720/3) 172.9
Melanoplakia 528.9
Expand Melanosarcoma (M8720/3)
     see also: Melanoma
Expand Melanosis 709.09
Melanuria 791.9
MELAS syndrome (mitochondrial encephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes ) 277.87
Expand Melasma 709.09
Expand Melena 578.1
Expand Meleney's
Melioidosis 025
Melitensis, febris 023.0
Melitococcosis 023.0
Melkersson (-Rosenthal) syndrome 351.8
Mellitus, diabetes see: Diabetes
Melorheostosis (bone) (leri) 733.99
Meloschisis 744.83
Melotia 744.29
Expand Membrana
Membranacea placenta see: Placenta, abnormal
Membranaceous uterus 621.8
Expand Membrane, membranous
     see also: condition
Expand Membranitis, fetal 658.4
Expand Memory disturbance, loss or lack
     see also: Amnesia
Menadione (vitamin K) deficiency 269.0
Menarche, precocious 259.1
Mendacity, pathologic 301.7
Mende's syndrome (ptosis-epicanthus) 270.2
Expand Mendelson's syndrome (resulting from a procedure) 997.3
Ménétrier's disease or syndrome (hypertrophic gastritis) 535.2
Expand Ménière's disease, syndrome, or vertigo 386.00
Meninges, meningeal see condition
Expand Meningioma (M9530/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, meninges, benign
Meningiomatosis (diffuse) (M9530/1) 237.6
     see also: Meningismus
Expand Meningismus (infectional) (pneumococcal) 781.6
Expand Meningitis (basal) (basic) (basilar) (brain) (cerebral) (cervical) (congestive) (diffuse) (hemorrhagic) (infantile) (membranous) (metastatic) (nonspecific) (pontine) (progressive) (simple) (spinal) (subacute) (sympathetica) (toxic) 322.9
Expand Meningocele (congenital) (spinal)
     see also: Spina bifida
Meningocerebritis see: Meningoencephalitis
Meningococcemia (acute) (chronic) 036.2
Expand Meningococcus, meningococcal
     see also: condition
Expand Meningoencephalitis
     see also: Encephalitis
Expand Meningoencephalocele 742.0
Expand Meningoencephalomyelitis
     see also: Meningoencephalitis
     see also: Meningoencephalomyelitis
     see also: Meningoencephalitis
Expand Meningoencephalopoliomyelitis
     see also: Poliomyelitis, bulbar
Expand Meningomyelitis
     see also: Meningoencephalitis
Expand Meningomyelocele
     see also: Spina bifida
Meningomyeloneuritis see: Meningoencephalitis
Meningoradiculitis see: Meningitis
Meningovascular see condition
Meniscocytosis 282.60
Menkes' syndrome see: Syndrome, Menkes'
Menolipsis 626.0
Menometrorrhagia 626.2
Expand Menopause, menopausal (symptoms) (syndrome) 627.2
Expand Menorrhagia (primary) 626.2
Menorrhalgia 625.3
Menoschesis 626.8
Menostaxis 626.2
Menses, retention 626.8
Expand Menstrual
     see also: Menstruation
Expand Menstruation
     see also: Sycosis
Expand Mental
     see also: condition
Meralgia paresthetica 355.1
Mercurial see condition
Mercurialism NEC 985.0
Merergasia 300.9
MERRF syndrome (myoclonus with epilepsy and with ragged red fibers) 277.87
Merkel cell tumor see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
     see also: Hernia, femoral
Expand Meromelia 755.4
Merosmia 781.1
Expand Merycism
     see also: Vomiting
Merzbacher-Pelizaeus disease 330.0
Mesaortitis see: Aortitis
Mesarteritis see: Arteritis
Expand Mesencephalitis
     see also: Encephalitis
Expand Mesenchymoma (M8990/1)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
Expand Mesenteritis
Mesentery, mesenteric see condition
Expand Mesiodens, mesiodentes 520.1
Mesio-occlusion 524.23
Mesocardia (with asplenia) 746.87
Mesocolon see condition
Expand Mesonephroma (malignant) (M9110/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Mesophlebitis see: Phlebitis
Mesostromal dysgenesis 743.51
Expand Mesothelioma (malignant) (M9050/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Metabolic syndrome 277.7
Expand Metabolism disorder 277.9
Metagonimiasis 121.5
Metagonimus infestation (small intestine) 121.5
Expand Metal
Metalliferous miners' lung 503
Metamorphopsia 368.14
Expand Metaplasia
Expand Metastasis, metastatic
Expand Metatarsalgia 726.70
Expand Metatarsus, metatarsal
     see also: condition
Expand Methemoglobinemia 289.7
     see also: Hemoglobinuria
Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) V09.0
Methioninemia 270.4
Expand Metritis (catarrhal) (septic) (suppurative)
     see also: Endometritis
Metropathia hemorrhagica 626.8
     see also: Peritonitis, pelvic, female
Expand Metrorrhagia 626.6
Metrorrhexis see: Rupture, uterus
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
Metrostaxis 626.6
Expand Metrovaginitis
     see also: Endometritis
Mexican fever see: Typhus, Mexican
Meyenburg-Altherr-Uehlinger syndrome 733.99
Meyer-Schwickerath and Weyers syndrome (dysplasia oculodentodigitalis) 759.89
Expand Meynert's amentia (nonalcoholic) 294.0
Mibelli's disease 757.39
Expand Mice, joint
     see also: Loose, body, joint
Micheli-Rietti syndrome (thalassemia minor) 282.49
Michotte's syndrome 721.5
Micrencephalon, micrencephaly 742.1
Microalbuminuria 791.0
Expand Microaneurysm, retina 362.14
Expand Microangiopathy 443.9
Microcalcification, mammographic 793.81
Expand Microcephalus, microcephalic, microcephaly 742.1
Microcheilia 744.82
Microcolon (congenital) 751.5
Microcornea (congenital) 743.41
Microcytic see condition
Microdeletions NEC 758.33
Microdontia 520.2
Microdrepanocytosis (thalassemia-Hb-S disease) 282.49
Expand Microembolism
Microencephalon 742.1
Microfilaria streptocerca infestation 125.3
Microgastria (congenital) 750.7
Microgenia 524.06
Expand Microgenitalia (congenital) 752.89
Expand Microglioma (M9710/3)
Microglossia (congenital) 750.16
Expand Micrognathia, micrognathism (congenital) 524.00
Microgyria (congenital) 742.2
Microinfarct, heart
     see also: Insufficiency, coronary
Microlithiasis, alveolar, pulmonary 516.2
Micromyelia (congenital) 742.59
Micropenis 752.64
Microphakia (congenital) 743.36
Microphthalmia (congenital)
     see also: Microphthalmos
Expand Microphthalmos (congenital) 743.10
Micropsia 368.14
Microsporidiosis 136.8
Microsporon furfur infestation 111.0
Expand Microsporosis
     see also: Dermatophytosis
Microstomia (congenital) 744.84
Microthelia 757.6
Microthromboembolism see: Embolism
Microtia (congenital) (external ear) 744.23
Microtropia 378.34
Expand Micturition
Expand Middle
Midplane see condition
Expand Miescher's disease 709.3
Miescher-Leder syndrome or granulomatosis 709.3
Mieten's syndrome 759.89
Expand Migraine (idiopathic) 346.9
Migrant, social V60.0
Expand Migratory, migrating
     see also: condition
Mikulicz's disease or syndrome (dryness of mouth, absent or decreased lacrimation) 527.1
Milian atrophia blanche 701.3
Expand Miliaria (crystallina) (rubra) (tropicalis) 705.1
Miliary see condition
Expand Milium
     see also: Cyst, sebaceous
Expand Milk
Milkers' nodes 051.1
Expand Milk-leg (deep vessels) 671.4
Milkman (-Looser) disease or syndrome (osteomalacia with pseudofractures) 268.2
Milky urine
     see also: Chyluria
Millar's asthma (laryngismus stridulus) 478.75
Millard-Gubler paralysis or syndrome 344.89
Millard-Gubler-Foville paralysis 344.89
Miller-Dieker syndrome 758.33
Miller's disease (osteomalacia) 268.2
Miller Fisher's syndrome 357.0
Milles' syndrome (encephalocutaneous angiomatosis) 759.6
Mills' disease 335.29
Millstone makers' asthma or lung 502
Milroy's disease (chronic hereditary edema) 757.0
Expand Miners'
     see also: condition
Minkowski-Chauffard syndrome
     see also: Spherocytosis
Minor see condition
Minor's disease 336.1
Minot's disease (hemorrhagic disease, newborn) 776.0
Minot-von Willebrand (-Jürgens) disease or syndrome (angiohemophilia) 286.4
Minus (and plus) hand (intrinsic) 736.09
Miosis (persistent) (pupil) 379.42
Expand Mirizzi's syndrome (hepatic duct stenosis)
     see also: Obstruction, biliary
Expand Mirror writing 315.09
Expand Misadventure (prophylactic) (therapeutic)
     see also: Complications
Misanthropy 301.7
Miscarriage see: Abortion, spontaneous
Mischief, malicious, child
     see also: Disturbance, conduct
Expand Misdirection
Mismanagement, feeding 783.3
Expand Misplaced, misplacement
Expand Missed
Expand Missing
     see also: Absence
Misuse of drugs NEC
     see also: Abuse, drug, nondependent
Mitchell's disease (erythromelalgia) 443.82
Expand Mite(s)
Mitochondrial encephalopathy, lactic acidosis and stroke-like episodes (MELAS syndrome) 277.87
Mitochondrial neurogastrointestinal encephalopathy syndrome (MNGIE) 277.87
Mitral see condition
Mittelschmerz 625.2
Mixed see condition
Mljet disease (mal de Meleda) 757.39
Expand Mobile, mobility
Expand Mobitz heart block (atrioventricular) 426.10
Expand Möbius'
Expand Moeller (-Barlow) disease (infantile scurvy) 267
Mohr's syndrome (types I and II) 759.89
Mola destruens (M9100/1) 236.1
Molarization, premolars 520.2
Expand Molar pregnancy 631
Mold(s) in vitreous 117.9
Molding, head (during birth) - omit code
Expand Mole (pigmented) (M8720/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, skin, benign
Molimen, molimina (menstrual) 625.4
Mollaret's meningitis 047.9
Expand Mollities (cerebellar) (cerebral) 437.8
Expand Molluscum
Mönckeberg's arteriosclerosis, degeneration, disease, or sclerosis
     see also: Arteriosclerosis, extremities
Monday fever 504
Monday morning dyspnea or asthma 504
Mondini's malformation (cochlea) 744.05
Mondor's disease (thrombophlebitis of breast) 451.89
Expand Mongolian, mongolianism, mongolism, mongoloid 758.0
Monilethrix (congenital) 757.4
Monilia infestation see: Candidiasis
Monkeypox 057.8
Expand Moniliasis
     see also: Candidiasis
Expand Monoarthritis 716.60
Monoblastic see condition
Monochromatism (cone) (rod) 368.54
Monocytic see condition
Monocytopenia 288.59
Monocytosis (symptomatic) 288.63
Monofixation syndrome 378.34
     see also: Psychosis
Expand Mononeuritis 355.9
Expand Mononeuropathy
     see also: Mononeuritis
Expand Mononucleosis, infectious 075
Expand Monoplegia 344.5
Monorchism, monorchidism 752.89
Expand Monteggia's fracture (closed) 813.03
Expand Mood swings
Moore's syndrome
     see also: Epilepsy
Mooren's ulcer (cornea) 370.07
Mooser-Neill reaction 081.0
Mooser bodies 081.0
Expand Moral
Morax-Axenfeld conjunctivitis 372.03
     see also: Measles
Expand Morbus
Morel-Kraepelin disease
     see also: Schizophrenia
Morel-Moore syndrome (hyperostosis frontalis interna) 733.3
Morel-Morgagni syndrome (hyperostosis frontalis interna) 733.3
Expand Morgagni
Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome (syncope with heart block) 426.9
Morgagni-Stewart-Morel syndrome (hyperostosis frontalis interna) 733.3
     see also: Psychosis
Morning sickness 643.0
Moron 317
Morphea (guttate) (linear) 701.0
Morphine dependence
     see also: Dependence
     see also: Dependence
     see also: Dependence
Morphoea 701.0
Expand Morquio (-Brailsford) (-Ullrich) disease or syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis IV) 277.5
Morris syndrome (testicular feminization) 259.5
Expand Morsus humanus (open wound)
     see also: Wound, open, by site
Mortification (dry) (moist)
     see also: Gangrene
Expand Morton's
Morvan's disease 336.0
Expand Mosaicism, mosaic (chromosomal) 758.9
Moschcowitz's syndrome (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura) 446.6
Mother yaw 102.0
Motion sickness (from travel, any vehicle) (from roundabouts or swings) 994.6
Mottled teeth (enamel) (endemic) (nonendemic) 520.3
Mottling enamel (endemic) (nonendemic) (teeth) 520.3
Mouchet's disease 732.5
Mould(s) (in vitreous) 117.9
Expand Moulders'
Expand Mounier-Kuhn syndrome 748.3
Expand Mountain
Expand Mouse, joint
     see also: Loose, body, joint
Mouth see condition
Expand Movable
Expand Movement
Moya Moya disease 437.5
Mozart's ear 744.29
MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) V09.0
Mucha's disease (acute parapsoriasis varioliformis) 696.2
Mucha-Haberman syndrome (acute parapsoriasis varioliformis) 696.2
Mu-chain disease 273.2
Mucinosis (cutaneous) (papular) 701.8
Expand Mucocele
Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome (acute) (febrile) (infantile) 446.1
Mucoenteritis 564.9
Mucolipidosis I, II, III 272.7
Expand Mucopolysaccharidosis (types 1-6) 277.5
Mucormycosis (lung) 117.7
Expand Mucositis
     see also: Inflammation, by site
Expand Mucous
     see also: condition
Expand Mucoviscidosis 277.00
Expand Mucus
Muguet 112.0
Mulberry molars 090.5
Mullerian mixed tumor (M8950/3) see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Multicystic kidney 753.19
Multilobed placenta see: Placenta, abnormal
Expand Multinodular prostate 600.10
Expand Multiparity V61.5
Multipartita placenta see: Placenta, abnormal
Expand Multiple, multiplex
     see also: condition
Expand Mumps 072.9
     see also: Infestation, filarial
Münchausen syndrome 301.51
Münchmeyer's disease or syndrome (exostosis luxurians) 728.11
Mural see condition
Expand Murmur (cardiac) (heart) (nonorganic) (organic) 785.2
Murri's disease (intermittent hemoglobinuria) 283.2
Muscae volitantes 379.24
Muscle, muscular see condition
Musculoneuralgia 729.1
Mushrooming hip 718.95
Mushroom workers' (pickers') lung 495.5
Expand Mutation
Expand Mutism
     see also: Aphasia
My's disease (congenital dilation, colon) 751.3
Expand Myalgia (intercostal) 729.1
Expand Myasthenia 358.00
Myasthenic 728.87
Mycelium infection NEC 117.9
Mycetismus 988.1
Expand Mycetoma (actinomycotic) 039.9
Mycobacteriosis see: Mycobacterium
Expand Mycobacterium, mycobacterial (infection) 031.9
Expand Mycosis, mycotic 117.9
Mydriasis (persistent) (pupil) 379.43
Myelatelia 742.59
Expand Myelinoclasis, perivascular, acute (postinfectious) NEC 136.9 [323.61]
Myelinosis, central pontine 341.8
Expand Myelitis (ascending) (cerebellar) (childhood) (chronic) (descending) (diffuse) (disseminated) (pressure) (progressive) (spinal cord) (subacute)
     see also: Encephalitis
Myeloblastic see condition
Expand Myelocele
     see also: Spina bifida
     see also: Spina bifida
Myelocytic see condition
Myelocytoma 205.1
Expand Myelodysplasia (spinal cord) 742.59
Myeloencephalitis see: Encephalitis
Expand Myelofibrosis 289.83
Myelogenous see condition
Myeloid see condition
Myelokathexis 288.09
Myeloleukodystrophy 330.0
Myelolipoma (M8870/0) see: Neoplasm, by site, benign
Expand Myeloma (multiple) (plasma cell) (plasmacytic) (M9730/3) 203.0
Myelomalacia 336.8
Myelomata, multiple (M9730/3) 203.0
Myelomatosis (M9730/3) 203.0
Myelomeningitis see: Meningoencephalitis
Expand Myelomeningocele (spinal cord)
     see also: Spina bifida
Myelo-osteo-musculodysplasia hereditaria 756.89
Myelopathic see condition
Expand Myelopathy (spinal cord) 336.9
Myelophthisis 284.2
Myeloproliferative disease (M9960/1) 238.79
     see also: Polyneuropathy
Myeloradiculodysplasia (spinal) 742.59
Myelosarcoma (M9930/3) 205.3
Expand Myelosclerosis 289.89
Expand Myelosis (M9860/3)
     see also: Leukemia, myeloid
Myesthenia see: Myasthenia
Expand Myiasis (cavernous) 134.0
Expand Myoadenoma, prostate 600.20
Expand Myoblastoma
Myocardial see condition
Expand Myocardiopathy (congestive) (constrictive) (familial) (hypertrophic nonobstructive) (idiopathic) (infiltrative) (obstructive) (primary) (restrictive) (sporadic) 425.4
Expand Myocarditis (fibroid) (interstitial) (old) (progressive) (senile) (with arteriosclerosis) 429.0
Myocardium, myocardial see condition
     see also: Cardiomyopathy
Expand Myoclonia (essential) 333.2
Expand Myoclonic
Expand Myoclonus (familial essential) (multifocal) (simplex) 333.2
Myodiastasis 728.84
Expand Myoendocarditis
     see also: Endocarditis
Myoepithelioma (M8982/0) see: Neoplasm, by site, benign
Expand Myofascitis (acute) 729.1
Expand Myofibroma (M8890/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Expand Myofibromatosis
Expand Myofibrosis 728.2
Expand Myofibrositis
     see also: Myositis
Myogelosis (occupational) 728.89
Myoglobinuria 791.3
Myoglobulinuria, primary 791.3
Expand Myokymia
     see also: Myoclonus
Expand Myolipoma (M8860/0)
Expand Myoma (M8895/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Expand Myomalacia 728.9
     see also: Endometritis
Myometrium see condition
Myonecrosis, clostridial 040.0
Expand Myopathy 359.9
     see also: Pericarditis
Expand Myopia (axial) (congenital) (increased curvature or refraction, nucleus of lens) 367.1
Myosarcoma (M8895/3) see: Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Expand Myosis (persistent) 379.42
Expand Myositis 729.1
Myospasia impulsiva 307.23
Expand Myotonia (acquisita) (intermittens) 728.85
Myotonic pupil 379.46
Myriapodiasis 134.1
Expand Myringitis
Mysophobia 300.29
Mytilotoxism 988.0
Myxadenitis labialis 528.5
Expand Myxedema (adult) (idiocy) (infantile) (juvenile) (thyroid gland)
     see also: Hypothyroidism
Myxochondrosarcoma (M9220/3) see: Neoplasm, cartilage, malignant
Expand Myxofibroma (M8811/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Myxofibrosarcoma (M8811/3) see: Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Myxolipoma (M8852/0)
     see also: Lipoma, by site
Myxoliposarcoma (M8852/3) see: Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Expand Myxoma (M8840/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissue, benign
Myxosarcoma (M8840/3) see: Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant