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Disease Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Pacemaker syndrome 429.4
Expand Pachyderma, pachydermia 701.8
Pachydermatitis 701.8
Expand Pachydermatocele (congenital) 757.39
Pachydermatosis 701.8
Expand Pachydermoperiostitis
Expand Pachydermoperiostosis
Expand Pachymeningitis (adhesive) (basal) (brain) (cerebral) (cervical) (chronic) (circumscribed) (external) (fibrous) (hemorrhagic) (hypertrophic) (internal) (purulent) (spinal) (suppurative)
     see also: Meningitis
Expand Pachyonychia (congenital) 757.5
Expand Pachyperiosteodermia
Expand Pachyperiostosis
Pacinian tumor (M9507/0) see: Neoplasm, skin, benign
Pads, knuckle or Garrod's 728.79
Expand Paget's disease (osteitis deformans) 731.0
Paget-Schroetter syndrome (intermittent venous claudication) 453.8
Expand Pain(s) 780.96
Expand Painful
     see also: Pain
Expand Painters' colic 984.9
Palate see condition
Palatoplegia 528.9
     see also: Cleft, palate
Palilalia 784.69
Palindromic arthritis
     see also: Rheumatism, palindromic
Palliative care V66.7
Expand Pallor 782.61
Expand Palmar
     see also: condition
Expand Palpable
Expand Palpitation (heart) 785.1
Expand Palsy
     see also: Paralysis
Paltauf-Sternberg disease 201.9
Paludism see: Malaria
Panama fever 084.0
Expand Panaris (with lymphangitis) 681.9
Expand Panaritium (with lymphangitis) 681.9
Expand Panarteritis (nodosa) 446.0
Expand Pancake heart 793.2
Expand Pancarditis (acute) (chronic) 429.89
Pancoast's syndrome or tumor (carcinoma, pulmonary apex) (M8010/3) 162.3
Pancoast-Tobias syndrome (M8010/3) (carcinoma, pulmonary apex) 162.3
Pancolitis 556.6
Pancreas, pancreatic see condition
Expand Pancreatitis 577.0
Pancreatolithiasis 577.8
Pancytolysis 289.9
Expand Pancytopenia (acquired) 284.1
Expand Panencephalitis
     see also: Encephalitis
Expand Panhematopenia 284.8
Expand Panhemocytopenia 284.8
Panhypogonadism 257.2
Expand Panhypopituitarism 253.2
Expand Panic (attack) (state) 300.01
Panmyelopathy, familial constitutional 284.09
Expand Panmyelophthisis 284.2
Panmyelosis (acute) (M9951/1) 238.79
Expand Panner's disease 732.3
Panneuritis endemica 265.0 [357.4]
Expand Panniculitis 729.30
Panniculus adiposus (abdominal) 278.1
Expand Pannus (corneal) 370.62
Panophthalmitis 360.02
Panotitis see: Otitis media
Expand Pansinusitis (chronic) (hyperplastic) (nonpurulent) (purulent) 473.8
Expand Panuveitis 360.12
Panvalvular disease see: Endocarditis, mitral
Papageienkrankheit 073.9
Expand Papanicolaou smear
Expand Papilledema 377.00
Expand Papillitis 377.31
Expand Papilloma (M8050/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, benign
Papillomata, multiple, of yaws 102.1
Expand Papillomatosis (M8060/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, by site, benign
Papillon-Léage and Psaume syndrome (orodigitofacial dysostosis) 759.89
Expand Papule 709.8
Papulosis, malignant 447.8
Expand Papyraceous fetus 779.89
Paracephalus 759.7
Parachute mitral valve 746.5
Expand Paracoccidioidomycosis 116.1
Paracoccidiomycosis see: Paracoccidioidomycosis
Paracusis 388.40
Paradentosis 523.5
Paradoxical facial movements 374.43
Paraffinoma 999.9
Expand Paraganglioma (M8680/1)
Expand Parageusia 781.1
Paragonimiasis 121.2
Paragranuloma, Hodgkin's (M9660/3) 201.0
     see also: Defect, coagulation
Expand Parakeratosis 690.8
Expand Paralysis, paralytic (complete) (incomplete) 344.9
Paramedial orifice, urethrovesical 753.8
Paramenia 626.9
Expand Parametritis (chronic)
     see also: Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
Parametrium, parametric see condition
     see also: Amnesia
Expand Paramolar 520.1
Paramyloidosis 277.30
Paramyoclonus multiplex 333.2
Expand Paramyotonia 359.2
Paraneoplastic syndrome see condition
     see also: Yaws
Expand Paranoia 297.1
Expand Paranoid
     see also: Paralysis
Paraphasia 784.3
     see also: Deviation, sexual
Expand Paraphimosis (congenital) 605
Expand Paraphrenia, paraphrenic (late) 297.2
Expand Paraplegia 344.1
Expand Paraproteinemia 273.2
Expand Parapsoriasis 696.2
Parascarlatina 057.8
Expand Parasitic
     see also: condition
Expand Parasitism NEC 136.9
Parasitophobia 300.29
Expand Parasomnia 307.47
Paraspadias 752.69
Paraspasm facialis 351.8
Parathyroid gland see condition
Parathyroiditis (autoimmune) 252.1
Parathyroprival tetany 252.1
Paratrachoma 077.0
     see also: Appendicitis
Paratyphoid (fever) see: Fever, paratyphoid
Paratyphus see: Fever, paratyphoid
Paraurethral duct 753.8
Expand Para-urethritis 597.89
Expand Paravaccinia NEC 051.9
     see also: Vaginitis
Expand Parencephalitis
     see also: Encephalitis
Parergasia 298.9
Expand Paresis
     see also: Paralysis
Expand Paresthesia
     see also: Disturbance, sensation
Paretic see condition
Expand Parinaud's
Parkes Weber and Dimitri syndrome (encephalocutaneous angiomatosis) 759.6
Parkinson's disease, syndrome, or tremor see: Parkinsonism
Expand Parkinsonism (arteriosclerotic) (idiopathic) (primary) 332.0
Parodontitis 523.40
Parodontosis 523.5
Expand Paronychia (with lymphangitis) 681.9
Expand Parorexia NEC 307.52
Expand Parosmia 781.1
Parotid gland see condition
Expand Parotiditis
     see also: Parotitis
Expand Parotitis 527.2
Expand Paroxysmal
     see also: condition
Parrot's disease (syphilitic osteochondritis) 090.0
Parrot fever 073.9
Parry's disease or syndrome (exophthalmic goiter) 242.0
Parry-Romberg syndrome 349.89
Parson's disease (exophthalmic goiter) 242.0
Parsonage-Aldren-Turner syndrome 353.5
Parsonage-Turner syndrome 353.5
Pars planitis 363.21
Particolored infant 757.39
Parturition see: Delivery
Expand Passage
Passive see condition
Pasteurella septica 027.2
     see also: Infection, Pasteurella
PAT (paroxysmal atrial tachycardia) 427.0
Patau's syndrome (trisomy D1) 758.1
Expand Patch
Expand Patches
Patellar see condition
Patellofemoral syndrome 719.46
Expand Patent
     see also: Imperfect closure
Paternity testing V70.4
Paterson's syndrome (sideropenic dysphagia) 280.8
Paterson (-Brown) (-Kelly) syndrome (sideropenic dysphagia) 280.8
Paterson-Kelly syndrome or web (sideropenic dysphagia) 280.8
Expand Pathologic, pathological
     see also: condition
Expand Pathology (of)
     see also: Disease
Patterned motor discharge, idiopathic
     see also: Epilepsy
Expand Patulous
     see also: Patent
Pause, sinoatrial 427.81
Pavor nocturnus 307.46
Pavy's disease 593.6
Paxton's disease (white piedra) 111.2
Payr's disease or syndrome (splenic flexure syndrome) 569.89
PBA (pseudobulbar affect) 310.8
Expand Pearls
Pearl-workers' disease (chronic osteomyelitis)
     see also: Osteomyelitis
Pectenitis 569.49
Pectenosis 569.49
Pectoral see condition
Expand Pectus
Pedatrophia 261
Pederosis 302.2
Expand Pediculosis (infestation) 132.9
Pediculus (infestation) see: Pediculosis
Pedophilia 302.2
Peg-shaped teeth 520.2
Pel's crisis 094.0
Pel-Ebstein disease see: Disease, Hodgkin's
Pelade 704.01
Pelger-Huët anomaly or syndrome (hereditary hyposegmentation) 288.2
Peliosis (rheumatica) 287.0
Expand Pelizaeus-Merzbacher
Expand Pellagra (alcoholic or with alcoholism) 265.2
Pellagra-cerebellar-ataxia-renal aminoaciduria syndrome 270.0
Pellegrini's disease (calcification, knee joint) 726.62
Pellegrini (-Stieda) disease or syndrome (calcification, knee joint) 726.62
Pellizzi's syndrome (pineal) 259.8
Expand Pelvic
     see also: condition
Pelvioectasis 591
Pelviolithiasis 592.0
Expand Pelviperitonitis
Expand Pelvis, pelvic
     see also: (condition or type)
Expand Pemphigoid 694.5
Expand Pemphigus 694.4
Pendred's syndrome (familial goiter with deaf-mutism) 243
Expand Pendulous
Expand Penetrating wound
     see also: Wound, open, by site
Expand Penetration, pregnant uterus by instrument
Penfield's syndrome
     see also: Epilepsy
Penicilliosis of lung 117.3
Penis see condition
Penitis 607.2
Penta X syndrome 758.81
Pentalogy (of Fallot) 745.2
Pentosuria (benign) (essential) 271.8
Peptic acid disease 536.8
Peregrinating patient V65.2
Perforated see: Perforation
Expand Perforation, perforative (nontraumatic)
Periadenitis mucosa necrotica recurrens 528.2
Periangiitis 446.0
Periantritis 535.4
Periappendicitis (acute)
     see also: Appendicitis
Periarteritis (disseminated) (infectious) (necrotizing) (nodosa) 446.0
Expand Periarthritis (joint) 726.90
Periarthrosis (angioneural) see: Periarthritis
Expand Peribronchitis 491.9
Pericapsulitis, adhesive (shoulder) 726.0
Expand Pericarditis (granular) (with decompensation) (with effusion) 423.9
Pericardium, pericardial see condition
     see also: Cellulitis
Expand Pericementitis 523.40
     see also: Cholecystitis
Expand Perichondritis
Periclasia 523.5
Pericolitis 569.89
Expand Pericoronitis (chronic) 523.40
     see also: Cystitis
Expand Pericytoma (M9150/1)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissue, uncertain behavior
Peridacryocystitis, acute 375.32
     see also: Diverticulitis
Periduodenitis 535.6
Expand Periendocarditis
     see also: Endocarditis
     see also: Epididymitis
Expand Perifolliculitis (abscedens) 704.8
Perigastritis (acute) 535.0
Perigastrojejunitis (acute) 535.0
Expand Perihepatitis (acute) 573.3
Peri-ileitis (subacute) 569.89
Perilabyrinthitis (acute) see: Labyrinthitis
Perimeningitis see: Meningitis
     see also: Endometritis
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
Perineocele 618.05
Perinephric see condition
Perinephritic see condition
Expand Perinephritis
     see also: Infection, kidney
Perineum, perineal see condition
Perineuritis NEC 729.2
Expand Periodic
     see also: condition
Expand Periodontal
Expand Periodontitis (chronic) (complex) (compound) (simplex) 523.40
Periodontoclasia 523.5
Periodontosis 523.5
Expand Periods
     see also: Menstruation
Expand Perionychia (with lymphangitis) 681.9
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
     see also: Orchitis
Periosteum, periosteal see condition
Expand Periostitis (circumscribed) (diffuse) (infective) 730.3
Expand Periostosis
     see also: Periostitis
Peripartum cardiomyopathy 674.5
Expand Periphlebitis
     see also: Phlebitis
Peripneumonia see: Pneumonia
Periproctitis 569.49
     see also: Prostatitis
Perirectal see condition
Perirenal see condition
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
Perisigmoiditis 569.89
Perisplenitis (infectional) 289.59
Perispondylitis see: Spondylitis
Peristalsis reversed or visible 787.4
Expand Peritendinitis
     see also: Tenosynovitis
Perithelioma (M9150/1) see: Pericytoma
Expand Peritoneum, peritoneal
     see also: condition
Expand Peritonitis (acute) (adhesive) (fibrinous) (hemorrhagic) (idiopathic) (localized) (perforative) (primary) (with adhesions) (with effusion) 567.9
Peritonsillar see condition
Peritonsillitis 475
     see also: Appendicitis
Periureteritis 593.89
Periurethral see condition
Periurethritis (gangrenous) 597.89
Periuterine see condition
     see also: Vaginitis
Perivasculitis, retinal 362.18
Perivasitis (chronic) 608.4
Periventricular leukomalacia 779.7
Perivesiculitis (seminal)
     see also: Vesiculitis
Expand Perlèche 686.8
Pernicious see condition
Pernio, perniosis 991.5
Expand Persecution
Perseveration (tonic) 784.69
Expand Persistence, persistent (congenital) 759.89
Expand Person (with)
Expand Personality
Perthes' disease (capital femoral osteochondrosis) 732.1
Expand Pertussis
     see also: Whooping cough
Peruvian wart 088.0
Expand Perversion, perverted
Expand Pervious, congenital
     see also: Imperfect, closure
Expand Pes (congenital)
     see also: Talipes
     see also: Plague
Expand Pestis
     see also: Plague
Expand Petechia, petechiae 782.7
Expand Petechial
Petges-Cléjat or Petges-Clégat syndrome (poikilodermatomyositis) 710.3
Expand Petit's
Expand Petit mal (idiopathic)
     see also: Epilepsy
Petrellidosis 117.6
Expand Petrositis 383.20
Peutz-Jeghers disease or syndrome 759.6
Peyronie's disease 607.85
Pfeiffer's disease 075
Expand Phacentocele 379.32
Phacoanaphylaxis 360.19
Expand Phacocele (old) 379.32
Phaehyphomycosis 117.8
Expand Phagedena (dry) (moist)
     see also: Gangrene
Expand Phagedenic
     see also: condition
Phagomania 307.52
Phakoma 362.89
Phantom limb (syndrome) 353.6
Expand Pharyngeal
     see also: condition
Expand Pharyngitis (acute) (catarrhal) (gangrenous) (infective) (malignant) (membranous) (phlegmonous) (pneumococcal) (pseudomembranous) (simple) (staphylococcal) (subacute) (suppurative) (ulcerative) (viral) 462
Pharyngoconjunctival fever 077.2
Pharyngoconjunctivitis, viral 077.2
Expand Pharyngolaryngitis (acute) 465.0
Pharyngoplegia 478.29
Expand Pharyngotonsillitis 465.8
Expand Pharyngotracheitis (acute) 465.8
Pharynx, pharyngeal see condition
Phase of life problem NEC V62.89
Expand Phenomenon
Phenylketonuria (PKU) 270.1
Phenylpyruvicaciduria 270.1
Expand Pheochromoblastoma (M8700/3)
Expand Pheochromocytoma (M8700/0)
Expand Phimosis (congenital) 605
Expand Phlebectasia
     see also: Varicose, vein
Expand Phlebitis (infective) (pyemic) (septic) (suppurative) 451.9
Phlebofibrosis 459.89
Phleboliths 459.89
Phlebosclerosis 459.89
Phlebothrombosis see: Thrombosis
Phlebotomus fever 066.0
Phlegm, choked on 933.1
Expand Phlegmasia
Expand Phlegmon
     see also: Abscess
Phlegmonous see condition
Expand Phlyctenulosis (allergic) (keratoconjunctivitis) (nontuberculous) 370.31
Expand Phobia, phobic (reaction) 300.20
Phocas' disease 610.1
Expand Phocomelia 755.4
     see also: Heterophoria
Phosphate-losing tubular disorder 588.0
Phosphatemia 275.3
Phosphaturia 275.3
Photoallergic response 692.72
Photocoproporphyria 277.1
Expand Photodermatitis (sun) 692.72
Photokeratitis 370.24
Photo-ophthalmia 370.24
Photophobia 368.13
Photopsia 368.15
Photoretinitis 363.31
Photoretinopathy 363.31
Expand Photosensitiveness (sun) 692.72
Expand Photosensitization skin (sun) 692.72
Phototoxic response 692.72
Phrenitis 323.9
Phrynoderma 264.8
Expand Phthiriasis (pubis) (any site) 132.2
Phthirus infestation see: Phthiriasis
Expand Phthisis
     see also: Tuberculosis
Phycomycosis 117.7
Physalopteriasis 127.7
Expand Physical therapy NEC V57.1
Expand Physiological cup, optic papilla
Expand Phytobezoar 938
     see also: Yaws
Pianoma 102.1
Expand Piarhemia, piarrhemia
     see also: Hyperlipemia
Expand Pica 307.52
Expand Pick's
Pick-Herxheimer syndrome (diffuse idiopathic cutaneous atrophy) 701.8
Pick-Niemann disease (lipid histiocytosis) 272.7
Pickwickian syndrome (cardiopulmonary obesity) 278.8
Piebaldism, classic 709.09
Expand Piedra 111.2
Pierre Marie's syndrome (pulmonary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy) 731.2
Pierre Marie-Bamberger syndrome (hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy) 731.2
Pierre Mauriac's syndrome (diabetes-dwarfism-obesity) 258.1
Pierre Robin deformity or syndrome (congenital) 756.0
Pierson's disease or osteochondrosis 732.1
Expand Pigeon
Expand Pigmentation (abnormal) 709.00
Piles see: Hemorrhoids
Expand Pili
Pill roller hand (intrinsic) 736.09
Pilomatrixoma (M8110/0) see: Neoplasm, skin, benign
Pilonidal see condition
Pimple 709.8
PIN I (prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia I) 602.3
PIN II (prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia II) 602.3
PIN III (prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia III) 233.4
Pinched nerve see: Neuropathy, entrapment
Pineal body or gland see condition
Pinealoblastoma (M9362/3) 194.4
Expand Pinealoma (M9360/1) 237.1
Pineoblastoma (M9362/3) 194.4
Pineocytoma (M9361/1) 237.1
Pinguecula 372.51
Pinhole meatus
     see also: Stricture, urethra
Expand Pink
Pinkus' disease (lichen nitidus) 697.1
Expand Pinpoint
Pinselhaare (congenital) 757.4
Expand Pinta 103.9
Pintid 103.0
Pinworms (disease) (infection) (infestation) 127.4
Piry fever 066.8
Pistol wound see: Gunshot wound
Pit, lip (mucus), congenital 750.25
Pitchers' elbow 718.82
Expand Pithecoid pelvis 755.69
Pithiatism 300.11
Expand Pitted
     see also: Pitting
Expand Pitting (edema)
     see also: Edema
Pituitary gland see condition
Pituitary snuff-takers' disease 495.8
Expand Pityriasis 696.5
Expand Placenta, placental
Expand Placentitis
Plagiocephaly (skull) 754.0
Expand Plague 020.9
Expand Planning, family V25.09
Expand Plaque
Plasma cell myeloma 203.0
Expand Plasmacytoma, plasmocytoma (solitary) (M9731/1) 238.6
Plasmacytopenia 288.59
Plasmacytosis 288.64
Plaster ulcer
     see also: Decubitus
Platybasia 756.0
Expand Platyonychia (congenital) 757.5
Expand Platypelloid pelvis 738.6
Platyspondylia 756.19
Expand Plethora 782.62
Pleura, pleural see condition
Pleuralgia 786.52
Expand Pleurisy (acute) (adhesive) (chronic) (costal) (diaphragmatic) (double) (dry) (fetid) (fibrinous) (fibrous) (interlobar) (latent) (lung) (old) (plastic) (primary) (residual) (sicca) (sterile) (subacute) (unresolved) (with adherent pleura) 511.0
Pleuritis sicca see: Pleurisy
     see also: Pneumonia, broncho-
Expand Pleurodynia 786.52
Pleurohepatitis 573.8
Expand Pleuropericarditis
     see also: Pericarditis
Expand Pleuropneumonia (acute) (bilateral) (double) (septic)
     see also: Pneumonia
     see also: Hydrothorax
Plexitis, brachial 353.0
Expand Plica
Plicae dysphonia ventricularis 784.49
Expand Plicated tongue 529.5
Expand Plug
Expand Plumbism 984.9
Plummer's disease (toxic nodular goiter) 242.3
Plummer-Vinson syndrome (sideropenic dysphagia) 280.8
Pluricarential syndrome of infancy 260
Plurideficiency syndrome of infancy 260
Plus (and minus) hand (intrinsic) 736.09
PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) 625.4
PMS 625.4
Pneumathemia see: Air, embolism, by type
Pneumatic drill or hammer disease 994.9
Expand Pneumatocele (lung) 518.89
Expand Pneumatosis
Pneumaturia 599.84
Pneumoblastoma (M8981/3) see: Neoplasm, lung, malignant
Pneumocephalus 348.8
Pneumococcemia 038.2
Pneumococcus, pneumococcal see condition
Expand Pneumoconiosis (due to) (inhalation of) 505
Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia 136.3
Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia 136.3
Expand Pneumocystosis 136.3
Pneumoenteritis 025
     see also: Pericarditis
Expand Pneumohemothorax
     see also: Hemothorax
     see also: Pericarditis
     see also: Hydrothorax
Expand Pneumomediastinum 518.1
Pneumomycosis 117.9
Pneumonic see condition
Expand Pneumonitis (acute) (primary)
     see also: Pneumonia
Pneumonoconiosis see: Pneumoconiosis
Pneumoparotid 527.8
Expand Pneumopathy NEC 518.89
Expand Pneumopericarditis
     see also: Pericarditis
Expand Pneumopericardium
     see also: Pericarditis
Expand Pneumoperitoneum 568.89
Pneumophagia (psychogenic) 306.4
Pneumopleurisy, pneumopleuritis
     see also: Pneumonia
Pneumopyopericardium 420.99
Expand Pneumopyothorax
     see also: Pyopneumothorax
Expand Pneumorrhagia 786.3
Pneumosiderosis (occupational) 503
Expand Pneumothorax (acute) (chronic) 512.8
Expand Pocket(s)
Podagra 274.9
Podencephalus 759.89
Poikilocytosis 790.09
Expand Poikiloderma 709.09
Poikilodermatomyositis 710.3
Pointed ear 744.29
Poise imperfect 729.9
Poisoned see: Poisoning
Expand Poisoning (acute)
     see also: Table of Drugs and Chemicals
Poison ivy, oak, sumac or other plant dermatitis 692.6
Poker spine 720.0
Policeman's disease 729.2
Expand Polioencephalitis (acute) (bulbar)
     see also: Poliomyelitis, bulbar
Polioencephalomyelitis (acute) (anterior) (bulbar)
     see also: Polioencephalitis
Expand Polioencephalopathy, superior hemorrhagic 265.1
Poliomeningoencephalitis see: Meningoencephalitis
Expand Poliomyelitis (acute) (anterior) (epidemic) 045.9
Expand Poliosis (eyebrow) (eyelashes) 704.3
Expand Pollakiuria 788.41
Pollinosis 477.0
Pollitzer's disease (hidradenitis suppurativa) 705.83
Expand Polyadenitis
     see also: Adenitis
Polyalgia 729.9
Polyangiitis (essential) 446.0
Polyarteritis (nodosa) (renal) 446.0
Expand Polyarthralgia 719.49
Expand Polyarthritis, polyarthropathy NEC 716.59
Polycarential syndrome of infancy 260
Polychondritis (atrophic) (chronic) (relapsing) 733.99
Polycoria 743.46
Expand Polycystic (congenital) (disease) 759.89
Expand Polycythemia (primary) (rubra) (vera) (M9950/1) 238.4
Polycytosis cryptogenica 289.0
Expand Polydactylism, polydactyly 755.00
Polydipsia 783.5
Polydystrophic oligophrenia 277.5
Polyembryoma (M9072/3) see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Polygalactia 676.6
Expand Polyglandular
     see also: Hydramnios
Polymastia 757.6
Polymenorrhea 626.2
Polymicrogyria 742.2
Expand Polymyalgia 725
Expand Polymyositis (acute) (chronic) (hemorrhagic) 710.4
Expand Polyneuritis, polyneuritic
     see also: Polyneuropathy
Expand Polyneuropathy (peripheral) 356.9
Polyonychia 757.5
Expand Polyopia 368.2
Polyorchism, polyorchidism (three testes) 752.89
Expand Polyorrhymenitis (peritoneal)
     see also: Polyserositis
Polyostotic fibrous dysplasia 756.54
Polyotia 744.1
Expand Polyp, polypus
Polyphagia 783.6
Polypoid see condition
Expand Polyposis
     see also: Polyp
Polyradiculitis (acute) 357.0
Polyradiculoneuropathy (acute) (segmentally demyelinating) 357.0
Polysarcia 278.00
Expand Polyserositis (peritoneal) 568.82
Polysialia 527.7
Polysplenia syndrome 759.0
Polythelia 757.6
     see also: Hypertrichosis
Expand Polyunguia (congenital) 757.5
Polyuria 788.42
Pompe's disease (glycogenosis II) 271.0
Pompholyx 705.81
Poncet's disease (tuberculous rheumatism)
     see also: Tuberculosis
Pond fracture see: Fracture, skull, vault
Ponos 085.0
Pons, pontine see condition
Expand Poor
Poradenitis, nostras 099.1
Expand Porencephaly (congenital) (developmental) (true) 742.4
Porocephaliasis 134.1
Expand Porokeratosis 757.39
Poroma, eccrine (M8402/0) see: Neoplasm, skin, benign
Expand Porphyria (acute) (congenital) (constitutional) (erythropoietic) (familial) (hepatica) (idiopathic) (idiosyncratic) (intermittent) (latent) (mixed hepatic) (photosensitive) (South African genetic) (Swedish) 277.1
Porphyrinuria (acquired) (congenital) (secondary) 277.1
Porphyruria (acquired) (congenital) 277.1
Portal see condition
Port wine nevus or mark 757.32
Posadas-Wernicke disease 114.9
Expand Position
Expand Positive
Postcardiotomy syndrome 429.4
Postcaval ureter 753.4
Postcholecystectomy syndrome 576.0
Postclimacteric bleeding 627.1
Postcommissurotomy syndrome 429.4
Postconcussional syndrome 310.2
Postcontusional syndrome 310.2
Postcricoid region see condition
Post-dates (pregnancy) see: Pregnancy
Expand Postencephalitic
     see also: condition
Posterior see condition
Posterolateral sclerosis (spinal cord) see: Degeneration, combined
Postexanthematous see condition
Postfebrile see condition
Postgastrectomy dumping syndrome 564.2
Posthemiplegic chorea 344.89
Expand Posthemorrhagic anemia (chronic) 280.0
Posthepatitis syndrome 780.79
Expand Postherpetic neuralgia (intercostal) (syndrome) (zoster) 053.19
Posthitis 607.1
Postimmunization complication or reaction see: Complications, vaccination
Postinfectious see condition
Postinfluenzal syndrome 780.79
Expand Postlaminectomy syndrome 722.80
Postleukotomy syndrome 310.0
Postlobectomy syndrome 310.0
Postmastectomy lymphedema (syndrome) 457.0
Expand Postmaturity, postmature (fetus or newborn) (gestation period over 42 completed weeks) 766.22
Expand Postmeasles
     see also: condition
Expand Postmenopausal
Postnasal drip 784.91
Postnatal see condition
Expand Postoperative
     see also: condition
Postpancreatectomy hyperglycemia 251.3
Expand Postpartum
     see also: condition
Expand Postperfusion syndrome NEC 999.8
Postpoliomyelitic see condition
Postsurgery status NEC
     see also: Status (post)
Expand Post-term (pregnancy) 645.1
Posttraumatic see condition
Posttraumatic brain syndrome, nonpsychotic 310.2
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 309.81
Post-typhoid abscess 002.0
Postures, hysterical 300.11
Postvaccinal reaction or complication see: Complications, vaccination
Postvagotomy syndrome 564.2
Postvalvulotomy syndrome 429.4
Postvasectomy sperm count V25.8
Potain's disease (pulmonary edema) 514
Potain's syndrome (gastrectasis with dyspepsia) 536.1
Expand Pott's
Expand Potter's
Expand Pouch
Poulet's disease 714.2
Poultrymen's itch 133.8
Poverty V60.2
Prader-Labhart-Willi-Fanconi syndrome (hypogenital dystrophy with diabetic tendency) 759.81
Prader-Willi syndrome (hypogenital dystrophy with diabetic tendency) 759.81
Preachers' voice 784.49
Pre-AIDS see: Human immunodeficiency virus (disease) (illness) (infection)
Preauricular appendage 744.1
Expand Prebetalipoproteinemia (acquired) (essential) (familial) (hereditary) (primary) (secondary) 272.1
Expand Precipitate labor 661.3
Expand Preclimacteric bleeding 627.0
Expand Precocious
Expand Precocity, sexual (constitutional) (cryptogenic) (female) (idiopathic) (male) NEC 259.1
Expand Precordial pain 786.51
Predeciduous teeth 520.2
Expand Prediabetes, prediabetic 790.29
Predislocation status of hip, at birth
     see also: Subluxation, congenital, hip
Expand Pre-eclampsia (mild) 642.4
Preeruptive color change, teeth, tooth 520.8
Expand Preexcitation 426.7
Preglaucoma 365.00
Expand Pregnancy (single) (uterine) (without sickness) V22.2
Pregnant uterus see condition
Preiser's disease (osteoporosis) 733.09
Prekwashiorkor 260
Preleukemia 238.75
Preluxation of hip, congenital
     see also: Subluxation, congenital, hip
Expand Premature
     see also: condition
Expand Prematurity NEC 765.1
Premenstrual syndrome 625.4
Premenstrual tension 625.4
Premolarization, cuspids 520.2
Premyeloma 273.1
Expand Prenatal
Prepartum see condition
Preponderance, left or right ventricular 429.3
Prepuce see condition
PRES (posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome) 348.39
Expand Presbycardia 797
Presbycusis 388.01
Presbyesophagus 530.89
Presbyophrenia 310.1
Presbyopia 367.4
Expand Prescription of contraceptives NEC V25.02
Expand Presenile
     see also: condition
Presenility 259.8
Expand Presentation, fetal
Prespondylolisthesis (congenital) (lumbosacral) 756.11
Expand Pressure
Pre-syncope 780.2
Expand Preterm infant NEC 765.1
Priapism (penis) 607.3
Prickling sensation
     see also: Disturbance, sensation
Prickly heat 705.1
Primary see condition
Expand Primigravida, elderly
Expand Primipara, old
Primula dermatitis 692.6
Primus varus (bilateral) (metatarsus) 754.52
P.R.I.N.D. 436
Pringle's disease (tuberous sclerosis) 759.5
Prinzmetal's angina 413.1
Prinzmetal-Massumi syndrome (anterior chest wall) 786.52
Prizefighter ear 738.7
Expand Problem (with) V49.9
Expand Procedure (surgical) not done NEC V64.3
Expand Procidentia
Expand Proctalgia 569.42
Expand Proctitis 569.49
Expand Proctocele
Expand Proctocolitis, idiopathic 556.2
Proctoptosis 569.1
Expand Proctosigmoiditis 569.89
Expand Proctospasm 564.6
Prodromal-AIDS see: Human immunodeficiency virus (disease) (illness) (infection)
Profichet's disease or syndrome 729.9
Progeria (adultorum) (syndrome) 259.8
Prognathism (mandibular) (maxillary) 524.00
Progonoma (melanotic) (M9363/0) see: Neoplasm, by site, benign
Progressive see condition
Expand Prolapse, prolapsed
Prolapsus, female 618.9
Proliferative see condition
Prolinemia 270.8
Prolinuria 270.8
Expand Prolonged, prolongation
Prominauris 744.29
Expand Prominence
Expand Pronation
Expand Prophylactic
Expand Proptosis (ocular)
     see also: Exophthalmos
Expand Propulsion
Prosecution, anxiety concerning V62.5
Prostate, prostatic see condition
Expand Prostatism 600.90
Expand Prostatitis (congestive) (suppurative) 601.9
Prostatocystitis 601.3
Prostatorrhea 602.8
Prostatoseminovesiculitis, trichomonal 131.03
Expand Prostration 780.79
Protanomaly 368.51
Protanopia (anomalous trichromat) (complete) (incomplete) 368.51
Expand Protein
Proteinemia 790.99
Expand Proteinosis
Expand Proteinuria
     see also: Albuminuria
Proteolysis, pathologic 286.6
Protocoproporphyria 277.1
Protoporphyria (erythrohepatic) (erythropoietic) 277.1
Protrusio acetabuli 718.65
Expand Protrusion
Proud flesh 701.5
Prune belly (syndrome) 756.71
Expand Prurigo (ferox) (gravis) (Hebra's) (hebrae) (mitis) (simplex) 698.2
Expand Pruritus, pruritic 698.9
Psammocarcinoma (M8140/3) see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Expand Pseudarthrosis, pseudoarthrosis (bone) 733.82
Expand Pseudoacanthosis
Pseudoaneurysm see: Aneurysm
Pseudoangina (pectoris) see: Angina
Pseudoangioma 452
Pseudo-Argyll-Robertson pupil 379.45
Pseudoarteriosus 747.89
Pseudoarthrosis see: Pseudarthrosis
Pseudoataxia 799.89
Pseudobulbar affect (PBA) 310.8
Pseudobursa 727.89
Pseudocholera 025
Pseudochromidrosis 705.89
Pseudocirrhosis, liver, pericardial 423.2
Pseudocoarctation 747.21
Pseudocowpox 051.1
Pseudocoxalgia 732.1
Pseudocroup 478.75
Pseudocyesis 300.11
Expand Pseudocyst
Pseudodementia 300.16
Pseudoelephantiasis neuroarthritica 757.0
Pseudoemphysema 518.89
Expand Pseudoencephalitis
Pseudoerosion cervix, congenital 752.49
Pseudoexfoliation, lens capsule 366.11
Pseudofracture (idiopathic) (multiple) (spontaneous) (symmetrical) 268.2
Pseudoglanders 025
Pseudoglioma 360.44
Pseudogout see: Chondrocalcinosis
Pseudohallucination 780.1
Pseudohemianesthesia 782.0
Expand Pseudohemophilia (Bernuth's) (hereditary) (type B) 286.4
Expand Pseudohermaphroditism 752.7
Pseudohole, macula 362.54
Pseudo-Hurler's disease (mucolipidosis III) 272.7
Pseudohydrocephalus 348.2
Pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy (Erb's) 359.1
Pseudohypertrophy, muscle 359.1
Pseudohypoparathyroidism 275.49
Pseudoinfluenza 487.1
Pseudoinsomnia 307.49
Expand Pseudoleukemia 288.8
Pseudomembranous see condition
Expand Pseudomeningocele (cerebral) (infective) 349.2
Pseudomenstruation 626.8
Expand Pseudomucinous
Pseudomyeloma 273.1
Pseudomyxoma peritonei (M8480/6) 197.6
Expand Pseudoneuritis optic (nerve) 377.24
Pseudoneuroma see: Injury, nerve, by site
Expand Pseudo-obstruction
Pseudopapilledema 377.24
Expand Pseudoparalysis
Pseudopelade 704.09
Pseudophakia V43.1
Pseudopolycythemia 289.0
Pseudopolyposis, colon 556.4
Pseudoporencephaly 348.0
Pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism 275.49
Pseudopsychosis 300.16
Pseudopterygium 372.52
Pseudoptosis (eyelid) 374.34
Pseudorabies 078.89
Pseudoretinitis, pigmentosa 362.65
Expand Pseudorickets 588.0
Pseudorubella 057.8
Pseudoscarlatina 057.8
Pseudosclerema 778.1
Expand Pseudosclerosis (brain)
Expand Pseudoseizure 780.39
Expand Pseudotabes 799.89
     see also: Convulsions
Expand Pseudotetany 781.7
Pseudothalassemia 285.0
Pseudotrichinosis 710.3
Pseudotruncus arteriosus 747.29
Pseudotuberculosis, pasteurella (infection) 027.2
Expand Pseudotumor
Pseudo-Turner's syndrome 759.89
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum 757.39
Expand Psilosis (sprue) (tropical) 579.1
Psittacosis 073.9
Psoitis 728.89
Psora NEC 696.1
Expand Psoriasis 696.1
Psorospermiasis 136.4
Expand Psorospermosis 136.4
Psychalgia 307.80
Expand Psychasthenia 300.89
Psychiatric disorder or problem NEC 300.9
Expand Psychogenic
     see also: condition
Expand Psychoneurosis, psychoneurotic
     see also: Neurosis
Expand Psychopathic
     see also: condition
Psychopathy, sexual
     see also: Deviation, sexual
Psychophysiologic, psychophysiological condition see: Reaction, psychophysiologic
Psychose passionelle 297.8
Expand Psychosexual identity disorder 302.6
Expand Psychosis 298.9
Expand Psychotic
     see also: condition
Expand Pterygium (eye) 372.40
Ptilosis 374.55
Ptomaine (poisoning)
     see also: Poisoning, food
Expand Ptosis (adiposa) 374.30
PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) 309.81
Expand Ptyalism 527.7
Ptyalolithiasis 527.5
Pubalgia 848.8
Pubarche, precocious 259.1
Pubertas praecox 259.1
Expand Puberty V21.1
Puckering, macula 362.56
Pudenda, pudendum see condition
Puente's disease (simple glandular cheilitis) 528.5
Expand Puerperal
Pulled muscle see: Sprain, by site
Pulmolithiasis 518.89
Pulmonary see condition
Pulmonitis (unknown etiology) 486
Pulpitis (acute) (anachoretic) (chronic) (hyperplastic) (putrescent) (suppurative) (ulcerative) 522.0
Pulpless tooth 522.9
Expand Pulse
Pulseless disease 446.7
Expand Pulsus
Punch drunk 310.2
Puncta lacrimalia occlusion 375.52
Punctiform hymen 752.49
Expand Puncture (traumatic)
     see also: Wound, open, by site
Pupil see condition
Expand Pupillary membrane 364.74
Expand Pupillotonia 379.46
Expand Purpura 287.2
Purpuric spots 782.7
Purulent see condition
Expand Pus
Pustular rash 782.1
Expand Pustule 686.9
Putnam's disease (subacute combined sclerosis with pernicious anemia) 281.0 [336.2]
Putnam-Dana syndrome (subacute combined sclerosis with pernicious anemia) 281.0 [336.2]
Putrefaction, intestinal 569.89
Putrescent pulp (dental) 522.1
Pyarthritis see: Pyarthrosis
Expand Pyarthrosis
     see also: Arthritis, pyogenic
Pycnoepilepsy, pycnolepsy (idiopathic)
     see also: Epilepsy
Pyelectasia 593.89
Pyelectasis 593.89
Expand Pyelitis (congenital) (uremic) 590.80
Pyelocaliectasis 593.89
     see also: Pyelitis
Pyelohydronephrosis 591
Expand Pyelonephritis
     see also: Pyelitis
Expand Pyelonephrosis
     see also: Pyelitis
Pyelophlebitis 451.89
Pyelo-ureteritis cystica 590.3
Expand Pyemia, pyemic (purulent)
     see also: Septicemia
Pygopagus 759.4
Pykno-epilepsy, pyknolepsy (idiopathic)
     see also: Epilepsy
Pyle (-Cohn) disease (craniometaphyseal dysplasia) 756.89
Pylephlebitis (suppurative) 572.1
Pylethrombophlebitis 572.1
Pylethrombosis 572.1
     see also: Gastritis
Expand Pylorospasm (reflex) 537.81
Pylorus, pyloric see condition
Pyoarthrosis see: Pyarthrosis
Expand Pyocele
Pyococcal dermatitis 686.00
Pyococcide, skin 686.00
     see also: Vaginitis
Pyocyaneus dermatitis 686.09
     see also: Cystitis
Expand Pyoderma, pyodermia 686.00
Expand Pyodermatitis 686.00
Pyogenic see condition
Pyohemia see: Septicemia
     see also: Pyelitis
Pyometra 615.9
     see also: Endometritis
     see also: Endometritis
Expand Pyomyositis 728.0
Expand Pyonephritis
     see also: Pyelitis
Expand Pyonephrosis (congenital)
     see also: Pyelitis
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
Pyopericarditis 420.99
Pyopericardium 420.99
Pyophlebitis see: Phlebitis
Pyopneumopericardium 420.99
Expand Pyopneumothorax (infectional) 510.9
Expand Pyorrhea (alveolar) (alveolaris) 523.40
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
Pyosepticemia see: Septicemia
Expand Pyosis
Expand Pyothorax 510.9
Expand Pyoureter 593.89
Pyramidopallidonigral syndrome 332.0
Expand Pyrexia (of unknown origin) (P.U.O.) 780.6
Pyroglobulinemia 273.8
Pyromania 312.33
Pyrosis 787.1
Pyrroloporphyria 277.1
Pyuria (bacterial) 791.9