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Disease Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
specified site NEC 991.3
Expand Saber
Sac, lacrimal see condition
Saccharomyces infection
     see also: Candidiasis
Saccharopinuria 270.7
Saccular see condition
Expand Sacculation
Sachs (-Tay) disease (amaurotic familial idiocy) 330.1
Sacks-Libman disease 710.0 [424.91]
Sacralgia 724.6
Expand Sacralization
Sacrodynia 724.6
Sacroiliac joint see condition
Sacroiliitis NEC 720.2
Sacrum see condition
Expand Saddle
Sadism (sexual) 302.84
Saemisch's ulcer 370.04
Saenger's syndrome 379.46
Sago spleen 277.39
Sailors' skin 692.74
Expand Saint
Expand Salicylism
Expand Salivary duct or gland
     see also: condition
Salivation (excessive)
     see also: Ptyalism
Expand Salmonella (aertrycke) (choleraesuis) (enteritidis) (gallinarum) (suipestifer) (typhimurium)
     see also: Infection, Salmonella
Expand Salmonellosis 003.0
Expand Salpingitis (catarrhal) (fallopian tube) (nodular) (pseudofollicular) (purulent) (septic)
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
Salpingocele 620.4
Expand Salpingo-oophoritis (catarrhal) (purulent) (ruptured) (septic) (suppurative) 614.2
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
     see also: Salpingo-oophoritis
Expand Salt-losing
     see also: Eczema
Salzmann's nodular dystrophy 371.46
Sampson's cyst or tumor 617.1
Expand Sandblasters'
Sander's disease (paranoia) 297.1
Sandfly fever 066.0
Sandhoff's disease 330.1
Sanfilippo's syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis III) 277.5
Sanger-Brown's ataxia 334.2
San Joaquin Valley fever 114.0
Sao Paulo fever or typhus 082.0
Saponification, mesenteric 567.89
Sapremia see: Septicemia
Expand Sarcocele (benign)
     see also: Hernia
     see also: Hernia, umbilicus
Expand Sarcoid (any site) 135
Expand Sarcoidosis 135
Expand Sarcoma (M8800/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Expand Sarcomatosis
Sarcosinemia 270.8
Sarcosporidiosis 136.5
Satiety, early 780.94
Saturnine see condition
Expand Saturnism 984.9
Satyriasis 302.89
Sauriasis see: Ichthyosis
Sauriderma 757.39
Sauriosis see: Ichthyosis
Savill's disease (epidemic exfoliative dermatitis) 695.89
SBE (subacute bacterial endocarditis) 421.0
Scabies (any site) 133.0
Scabs 782.8
Scaglietti-Dagnini syndrome (acromegalic macrospondylitis) 253.0
Scald, scalded
     see also: Burn, by site
Scalenus anticus (anterior) syndrome 353.0
Scales 782.8
Scalp see condition
Scaphocephaly 756.0
Scaphoiditis, tarsal 732.5
Scapulalgia 733.90
Scapulohumeral myopathy 359.1
Expand Scar, scarring
     see also: Cicatrix
Scarabiasis 134.1
Expand Scarlatina 034.1
Scarlatinella 057.8
Scarlet fever (albuminuria) (angina) (convulsions) (lesions of lid) (rash) 034.1
Schamberg's disease, dermatitis, or dermatosis (progressive pigmentary dermatosis) 709.09
Expand Schatzki's ring (esophagus) (lower) (congenital) 750.3
Schaufenster krankheit 413.9
Expand Schaumann's
Scheie's syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis IS) 277.5
Schenck's disease (sporotrichosis) 117.1
Scheuermann's disease or osteochondrosis 732.0
Scheuthauer-Marie-Sainton syndrome (cleidocranialis dysostosis) 755.59
Schilder (-Flatau) disease 341.1
Schilling-type monocytic leukemia (M9890/3) 206.9
Schimmelbusch's disease, cystic mastitis, or hyperplasia 610.1
Schirmer's syndrome (encephalocutaneous angiomatosis) 759.6
Schistocelia 756.79
Schistoglossia 750.13
Schistosoma infestation see: Infestation, Schistosoma
Expand Schistosomiasis 120.9
Schizencephaly 742.4
Schizo-affective psychosis
     see also: Schizophrenia
Schizodontia 520.2
Expand Schizoid personality 301.20
Expand Schizophrenia, schizophrenic (reaction) 295.9
Expand Schizothymia 301.20
Schlafkrankheit 086.5
Schlatter's tibia (osteochondrosis) 732.4
Schlatter-Osgood disease (osteochondrosis, tibial tubercle) 732.4
Schloffer's tumor
     see also: Peritonitis
Expand Schmidt's syndrome
Expand Schmincke
Schmitz (-Stutzer) dysentery 004.0
Expand Schmorl's disease or nodes 722.30
Schneider's syndrome 047.9
Expand Schneiderian
Schnitzler syndrome 273.1
Schoffer's tumor
     see also: Peritonitis
Scholte's syndrome (malignant carcinoid) 259.2
Scholz's disease 330.0
Scholz (-Bielschowsky-Henneberg) syndrome 330.0
Schönlein (-Henoch) disease (primary) (purpura) (rheumatic) 287.0
School examination V70.3
Schottmüller's disease
     see also: Fever, paratyphoid
Schroeder's syndrome (endocrine-hypertensive) 255.3
Schüller-Christian disease or syndrome (chronic histiocytosis X) 277.89
Schultz's disease or syndrome (agranulocytosis) 288.09
Schultze's acroparesthesia, simple 443.89
Schwalbe-Ziehen-Oppenheimer disease 333.6
Expand Schwannoma (M9560/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissues, benign
Schwartz (-Jampel) syndrome 756.89
Schwartz-Bartter syndrome (inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone) 253.6
Schweninger-Buzzi disease (macular atrophy) 701.3
Sciatic see condition
Expand Sciatica (infectional) 724.3
Scimitar syndrome (anomalous venous drainage, right lung to inferior vena cava) 747.49
Sclera see condition
Sclerectasia 379.11
Expand Scleredema
Expand Sclerema
Scleriasis see: Scleroderma
Expand Scleritis 379.00
     see also: Scleritis
     see also: Scleritis
Sclerocystic ovary (syndrome) 256.4
Sclerodactylia 701.0
Expand Scleroderma, sclerodermia (acrosclerotic) (diffuse) (generalized) (progressive) (pulmonary) 710.1
Expand Sclerokeratitis 379.05
Scleroma, trachea 040.1
Expand Scleromalacia
Scleromyxedema 701.8
Scleroperikeratitis 379.05
Sclerose en plaques 340
Expand Sclerosis, sclerotic
Sclerotenonitis 379.07
Expand Sclerotitis
     see also: Scleritis
Expand Scoliosis (acquired) (postural) 737.30
Expand Scoliotic pelvis 738.6
Expand Scorbutus, scorbutic 267
Expand Scotoma (ring) 368.44
Scratch see: Injury, superficial, by site
Expand Screening (for) V82.9
     see also: Tuberculosis
Scrofulide (primary)
     see also: Tuberculosis
Scrofuloderma, scrofulodermia (any site) (primary)
     see also: Tuberculosis
Scrofulosis (universal)
     see also: Tuberculosis
Scrofulosis lichen (primary)
     see also: Tuberculosis
Scrofulous see condition
Expand Scrotal tongue 529.5
Scrotum see condition
Scurvy (gum) (infantile) (rickets) (scorbutic) 267
Sea-blue histiocyte syndrome 272.7
Seabright-Bantam syndrome (pseudohypoparathyroidism) 275.49
Seasickness 994.6
Seatworm 127.4
Expand Sebaceous
Sebocystomatosis 706.2
Expand Seborrhea, seborrheic 706.3
Seckel's syndrome 759.89
Seclusion pupil 364.74
Seclusiveness, child 313.22
Expand Secondary
     see also: condition
Secretan's disease or syndrome (posttraumatic edema) 782.3
Expand Secretion
Expand Section
Seeligmann's syndrome (ichthyosis congenita) 757.1
Expand Segmentation, incomplete (congenital)
     see also: Fusion
Expand Seizure 780.39
Self-mutilation 300.9
Semicoma 780.09
Semiconsciousness 780.09
Expand Seminal
Expand Seminoma (M9061/3)
Semliki Forest encephalitis 062.8
Senear-Usher disease or syndrome (pemphigus erythematosus) 694.4
Senecio jacobae dermatitis 692.6
Senectus 797
Senescence 797
Expand Senile
     see also: condition
Expand Senility 797
Expand Sensation
Expand Sense loss (touch)
     see also: Disturbance, sensation
Sensibility disturbance NEC (cortical) (deep) (vibratory)
     see also: Disturbance, sensation
Sensitive dentine 521.89
Sensitiver Beziehungswahn 297.8
Expand Sensitivity, sensitization
     see also: Allergy
Expand Sensory
Expand Separation
Expand Sepsis (generalized) 995.91
     see also: Septum
Expand Septic
     see also: condition
Expand Septicemia, septicemic (generalized) (suppurative) 038.9
Expand Septum, septate (congenital)
     see also: Anomaly, specified type NEC
Expand Sequestration
Expand Sequestrum
Sequoiosis asthma 495.8
Expand Serology for syphilis
Expand Seroma - (postoperative) (non-infected) 998.13
Seropurulent see condition
Expand Serositis, multiple 569.89
Serotonin syndrome 333.99
Serous see condition
Expand Sertoli cell
Expand Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor (M8631/0)
Expand Serum
Sesamoiditis 733.99
Expand Seven-day fever 061
Sever's disease or osteochondrosis (calcaneum) 732.5
Sex chromosome mosaics 758.81
Expand Sextuplet
Expand Sexual
Sexuality, pathological
     see also: Deviation, sexual
Sézary's disease, reticulosis, or syndrome (M9701/3) 202.2
Shadow, lung 793.1
Shaken infant syndrome 995.55
Expand Shaking
Shallowness, acetabulum 736.39
Shaver's disease or syndrome (bauxite pneumoconiosis) 503
Expand Shearing
Sheath (tendon) see condition
Expand Shedding
Sheehan's disease or syndrome (postpartum pituitary necrosis) 253.2
Shelf, rectal 569.49
Expand Shell
Shield kidney 753.3
Shift, mediastinal 793.2
Expand Shifting
Expand Shiga's
Expand Shigella (dysentery)
     see also: Dysentery, bacillary
     see also: Dysentery, bacillary
Expand Shingles
     see also: Herpes, zoster
Shin splints 844.9
Shipyard eye or disease 077.1
Shirodkar suture, in pregnancy 654.5
Expand Shock 785.50
Shoemakers' chest 738.3
Expand Short, shortening, shortness
Shortsightedness 367.1
Shoshin (acute fulminating beriberi) 265.0
Shoulder see condition
Shovel-shaped incisors 520.2
Shower, thromboembolic see: Embolism
Expand Shunt (status)
Expand Shutdown
Shwachman's syndrome 288.02
Shy-Drager syndrome (orthostatic hypotension with multisystem degeneration) 333.0
Expand Sialadenitis (any gland) (chronic) (supportive) 527.2
Sialadenosis, periodic 527.2
Sialaporia 527.7
Sialectasia 527.8
Sialitis 527.2
     see also: Sialadenitis
Sialoangitis 527.2
Sialodochitis (fibrinosa) 527.2
Sialodocholithiasis 527.5
Sialolithiasis 527.5
Expand Sialorrhea
     see also: Ptyalism
Expand Sialosis 527.8
Siamese twin 759.4
Sicard's syndrome 352.6
Sicca syndrome (keratoconjunctivitis) 710.2
Expand Sick 799.9
Expand Sickle-cell
Expand Sicklemia
     see also: Disease, sickle-cell
Expand Sickness
Sick sinus syndrome 427.81
     see also: Anemia, iron deficiency
Expand Siderosis (lung) (occupational) 503
Siegal-Cattan-Mamou disease (periodic) 277.31
Expand Siemens' syndrome
Sighing respiration 786.7
Expand Sigmoid
Sigmoiditis see: Enteritis
Silfverskiöld's syndrome 756.50
Expand Silicosis, silicotic (complicated) (occupational) (simple) 502
     see also: Tuberculosis
Silo fillers' disease 506.9
Silver's syndrome (congenital hemihypertrophy and short stature) 759.89
Silver wire arteries, retina 362.13
Silvestroni-Bianco syndrome (thalassemia minima) 282.49
Simian crease 757.2
Simmonds' cachexia or disease (pituitary cachexia) 253.2
Simons' disease or syndrome (progressive lipodystrophy) 272.6
Simple, simplex see condition
Sinding-Larsen disease (juvenile osteopathia patellae) 732.4
Singapore hemorrhagic fever 065.4
Singers' node or nodule 478.5
Expand Single
Expand Singultus 786.8
Expand Sinus
     see also: Fistula
Sinuses, Rokitansky-Aschoff
     see also: Disease, gallbladder
Expand Sinusitis (accessory) (nasal) (hyperplastic) (nonpurulent) (purulent) (chronic) 473.9
Sinusitis-bronchiectasis-situs inversus (syndrome) (triad) 759.3
Sipple's syndrome (medullary thyroid carcinoma-pheochromocytoma) 193
Sirenomelia 759.89
Siriasis 992.0
Sirkari's disease 085.0
Expand SIRS (systemic inflammatory response syndrome) 995.90
Siti 104.0
Sitophobia 300.29
Situation, psychiatric 300.9
Expand Situational
Expand Situs inversus or transversus 759.3
Sixth disease 057.8
Expand Sjögren (-Gougerot) syndrome or disease (keratoconjunctivitis sicca) 710.2
Sjögren-Larsson syndrome (ichthyosis congenita) 757.1
Skeletal see condition
Skene's gland see condition
Expand Skenitis
     see also: Urethritis
Skerljevo 104.0
Skevas-Zerfus disease 989.5
Expand Skin
     see also: condition
SLAP lesion (superior glenoid labrum) 840.7
Slate-dressers' lung 502
Slate-miners' lung 502
Expand Sleep
Expand Sleeping sickness 086.5
Expand Sleeplessness
     see also: Insomnia
Expand Slipped, slipping
Slocumb's syndrome 255.3
Expand Sloughing (multiple) (skin) 686.9
Expand Slow
Expand Slowing
Sluder's neuralgia or syndrome 337.0
Slurred, slurring, speech 784.5
Expand Small, smallness
Expand Small-for-dates
     see also: Light-for-dates
Expand Smallpox 050.9
Expand Smith's fracture (separation) (closed) 813.41
Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome (cerebrohepatorenal syndrome) 759.89
Smith-Magenis syndrome 758.33
Smith-Strang disease (oasthouse urine) 270.2
Expand Smokers'
Smoking complicating pregnancy, childbirth, or the puerperium 649.0
Smothering spells 786.09
Snaggle teeth, tooth 524.39
Expand Snapping
Sneddon-Wilkinson disease or syndrome (subcorneal pustular dermatosis) 694.1
Expand Sneezing 784.99
Expand Sniffing
Snoring 786.09
Snow blindness 370.24
Expand Snuffles (nonsyphilitic) 460
Social migrant V60.0
Sodoku 026.0
Soemmering's ring 366.51
Expand Soft
     see also: condition
Expand Softening
Solar fever 061
Expand Soldier's
Expand Solitary
Expand Somatization reaction, somatic reaction
     see also: Disorder, psychosomatic
Expand Somatoform disorder 300.82
Expand Somnambulism 307.46
Expand Somnolence 780.09
Sonne dysentery 004.3
Soor 112.0
Expand Sore
Sotos' syndrome (cerebral gigantism) 253.0
Expand Sounds
South African cardiomyopathy syndrome 425.2
Expand South American
Southeast Asian hemorrhagic fever 065.4
Expand Spacing, teeth, abnormal 524.30
Spade-like hand (congenital) 754.89
Expand Spading nail 703.8
Spanemia 285.9
Spanish collar 605
Sparganosis 123.5
Expand Spasm, spastic, spasticity
     see also: condition
Spasmodic see condition
     see also: Tetany
Spasmus nutans 307.3
Expand Spastic
     see also: Spasm
Expand Spasticity
     see also: Spasm
Speakers' throat 784.49
Specific, specified see condition
Expand Speech
Expand Spells 780.39
Spencer's disease (epidemic vomiting) 078.82
Spens' syndrome (syncope with heart block) 426.9
Spermatic cord see condition
Expand Spermatocele 608.1
Spermatocystitis 608.4
Expand Spermatocytoma (M9063/3)
Spermatorrhea 608.89
Expand Sperm counts
     see also: Gangrene
Sphenoidal see condition
Sphenoiditis (chronic)
     see also: Sinusitis, sphenoidal
Sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia 337.0
Sphericity, increased, lens 743.36
Expand Spherocytosis (congenital) (familial) (hereditary) 282.0
Spherophakia 743.36
Sphincter see condition
Sphincteritis, sphincter of Oddi
     see also: Cholecystitis
Sphingolipidosis 272.7
Sphingolipodystrophy 272.7
Sphingomyelinosis 272.7
Spicule tooth 520.2
Expand Spider
Spiegler-Fendt sarcoid 686.8
Spielmeyer-Stock disease 330.1
Spielmeyer-Vogt disease 330.1
Expand Spina bifida (aperta) 741.9
Spindle, Krukenberg's 371.13
Spine, spinal see condition
Spiradenoma (eccrine) (M8403/0) see: Neoplasm, skin, benign
Spirillosis NEC
     see also: Fever, relapsing
Spirillum minus 026.0
Spirillum obermeieri infection 087.0
Spirochetal see condition
Expand Spirochetosis 104.9
Spitting blood
     see also: Hemoptysis
Splanchnomegaly 569.89
Splanchnoptosis 569.89
Expand Spleen, splenic
     see also: condition
     see also: Splenomegaly
Expand Splenitis (interstitial) (malignant) (nonspecific) 289.59
Splenocele 289.59
Splenomegalia see: Splenomegaly
Splenomegalic see condition
Expand Splenomegaly 789.2
Splenopathy 289.50
Splenopneumonia see: Pneumonia
Splenoptosis 289.59
Splinter see: Injury, superficial, by site
Expand Split, splitting
Spoiled child reaction
     see also: Disturbance, conduct
     see also: Spondylosis
     see also: Spondylosis
Expand Spondylitis 720.9
     see also: Spondylosis
Expand Spondylolisthesis (congenital) (lumbosacral) 756.12
Expand Spondylolysis (congenital) 756.11
Expand Spondylopathy
Spondylose rhizomelique 720.0
Expand Spondylosis 721.90
Expand Sponge
Expand Spongioblastoma (M9422/3)
Expand Spongiocytoma (M9400/3)
Spongioneuroblastoma (M9504/3) see: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
Expand Spontaneous
     see also: condition
Expand Spoon nail 703.8
Sporadic see condition
Sporotrichosis (bones) (cutaneous) (disseminated) (epidermal) (lymphatic) (lymphocutaneous) (mucous membranes) (pulmonary) (skeletal) (visceral) 117.1
Sporotrichum schenckii infection 117.1
Expand Spots, spotting
Spotted fever see: Fever, spotted
Expand Sprain, strain (joint) (ligament) (muscle) (tendon) 848.9
Sprengel's deformity (congenital) 755.52
Spring fever 309.23
Expand Sprue 579.1
Expand Spur
     see also: Exostosis
Spuria placenta see: Placenta, abnormal
Spurway's syndrome (brittle bones and blue sclera) 756.51
Expand Sputum, abnormal (amount) (color) (excessive) (odor) (purulent) 786.4
Expand Squamous
     see also: condition
Expand Squashed nose 738.0
Squeeze, divers' 993.3
Expand Squint
     see also: Strabismus
Expand Stab
     see also: Wound, open, by site
Expand Staggering gait 781.2
Staghorn calculus 592.0
Expand Stähl's
Stahli's pigment lines (cornea) 371.11
Expand Stain, staining
Stammering 307.0
Expand Standstill
Stannosis 503
Stanton's disease (melioidosis) 025
Staphylitis (acute) (catarrhal) (chronic) (gangrenous) (membranous) (suppurative) (ulcerative) 528.3
Expand Staphylococcemia 038.10
Staphylococcus, staphylococcal see condition
Staphyloderma (skin) 686.00
Expand Staphyloma 379.11
Starch eating 307.52
Stargardt's disease 362.75
Expand Starvation (inanition) (due to lack of food) 994.2
Expand Stasis
Expand State
Expand Status (post)
Stave fracture see: Fracture, metacarpus, metacarpal bone(s)
Expand Steal
Stealing, solitary, child problem
     see also: Disturbance, conduct
Steam burn see: Burn, by site
Steatocystoma multiplex 706.2
Expand Steatoma (infected) 706.2
Expand Steatorrhea (chronic) 579.8
Expand Steatosis 272.8
Steele-Richardson (-Olszewski) Syndrome 333.0
Stein's syndrome (polycystic ovary) 256.4
Stein-Leventhal syndrome (polycystic ovary) 256.4
Steinbrocker's syndrome
     see also: Neuropathy, peripheral, autonomic
Steinert's disease 359.2
STEMI (ST elevation myocardial infarction)
     see also: Infarct, myocardium, ST elevation
     see also: Angina
Stenocephaly 756.0
Expand Stenosis (cicatricial)
     see also: Stricture
Expand Stercolith
     see also: Fecalith
Expand Stercoraceous, stercoral ulcer 569.82
Expand Stereopsis, defective
Stereotypies NEC 307.3
Expand Sterility
Expand Sterilization, admission for V25.2
     see also: Angina
Sternopagus 759.4
Sternum bifidum 756.3
Sternutation 784.99
Expand Steroid
Stevens-Johnson disease or syndrome (erythema multiforme exudativum) 695.1
Stewart-Morel syndrome (hyperostosis frontalis interna) 733.3
Sticker's disease (erythema infectiosum) 057.0
Stickler syndrome 759.89
Sticky eye 372.03
Stieda's disease (calcification, knee joint) 726.62
Expand Stiff
Stiff-baby 759.89
Stiff-man syndrome 333.91
Expand Stiffness, joint NEC 719.50
Stigmata, congenital syphilis 090.5
Still's disease or syndrome 714.30
Still-Felty syndrome (rheumatoid arthritis with splenomegaly and leukopenia) 714.1
Stillbirth, stillborn NEC 779.9
Stiller's disease (asthenia) 780.79
Stilling-Türk-Duane syndrome (ocular retraction syndrome) 378.71
Stimulation, ovary 256.1
Expand Sting (animal) (bee) (fish) (insect) (jellyfish) (Portuguese man-o-war) (wasp) (venomous) 989.5
Stippled epiphyses 756.59
Expand Stitch
Stojano's (subcostal) syndrome 098.86
Stokes' disease (exophthalmic goiter) 242.0
Stokes-Adams syndrome (syncope with heart block) 426.9
Stokvis' (-Talma) disease (enterogenous cyanosis) 289.7
Stomach see condition
Expand Stoma malfunction
Expand Stomatitis 528.00
Stomatocytosis 282.8
Stomatomycosis 112.0
Stomatorrhagia 528.9
Expand Stone(s)
     see also: Calculus
Expand Stonecutters' lung 502
Expand Stonemasons'
Expand Stoppage
Storm, thyroid (apathetic)
     see also: Thyrotoxicosis
Expand Strabismus (alternating) (congenital) (nonparalytic) 378.9
Expand Strain
     see also: Sprain, by site
Expand Strands
Expand Strangulation, strangulated 994.7
Strangury 788.1
Expand Strawberry
Straw itch 133.8
Streak, ovarian 752.0
Expand Strephosymbolia 315.01
Streptobacillary fever 026.1
Streptobacillus moniliformis 026.1
Streptococcemia 038.0
Streptococcicosis see: Infection, streptococcal
Streptococcus, streptococcal see condition
Streptoderma 686.00
Streptomycosis see: Actinomycosis
Streptothricosis see: Actinomycosis
Streptothrix see: Actinomycosis
Streptotrichosis see: Actinomycosis
Expand Stress
Stretching, nerve see: Injury, nerve, by site
Striae (albicantes) (atrophicae) (cutis distensae) (distensae) 701.3
Striations of nails 703.8
Expand Stricture
     see also: Stenosis
Expand Stridor 786.1
Stridulous see condition
Strippling of nails 703.8
Expand Stroke 434.91
Stromatosis, endometrial (M8931/1) 236.0
Strong pulse 785.9
Strongyloides stercoralis infestation 127.2
Strongyloidiasis 127.2
Strongyloidosis 127.2
Strongylus (gibsoni) infestation 127.7
Strophulus (newborn) 779.89
Struck by lighting 994.0
Expand Struma
     see also: Goiter
Strumipriva cachexia
     see also: Hypothyroidism
Strümpell-Marie disease or spine (ankylosing spondylitis) 720.0
Strümpell-Westphal pseudosclerosis (hepatolenticular degeneration) 275.1
Stuart's disease (congenital factor X deficiency)
     see also: Defect, coagulation
Stuart-Prower factor deficiency (congenital factor X deficiency)
     see also: Defect, coagulation
Students' elbow 727.2
Stuffy nose 478.19
     see also: Amputation cervix, cervical (healed)
Expand Stupor 780.09
Sturge (-Weber) (-Dimitri) disease or syndrome (encephalocutaneous angiomatosis) 759.6
Sturge-Kalischer-Weber syndrome (encephalocutaneous angiomatosis) 759.6
Stuttering 307.0
Expand Sty, stye 373.11
Expand Subacidity, gastric 536.8
Subacute see condition
Subarachnoid see condition
Subclavian steal syndrome 435.2
Subcortical see condition
Expand Subcostal syndrome 098.86
Subcutaneous, subcuticular see condition
Subdelirium 293.1
Subdural see condition
Subendocardium see condition
Subependymoma (M9383/1) 237.5
Suberosis 495.3
Subglossitis see: Glossitis
Subhemophilia 286.0
Expand Subinvolution (uterus) 621.1
Sublingual see condition
Sublinguitis 527.2
Expand Subluxation
     see also: Dislocation, by site
Submaxillary see condition
Submersion (fatal) (nonfatal) 994.1
Submissiveness (undue), in child 313.0
Submucous see condition
Expand Subnormal, subnormality
Subphrenic see condition
Subscapular nerve see condition
Subseptus uterus 752.3
Subsiding appendicitis 542
Expand Substernal thyroid
     see also: Goiter
Substitution disorder 300.11
Subtentorial see condition
Expand Subtertian
Expand Subthyroidism (acquired)
     see also: Hypothyroidism
Succenturiata placenta see: Placenta, abnormal
Succussion sounds, chest 786.7
Sucking thumb, child 307.9
Sudamen 705.1
Sudamina 705.1
Sudanese kala-azar 085.0
Expand Sudden
Sudeck's atrophy, disease, or syndrome 733.7
SUDS (Sudden unexplained death) 798.2
Expand Suffocation
     see also: Asphyxia
Expand Sugar
Expand Suicide, suicidal (attempted)
Suipestifer infection
     see also: Infection, Salmonella
Sulfatidosis 330.0
Sulfhemoglobinemia, sulphemoglobinemia (acquired) (congenital) 289.7
Sumatran mite fever 081.2
Summer see condition
Expand Sunburn 692.71
Expand Sunken
Sunstroke 992.0
Expand Superfecundation 651.9
Expand Superfetation 651.9
Superinvolution uterus 621.8
Expand Supernumerary (congenital)
Expand Supervision (of)
Expand Supplemental teeth 520.1
Expand Suppression
Expand Suppuration, suppurative
     see also: condition
Supraeruption, teeth 524.34
Expand Supraglottitis 464.50
Suprapubic drainage 596.8
Suprarenal (gland) see condition
Suprascapular nerve see condition
Suprasellar see condition
Supraspinatus syndrome 726.10
Expand Surfer knots 919.8
Expand Surgery
Expand Surgical
Expand Susceptibility
Expand Suspected condition, ruled out
     see also: Observation, suspected
Expand Suspended uterus, in pregnancy or childbirth 654.4
Sutton's disease 709.09
Sutton and Gull's disease (arteriolar nephrosclerosis)
     see also: Hypertension, kidney
Expand Suture
Swab inadvertently left in operation wound 998.4
Expand Swallowed, swallowing
Swamp fever 100.89
Swan neck hand (intrinsic) 736.09
Expand Sweat(s), sweating
Sweeley-Klionsky disease (angiokeratoma corporis diffusum) 272.7
Sweet's syndrome (acute febrile neutrophilic dermatosis) 695.89
Expand Swelling
Swift's disease 985.0
Expand Swimmers'
Swimming in the head 780.4
Expand Swollen
     see also: Swelling
Swyer-James syndrome (unilateral hyperlucent lung) 492.8
Swyer's syndrome (XY pure gonadal dysgenesis) 752.7
Expand Sycosis 704.8
Sydenham's chorea see: Chorea, Sydenham's
Sylvatic yellow fever 060.0
Sylvest's disease (epidemic pleurodynia) 074.1
Expand Symblepharon 372.63
Symonds' syndrome 348.2
Sympathetic see condition
     see also: Neuropathy, peripheral, autonomic
Expand Sympathicoblastoma (M9500/3)
Sympathicogonioma (M9500/3) see: Sympathicoblastoma
Sympathoblastoma (M9500/3) see: Sympathicoblastoma
Sympathogonioma (M9500/3) see: Sympathicoblastoma
     see also: Syndactylism
Expand Symptoms, specified (general) NEC 780.99
Sympus 759.89
Expand Synarthrosis 719.80
Syncephalus 759.4
Expand Synchondrosis 756.9
Expand Synchysis (senile) (vitreous humor) 379.21
Expand Syncope (near) (pre-) 780.2
Syncytial infarct see: Placenta, abnormal
Expand Syndactylism, syndactyly (multiple sites) 755.10
Expand Syndrome
     see also: Disease
Expand Synechia (iris) (pupil) 364.70
     see also: Disturbance, sensation
Synodontia 520.2
Synophthalmus 759.89
Synorchidism 752.89
Synorchism 752.89
Expand Synostosis (congenital) 756.59
Synovial see condition
Expand Synovioma (M9040/3)
     see also: Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Synoviosarcoma (M9040/3) see: Neoplasm, connective tissue, malignant
Expand Synovitis 727.00
Expand Syphilide 091.3
Expand Syphilis, syphilitic (acquired) 097.9
Expand Syphiloma 095.9
Syphilophobia 300.29
Expand Syringadenoma (M8400/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, skin, benign
Syringobulbia 336.0
Syringocarcinoma (M8400/3) see: Neoplasm, skin, malignant
Expand Syringocystadenoma (M8400/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, skin, benign
Syringocystoma (M8407/0) see: Neoplasm, skin, benign
Expand Syringoma (M8407/0)
     see also: Neoplasm, skin, benign
Syringomyelia 336.0
Expand Syringomyelitis 323.9
     see also: Spina bifida
Syringopontia 336.0
Expand System, systemic
     see also: condition