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Disease Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Uehlinger's syndrome (acropachyderma) 757.39
Uhl's anomaly or disease (hypoplasia of myocardium, right ventricle) 746.84
Expand Ulcer, ulcerated, ulcerating, ulceration, ulcerative 707.9
Ulcerosa scarlatina 034.1
Expand Ulcus
     see also: Ulcer
Ulegyria 742.4
Expand Ulerythema
Ullrich (-Bonnevie) (-Turner) syndrome 758.6
Ullrich-Feichtiger syndrome 759.89
Ulnar see condition
Ulorrhagia 523.8
Ulorrhea 523.8
Expand Umbilicus, umbilical
     see also: condition
Expand Unacceptable
Expand Unavailability of medical facilities (at) V63.9
Uncinaria americana infestation 126.1
     see also: Ancylostomiasis
Unconscious, unconsciousness 780.09
     see also: Undeveloped sexual
Underfill, endodontic 526.63
Undernourishment 269.9
Undernutrition 269.9
Under observation see: Observation
Underweight 783.22
Underwood's disease (sclerema neonatorum) 778.1
Expand Undescended
     see also: Malposition, congenital
Undetermined diagnosis or cause 799.9
Expand Undeveloped, undevelopment
     see also: Hypoplasia
Undiagnosed (disease) 799.9
Undulant fever
     see also: Brucellosis
Unemployment, anxiety concerning V62.0
Unequal leg (acquired) (length) 736.81
Unerupted teeth, tooth 520.6
Unextracted dental root 525.3
Unguis incarnatus 703.0
Unicornis uterus 752.3
Unicorporeus uterus 752.3
Uniformis uterus 752.3
Expand Unilateral
     see also: condition
Unilateralis uterus 752.3
Unilocular heart 745.8
Expand Uninhibited bladder 596.54
Expand Union, abnormal
     see also: Fusion
Expand Universal
Expand Unknown
Unna's disease (seborrheic dermatitis) 690.10
Unresponsiveness, adrenocorticotropin (ACTH) 255.4
Expand Unsatisfactory
Unsoundness of mind
     see also: Psychosis
Unspecified cause of death 799.9
Expand Unstable
Untruthfulness, child problem
     see also: Disturbance, conduct
Unverricht (-Lundborg) disease, syndrome, or epilepsy 333.2
Unverricht-Wagner syndrome (dermatomyositis) 710.3
Upper respiratory see condition
Expand Upset
Expand Urachus
     see also: condition
Uratic arthritis 274.0
Urbach's lipoid proteinosis 272.8
Urbach-Oppenheim disease or syndrome (necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum) 250.8 [709.3]
Urbach-Wiethe disease or syndrome (lipoid proteinosis) 272.8
Urban yellow fever 060.1
Urea, blood, high see: Uremia
Expand Uremia, uremic (absorption) (amaurosis) (amblyopia) (aphasia) (apoplexy) (coma) (delirium) (dementia) (dropsy) (dyspnea) (fever) (intoxication) (mania) (paralysis) (poisoning) (toxemia) (vomiting) 586
Ureter, ureteral see condition
Ureteralgia 788.0
Ureterectasis 593.89
Expand Ureteritis 593.89
Expand Ureterocele (acquired) 593.89
Ureterolith 592.1
Ureterolithiasis 592.1
Expand Ureterostomy status V44.6
Urethra, urethral see condition
Urethralgia 788.9
Expand Urethritis (abacterial) (acute) (allergic) (anterior) (chronic) (nonvenereal) (posterior) (recurrent) (simple) (subacute) (ulcerative) (undifferentiated) 597.80
Expand Urethrocele
Urethrolithiasis 594.2
Urethro-oculoarticular syndrome 099.3
Urethro-oculosynovial syndrome 099.3
Urethrorectal see condition
Urethrorrhagia 599.84
Urethrorrhea 788.7
Expand Urethrostomy status V44.6
Urethrotrigonitis 595.3
Urethrovaginal see condition
Urhidrosis, uridrosis 705.89
Expand Uric acid
Uricacidemia 790.6
Uricemia 790.6
Uricosuria 791.9
Expand Urination
Expand Urine, urinary
     see also: condition
Urinemia see: Uremia
Expand Urinoma NEC 599.9
Uroarthritis, infectious 099.3
Urodialysis 788.5
Urolithiasis 592.9
Uronephrosis 593.89
Expand Uropathy 599.9
Expand Urosepsis 599.0
Expand Urticaria 708.9
Urticarioides acarodermatitis 133.9
Expand Use of
Usher-Senear disease (pemphigus erythematosus) 694.4
Uta 085.5
Uterine size-date discrepancy 649.6
Uteromegaly 621.2
Uterovaginal see condition
Uterovesical see condition
Uterus see condition
Utriculitis (utriculus prostaticus) 597.89
Uveal see condition
Expand Uveitis (anterior)
     see also: Iridocyclitis
Uveoencephalitis 363.22
     see also: Iridocyclitis
Uveoparotid fever 135
Uveoparotitis 135
Uvula see condition
Uvulitis (acute) (catarrhal) (chronic) (gangrenous) (membranous) (suppurative) (ulcerative) 528.3