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Abortion (complete) (incomplete) (inevitable) (with retained products of conception)
spontaneous 634.9
damage to pelvic organ (laceration) (rupture) (tear) 634.2
embolism (air) (amniotic fluid) (blood clot) (pulmonary) (pyemic) (septic) (soap) 634.6
genital tract and pelvic infection 634.0
hemorrhage, delayed or excessive 634.1
metabolic disorder 634.4
renal failure 634.3
sepsis (genital tract) (pelvic organ) 634.0
urinary tract 634.7
shock (postoperative) (septic) 634.5
specified complication NEC 634.7
toxemia 634.3
unspecified complication(s) 634.8
urinary tract infection 634.7
fetus 761.8
threatened 640.0
affecting fetus or newborn 762.1