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17  Injury and Poisoning
950-957   Injury to Nerves and Spinal Cord
Includes:   division of nerve
Includes:   lesion in continuity (with open wound)
Includes:   traumatic neuroma (with open wound)
Includes:   traumatic transient paralysis (with open wound)
950   Injury to optic nerve and pathways
951   Injury to other cranial nerve(s)
952   Spinal cord injury without evidence of spinal bone injury
953   Injury to nerve roots and spinal plexus
954   Injury to other nerve(s) of trunk, excluding shoulder and pelvic girdles
955   Injury to peripheral nerve(s) of shoulder girdle and upper limb
956   Injury to peripheral nerve(s) of pelvic girdle and lower limb
957   Injury to other and unspecified nerves