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17  Injury and Poisoning
960-979   Poisoning by Drugs, Medicinal and Biological Substances
Includes:   overdose of these substances
Includes:   wrong substance given or taken in error
960   Poisoning by antibiotics
961   Poisoning by other anti-infectives
962   Poisoning by hormones and synthetic substitutes
963   Poisoning by primarily systemic agents
964   Poisoning by agents primarily affecting blood constituents
965   Poisoning by analgesics, antipyretics, and antirheumatics
966   Poisoning by anticonvulsants and anti-Parkinsonism drugs
967   Poisoning by sedatives and hypnotics
968   Poisoning by other central nervous system depressants and anesthetics
969   Poisoning by psychotropic agents
970   Poisoning by central nervous system stimulants
971   Poisoning by drugs primarily affecting the autonomic nervous system
972   Poisoning by agents primarily affecting the cardiovascular system
973   Poisoning by agents primarily affecting the gastrointestinal system
974   Poisoning by water, mineral, and uric acid metabolism drugs
975   Poisoning by agents primarily acting on the smooth and skeletal muscles and respiratory system
976   Poisoning by agents primarily affecting skin and mucous membrane, ophthalmological, otorhinolaryngological, and dental drugs
977   Poisoning by other and unspecified drugs and medicinal substances
978   Poisoning by bacterial vaccines
979   Poisoning by other vaccines and biological substances