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6  Diseases of the Nervous System and Sense Organs
340-349   Other Disorders of the Central Nervous System
349   Other and unspecified disorders of the nervous system
349.9   Unspecified disorders of nervous system
   Disorder of nervous system (central) NOS
   Diseases of the Peripheral Nervous System
Excludes:    diseases of:
   acoustic [8th] nerve (388.5)
   oculomotor [3rd, 4th, 6th] nerves (378.0-378.9)
   optic [2nd] nerve (377.0-377.9)
   peripheral autonomic nerves (337.0-337.9)
   neuralgia NOS or "rheumatic" (729.2)
   neuritis NOS or "rheumatic" (729.2)
   radiculitis NOS or "rheumatic" (729.2)
   peripheral neuritis in pregnancy (646.4)