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6  Diseases of the Nervous System and Sense Organs
350-359   Diseases of the Peripheral Nervous System
357   Inflammatory and toxic neuropathy
357.4   Polyneuropathy in other diseases classified elsewhere
   Code first underlying disease, as:
   amyloidosis (277.30-277.39)
   beriberi (265.0)
   chronic uremia (585.9)
   deficiency of B vitamins (266.0-266.9)
   diphtheria (032.0-032.9)
   hypoglycemia (251.2)
   pellagra (265.2)
   porphyria (277.1)
   sarcoidosis (135)
   uremia NOS (586)
Excludes:    polyneuropathy in:
   herpes zoster (053.13)
   mumps (072.72)