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13  Diseases of the Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue
710-719   Arthropathies and Related Disorders
713   Arthropathy associated with other disorders classified elsewhere
713.0   Arthropathy associated with other endocrine and metabolic disorders
   Code first underlying disease, as:
   acromegaly (253.0)
   hemochromatosis (275.0)
   hyperparathyroidism (252.00-252.08)
   hypogammaglobulinemia (279.00-279.09)
   hypothyroidism (243-244.9)
   lipoid metabolism disorder (272.0-272.9)
   ochronosis (270.2)
Excludes:    arthropathy associated with:
   amyloidosis (713.7)
   crystal deposition disorders, except gout (712.1-712.9)
   diabetic neuropathy (713.5)
   gouty arthropathy (274.0)