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17  Injury and Poisoning
840-848   Sprains and Strains of Joints and Adjacent Muscles
848   Other and ill-defined sprains and strains
848.9   Unspecified site of sprain and strain
   Intracranial Injury, Excluding Those With Skull Fracture
Excludes:    intracranial injury with skull fracture (800-801 and 803-804, except .0 and .5)
   open wound of head without intracranial injury (870.0-873.9)
   skull fracture alone (800-801 and 803-804 with .0, .5)
   The description "with open intracranial wound," used in the fourth-digit subdivisions, includes those specified as open or with mention of infection or foreign body.
   The following fifth-digit subclassification is for use with categories 851-854:
   unspecified state of consciousness
   with no loss of consciousness
   with brief [less than one hour] loss of consciousness
   with moderate [1-24 hours] loss of consciousness
   with prolonged [more than 24 hours] loss of consciousness and return to pre-existing conscious level
   with prolonged [more than 24 hours] loss of consciousness without return to pre-existing conscious level
   Use fifth-digit 5 to designate when a patient is unconscious and dies before regaining consciousness, regardless of the duration of the loss of consciousness
   with loss of consciousness of unspecified duration
   with concussion, unspecified