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17  Injury and Poisoning
996-999   Complications of Surgical and Medical Care, Not Elsewhere Classified
997   Complications affecting specified body systems, not elsewhere classified
997.3   Respiratory complications
   Mendelson's syndrome resulting from a procedure
   Pneumonia (aspiration) resulting from a procedure
Excludes:    iatrogenic [postoperative] pneumothorax (512.1)
   iatrogenic pulmonary embolism (415.11)
   Mendelson's syndrome in labor and delivery (668)
   specified complications classified elsewhere, such as:
   adult respiratory distress syndrome (518.5)
   pulmonary edema, postoperative (518.4)
   respiratory insufficiency, acute, postoperative (518.5)
   shock lung (518.5)
   tracheostomy complications (519.00-519.09)
   transfusion related acute lung injury (TRALI) (518.7)