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17  Injury and Poisoning
800-829   Fractures
800-804   Fracture of Skull
805-809   Fracture of Neck and Trunk
810-819   Fracture of Upper Limb
820-829   Fracture of Lower Limb
830-839   Dislocation
840-848   Sprains and Strains of Joints and Adjacent Muscles
850-854   Intracranial Injury, Excluding Those With Skull Fracture
860-869   Internal Injury of Thorax, Abdomen, and Pelvis
870-897   Open Wounds
870-879   Open Wound of Head, Neck, and Trunk
880-887   Open Wound of Upper Limb
890-897   Open Wound of Lower Limb
900-904   Injury to Blood Vessels
905-909   Late Effects of Injuries, Poisonings, Toxic Effects, and Other External Causes
920-924   Contusion with Intact Skin Surface
925-929   Crushing Injury
930-939   Effects of Foreign Body Entering Through Orifice
940-949   Burns
950-957   Injury to Nerves and Spinal Cord
958-959   Certain Traumatic Complications and Unspecified Injuries
960-979   Poisoning by Drugs, Medicinal and Biological Substances
980-989   Toxic Effects of Substances Chiefly Nonmedicinal as to Source
990-995   Other and Unspecified Effects of External Causes
996-999   Complications of Surgical and Medical Care, Not Elsewhere Classified