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E  Supplementary Classification of External Causes of Injury and Poisoning
E800-E807   Railway Accidents
E810-E819   Motor Vehicle Traffic Accidents
E820-E825   Motor Vehicle Nontraffic Accidents
E826-E829   Other Road Vehicle Accidents
E830-E838   Water Transport Accidents
E840-E845   Air and Space Transport Accidents
E846-E848   Vehicle Accidents Not Elsewhere Classifiable
E849   Place of Occurrence
E850-E858   Accidental Poisoning by Drugs, Medicinal Substances, and Biologicals
E860-E869   Accidental Poisoning by Other Solid and Liquid Substances, Gases, and Vapors
E870-E876   Misadventures to Patients During Surgical and Medical Care
E878-E879   Surgical and Medical Procedures as the Cause of Abnormal Reaction of Patient or Later Complication, Without Mention of Misadventure at the Time of Procedure
E880-E888   Accidental Falls
E890-E899   Accidents Caused by Fire and Flames
E900-E909   Accidents Due to Natural and Environmental Factors
E910-E915   Accidents Caused by Submersion, Suffocation, and Foreign Bodies
E916-E928   Other Accidents
E929   Late Effects of Accidental Injury
E930-E949   Drugs, Medicinal and Biological Substances Causing Adverse Effects in Therapeutic Use
E950-E959   Suicide and Self-Inflicted Injury
E960-E969   Homicide and Injury Purposely Inflicted by Other Persons
E970-E978   Legal Intervention
E979   Terrorism
E980-E989   Injury Undetermined Whether Accidentally or Purposely Inflicted
E990-E999   Injury Resulting From Operations of War