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Cervicitis (acute) (chronic) (nonvenereal) (subacute) (with erosion or ectropion) 616.0
abortion See: Abortion, by type, with sepsis
ectopic pregnancy 639.0 See also: categories 633.0-633.9
molar pregnancy 639.0 See also: categories 630-632
ulceration 616.0
chlamydial 099.53
complicating pregnancy or puerperium 646.6
affecting fetus or newborn 760.8
abortion 639.0
ectopic or molar pregnancy 639.0
gonococcal (acute) 098.15
chronic or duration of 98.35
senile (atrophic) 616.0
syphilitic 095.8
trichomonal 131.09
tuberculous 016.7 See also: Tuberculosis