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Change(s) (of)
arteriosclerotic See: Arteriosclerosis
cardiac pacemaker V53.31
bone 733.90
diabetic 250.8 [731.8]
in disease, unknown cause 733.90
bowel habits 787.99
cardiorenal (vascular) 404.90 See also: Hypertension, cardiorenal
cardiovascular See also: Disease, cardiovascular
circulatory 459.9
cognitive or personality change of other type, nonpsychotic 310.1
color, teeth, tooth
during formation 520.8
extrinsic 523.6
intrinsic posteruptive 521.7
contraceptive device V25.42
cornea, corneal
degenerative NEC 371.40
membrane NEC 371.30
senile 371.41
coronary 414.9 See also: Ischemia, heart
chamber angle (anterior) (iris) 364.56
ciliary body 364.57
spine or vertebra 721.90 See also: Spondylosis
dental pulp, regressive 522.2
drains V58.49
wound V58.30
nonsurgical V58.30
surgical V58.31
fixation device V54.89
external V54.89
internal V54.01
heart See also: Disease, heart
hip joint 718.95
hyperplastic larynx 478.79
nasal sinus 473.9 See also: Sinusitis
turbinate, nasal 478.0
upper respiratory tract 478.9
inflammatory See: Inflammation
joint 718.90 See also: Derangement, joint
sacroiliac 724.6
Kirschner wire V54.89
knee 717.9
macular, congenital 743.55
malignant (M----/3) See also: Neoplasm, by site, malignant
mental (status) NEC 780.97
due to or associated with physical condition See: Syndrome, brain
myocardium, myocardial See: Degeneration, myocardial
of life 627.2 See also: Menopause
pacemaker battery (cardiac) V53.31
peripheral nerve 355.9
personality (nonpsychotic) NEC 310.1
plaster cast V54.89
refractive, transient 367.81
regressive, dental pulp 522.2
retina 362.9
myopic (degenerative) (malignant) 360.21
vascular appearance 362.13
sacroiliac joint 724.6
scleral 379.19
degenerative 379.16
senile 797 See also: Senility
sensory 782.0 See also: Disturbance, sensation
skin texture 782.8
spinal cord 336.9
splint, external V54.89
subdermal implantable contraceptive V25.5
suture V58.32
traction device V54.89
trophic 355.9
arm NEC 354.9
leg NEC 355.8
lower extremity NEC 355.8
upper extremity NEC 354.9
vascular 459.9
vasomotor 443.9
voice 784.49
psychogenic 306.1
wound packing V58.30
nonsurgical V58.30
surgical V58.31