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Chorea (gravis) (minor) (spasmodic) 333.5
heart involvement See: Chorea with rheumatic heart disease
rheumatic heart disease (chronic, inactive, or quiescent) (conditions classifiable to 393-398) 392.0 See: rheumatic heart condition involved, active or acute (conditions classifiable to 391)
acute See: Chorea, Sydenham's
apoplectic 436 See also: Disease, cerebrovascular, acute
chronic 333.4
electric 049.8
gravidarum See: Eclampsia, pregnancy
habit 307.22
hereditary 333.4
Huntington's 333.4
posthemiplegic 344.89
pregnancy See: Eclampsia, pregnancy
progressive 333.4
chronic 333.4
hereditary 333.4
rheumatic (chronic) 392.9
with heart disease or involvement See: Chorea, with rheumatic heart disease
senile 333.5
Sydenham's 392.9
with heart involvement See: Chorea, with rheumatic heart disease
nonrheumatic 333.5
variabilis 307.23