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Cirrhosis, cirrhotic 571.5
with alcoholism 571.2
alcoholic (liver) 571.2
atrophic (of liver) See: Cirrhosis, portal
Baumgarten-Cruveilhier 571.5
biliary (cholangiolitic) (cholangitic) (cholestatic) (extrahepatic) (hypertrophic) (intrahepatic) (nonobstructive) (obstructive) (pericholangiolitic) (posthepatic) (primary) (secondary) (xanthomatous) 571.6
due to
clonorchiasis 121.1
flukes 121.3
brain 331.9
capsular See: Cirrhosis, portal
cardiac 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
central (liver) See: Cirrhosis, liver
Charcôt's 571.6
cholangiolitic See: Cirrhosis, biliary
cholangitic See: Cirrhosis, biliary
cholestatic See: Cirrhosis, biliary
clitoris (hypertrophic) 624.2
coarsely nodular 571.5
congestive (liver) See: Cirrhosis, cardiac
Cruveilhier-Baumgarten 571.5
cryptogenic (of liver) 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
dietary 571.5 See also: Cirrhosis, portal
due to
bronzed diabetes 275.0
congestive hepatomegaly See: Cirrhosis, cardiac
cystic fibrosis 277.00
hemochromatosis 275.0
hepatolenticular degeneration 275.1
passive congestion (chronic) See: Cirrhosis, cardiac
Wilson's disease 275.1
xanthomatosis 272.2
extrahepatic (obstructive) See: Cirrhosis, biliary
fatty 571.8
alcoholic 571.0
florid 571.2
Glisson's See: Cirrhosis, portal
Hanot's (hypertrophic) See: Cirrhosis, biliary
hepatic See: Cirrhosis, liver
hepatolienal See: Cirrhosis, liver
hobnail See: Cirrhosis, portal
hypertrophic See also: Cirrhosis, liver
biliary See: Cirrhosis, biliary
Hanot's See: Cirrhosis, biliary
infectious NEC See: Cirrhosis, portal
insular See: Cirrhosis, portal
intrahepatic (obstructive) (primary) (secondary) See: Cirrhosis, biliary
juvenile 571.5 See also: Cirrhosis, portal
kidney 587 See also: Sclerosis, renal
Laennec's (of liver) 571.2
nonalcoholic 571.5
liver (chronic) (hepatolienal) (hypertrophic) (nodular) (splenomegalic) (unilobar) 571.5
with alcoholism 571.2
alcoholic 571.2
congenital (due to failure of obliteration of umbilical vein) 777.8
cryptogenic 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
fatty 571.8
alcoholic 571
macronodular 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
micronodular 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
nodular, diffuse 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
pigmentary 275.0
portal 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
postnecrotic 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
syphilitic 095.3
lung (chronic) 515 See also: Fibrosis, lung
macronodular (of liver) 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
malarial 084.9
metabolic NEC 571.5
micronodular (of liver) 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
monolobular See: Cirrhosis, portal
multilobular See: Cirrhosis, portal
nephritis 587 See also: Sclerosis, renal
nodular See: Cirrhosis, liver
nutritional (fatty) 571.5
obstructive (biliary) (extrahepatic) (intrahepatic) See: Cirrhosis, biliary
ovarian 620.8
paludal 084.9
pancreas (duct) 577.8
pericholangiolitic See: Cirrhosis, biliary
periportal See: Cirrhosis, portal
pigment, pigmentary (of liver) 275.0
portal (of liver) 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
posthepatitic 571.5 See also: Cirrhosis, postnecrotic
postnecrotic (of liver) 571.5
alcoholic 571.2
primary (intrahepatic) See: Cirrhosis, biliary
pulmonary 515 See also: Fibrosis, lung
renal 587 See also: Sclerosis, renal
septal 571.5 See also: Cirrhosis, postnecrotic
spleen 289.51
splenomegalic (of liver) See: Cirrhosis, liver
stasis (liver) See: Cirrhosis, liver
stomach 535.4
Todd's 571.6 See also: Cirrhosis, biliary
toxic (nodular) See: Cirrhosis, postnecrotic
trabecular See: Cirrhosis, postnecrotic
unilobar See: Cirrhosis, liver
vascular (of liver) See: Cirrhosis, liver
xanthomatous (biliary) 571.6 See also: Cirrhosis, biliary
due to xanthomatosis (familial) (metabolic) (primary) 272.2