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Cold 460
with influenza, flu, or grippe 487.1
abscess See also: Tuberculosis, abscess
articular See: Tuberculosis, joint
disease (chronic) or syndrome 283.0
hemoglobinuria 283.0
paroxysmal (cold) (nocturnal) 283.2
allergic 477.9 See also: Fever, hay
bronchus or chest See: Bronchitis
with grippe or influenza 487.1
common (head) 460
vaccination, prophylactic (against) V04.7
deep 464.10
effects of 991.9
specified effect NEC 991.8
excessive 991.9
specified effect NEC 991.8
exhaustion from 991.8
exposure to 991.9
specified effect NEC 991.8
grippy 487.1
head 460
injury syndrome (newborn) 778.2
intolerance 780.99
on lung See: Bronchitis
rose 477.0
sensitivity, autoimmune 283.0
virus 460