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Convulsions (idiopathic) 780.39
apoplectiform 436 See also: Disease, cerebrovascular, acute
brain 780.39
cerebral 780.39
cerebrospinal 780.39
due to trauma NEC See: Injury, intracranial
eclamptic 780.39 See also: Eclampsia
epileptic 345.9 See also: Epilepsy
epileptiform 780.39 See also: Seizure, epileptiform
epileptoid 780.39 See also: Seizure, epileptiform
correct substance properly administered 780.39
overdose or wrong substance given 968.2
other specified type See: Table of Drugs and Chemicals
febrile (simple) 780.31
complex 780.32
generalized 780.39
hysterical 300.11
infantile 780.39
epilepsy See: Epilepsy
internal 780.39
jacksonian 345.5 See also: Epilepsy
myoclonic 333.2
newborn 779.0
paretic 094.1
pregnancy (nephritic) (uremic) See: Eclampsia, pregnancy
psychomotor 345.4 See also: Epilepsy
puerperal, postpartum See: Eclampsia, pregnancy
recurrent 780.39
epileptic See: Epilepsy
reflex 781.0
repetitive 780.39
epileptic See: Epilepsy
salaam 345.6 See also: Epilepsy
scarlatinal 034.1
spasmodic 780.39
tetanus, tetanic 037 See also: Tetanus
thymic 254.8
uncinate 780.39
uremic 586