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abdomen 789.0
addisonian (acute adrenocortical insufficiency) 255.4
adrenal (cortical) 255.4
asthmatic See: Asthma
brain, cerebral 436 See also: Disease, cerebrovascular, acute
celiac 579.0
Dietl's 593.4
emotional NEC 309.29
acute reaction to stress 308.0
adjustment reaction 309.9
specific to childhood or adolescence 313.9
gastric (tabetic) 094.0
glaucomatocyclitic 364.22
heart 428.9 See also: Failure, heart
hypertensive See: Hypertension
correct substance properly administered 458.29
overdose or wrong substance given or taken 961.1
oculogyric 378.87
psychogenic 306.7
Pel's 094.0
psychosexual identity 302.6
rectum 094.0
renal 593.81
sickle cell 282.62
stomach (tabetic) 094.0
tabetic 094.0
thyroid 242.9 See also: Thyrotoxicosis
thyrotoxic 242.9 See also: Thyrotoxicosis
vascular See: Disease, cerebrovascular, acute