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arteriosclerotic See: Arteriosclerosis
brain 348.9
anoxic, hypoxic 348.1
during or resulting from a procedure 997.01
ischemic, in newborn 768.7
child NEC 343.9
due to birth injury 767
minimal (child) 314.9 See also: Hyperkinesia
newborn 767
cardiac See also: Disease, heart
cardiorenal (vascular) 404.90 See also: Hypertension, cardiorenal
central nervous system See: Damage, brain
cerebral NEC See: Damage, brain
coccyx, complicating delivery 665.6
coronary 414.9 See also: Ischemia, heart
eye, birth injury 767.8
heart See also: Disease, heart
valve See: Endocarditis
hypothalamus NEC 348.9
liver 571.9
alcoholic 571.3
myocardium 429.1 See also: Degeneration, myocardial
joint or ligament, during delivery 665.6
organ NEC
abortion See: Abortion, by type, with damage to pelvic organs
ectopic pregnancy 639.2 See also: categories 633.0-633.9
molar pregnancy 639.2 See also: categories 630-632
during delivery 665.5
abortion 639.2
ectopic or molar pregnancy 639.2
renal 593.9 See also: Disease, renal
skin, solar 692.79
acute 692.72
chronic 692.74
subendocardium, subendocardial 429.1 See also: Degeneration, myocardial
vascular 459.9