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Delirium, delirious 780.09
acute (psychotic) 293.0
alcoholic 291.0
acute 291
chronic 291.1
alcoholicum 291.0
chronic 293.89 See also: Psychosis
due to or associated with physical condition See: Psychosis, organic
drug-induced 292.81
due to conditions classified elsewhere 293.0
eclamptic 780.39 See also: Eclampsia
exhaustion 308.9 See also: Reaction, stress, acute
hysterical 300.11
presenile dementia 290.11
senile dementia 290.3
induced by drug 292.81
manic, maniacal (acute) 296.0 See also: Psychosis, affective
recurrent episode 296.1
single episode 296
puerperal 293.9
senile 290.3
subacute (psychotic) 293.1
thyroid 242.9 See also: Thyrotoxicosis
traumatic See also: Injury, intracranial
lesion, spinal cord See: Injury, spinal, by site
shock, spinal See: Injury, spinal, by site
tremens (impending) 291.0
uremic See: Uremia
alcoholic (acute) 291
chronic 291.1
drug 292