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Displacement, displaced
Note See also: Dislocation
Displacements at ages under one year should be considered congenital, provided there is no indication the condition was acquired after birth.
acquired traumatic of bone, cartilage, joint, tendon NEC (without fracture) 839.8 See also: Dislocation
with fracture See: Fracture, by site
adrenal gland (congenital) 759.1
alveolus and teeth, vertical 524.75
appendix, retrocecal (congenital) 751.5
auricle (congenital) 744.29
bladder (acquired) 596.8
congenital 753.8
brachial plexus (congenital) 742.8
brain stem, caudal 742.4
canaliculus lacrimalis 743.65
cardia, through esophageal hiatus 750.6
cerebellum, caudal 742.4
cervix See: Displacement, uterus
colon (congenital) 751.4
device, implant, or graft See: Complications, mechanical
columnar of cervix 622.10
cuboidal, beyond limits of external os (uterus) 752.49
esophageal mucosa into cardia of stomach, congenital 750.4
esophagus (acquired) 530.89
congenital 750.4
eyeball (acquired) (old) 376.36
congenital 743.8
current injury 871.3
lateral 376.36
fallopian tube (acquired) 620.4
congenital 752.19
opening (congenital) 752.19
gallbladder (congenital) 751.69
gastric mucosa 750.7
duodenum 750.7
esophagus 750.7
Meckel's diverticulum, congenital 750.7
globe (acquired) (lateral) (old) 376.36
current injury 871.3
artificial skin graft 996.55
decellularized allodermis graft 996.55
heart (congenital) 746.87
acquired 429.89
hymen (congenital) (upward) 752.49
internal prosthesis NEC See: Complications, mechanical
intervertebral disc (with neuritis, radiculitis, sciatica, or other pain) 722.2
with myelopathy 722.70
cervical, cervicodorsal, cervicothoracic 722.0
with myelopathy 722.71
due to major trauma See: Dislocation, vertebra, cervical
due to trauma See: Dislocation, vertebra
lumbar, lumbosacral 722.10
with myelopathy 722.73
due to major trauma See: Dislocation, vertebra, lumbar
thoracic, thoracolumbar 722.11
with myelopathy 722.72
due to major trauma See: Dislocation, vertebra, thoracic
intrauterine device 996.32
kidney (acquired) 593.0
congenital 753.3
lacrimal apparatus or duct (congenital) 743.65
macula (congenital) 743.55
Meckel's diverticulum (congenital) 751.0
nail (congenital) 757.5
acquired 703.8
opening of Wharton's duct in mouth 750.26
organ or site, congenital NEC See: Malposition, congenital
ovary (acquired) 620.4
congenital 752.0
free in peritoneal cavity (congenital) 752.0
into hernial sac 620.4
oviduct (acquired) 620.4
congenital 752.19
parathyroid (gland) 252.8
parotid gland (congenital) 750.26
punctum lacrimale (congenital) 743.65
sacroiliac (congenital) (joint) 755.69
current injury See: Dislocation, sacroiliac
old 724.6
spine (congenital) 756.19
spleen, congenital 759.0
stomach (congenital) 750.7
acquired 537.89
subglenoid (closed) 831.01
sublingual duct (congenital) 750.26
teeth, tooth 524.30
horizontal 524.33
vertical 524.34
tongue (congenital) (downward) 750.19
trachea (congenital) 748.3
ureter or ureteric opening or orifice (congenital) 753.4
uterine opening of oviducts or fallopian tubes 752.19
uterus, uterine 621.6 See also: Malposition, uterus
congenital 752.3
ventricular septum 746.89
with rudimentary ventricle 746.89
xyphoid bone (process) 738.3