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abdomen 789.0
colon 564.9
emotional V40.9
epigastric 789.0
fetal (syndrome) 768.4
affecting management of pregnancy or childbirth 656.8
liveborn infant 768.4
first noted
before onset of labor 768.2
during labor and delivery 768.3
stillborn infant (death before onset of labor) 768.0
death during labor 768.1
gastrointestinal (functional) 536.9
psychogenic 306.4
intestinal (functional) NEC 564.9
psychogenic 306.4
intrauterine See: Distress, fetal
leg 729.5
maternal 669.0
mental V40.9
respiratory 786.09
acute (adult) 518.82
adult syndrome (following shock, surgery, or trauma) 518.5
specified NEC 518.82
fetus or newborn 770.89
syndrome (idiopathic) (newborn) 769
stomach 536.9
psychogenic 306.4