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absorption NEC 579.9
calcium 269.3
carbohydrate 579.8
fat 579.8
protein 579.8
specified type NEC 579.8
vitamin 269.2 See also: Deficiency, vitamin
acid-base equilibrium 276.9
activity and attention, simple, with hyperkinesis 314.01
amino acid (metabolic) 270.9 See also: Disorder, amino acid
imidazole 270.5
maple syrup (urine) disease 270.3
transport 270.0
assimilation, food 579.9
attention, simple 314.00
with hyperactivity 314.01
auditory, nerve, except deafness 388.5
behavior 312.9 See also: Disturbance, conduct
blood clotting (hypoproteinemia) (mechanism) 286.9 See also: Defect, coagulation
central nervous system NEC 349.9
cerebral nerve NEC 352.9
circulatory 459.9
conduct 312.9
adjustment reaction 309.3
adolescent onset type 312.82
childhood onset type 312.81