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addiction 304.9 See also: Dependence
adverse effect NEC, correct substance properly administered 995.20
allergy 995.27
dependence 304.9 See also: Dependence
habit 304.9 See also: Dependence
hypersensitivity 995.27
circadian rhythm sleep disorder 292.85
hypersomnia 292.85
insomnia 292.85
mental disorder 292.9
anxiety 292.89
mood 292.84
sexual 292.89
sleep 292.85
specified type 292.89
parasomnia 292.85
amnestic disorder 292.83
dementia 292.82
psychotic disorder
delusions 292.11
hallucinations 292.12
sleep disorder 292.85
intoxication 292.89
overdose See: Table of Drugs and Chemicals
poisoning See: Table of Drugs and Chemicals
therapy (maintenance) status NEC
chemotherapy, antineoplastic V58.11
immunotherapy, antineoplastic V58.12
long-term (current) use V58.69
antibiotics V58.62
anticoagulants V58.61
anti-inflammatories, non-steroidal (NSAID) V58.64
antiplatelets V58.63
antithrombotics V58.63
aspirin V58.66
insulin V58.67
steroids V58.65
wrong substance given or taken in error See: Table of Drugs and Chemicals