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Enlargement, enlarged
abdomen 789.3
adenoids 474.12
and tonsils 474.1
alveolar process or ridge 525.8
apertures of diaphragm (congenital) 756.6
blind spot, visual field 368.42
gingival 523.8
heart, cardiac 429.3 See also: Hypertrophy, cardiac
lacrimal gland, chronic 375.03
liver 789.1 See also: Hypertrophy, liver
lymph gland or node 785.6
orbit 376.46
organ or site, congenital NEC See: Anomaly, specified type NEC
parathyroid (gland) 252.01
pituitary fossa 793.0
prostate (simple) (soft) 600.00
other lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) 600.01
obstruction 600.01
retention 600.01
sella turcica 793.0
spleen 789.2 See also: Splenomegaly
congenital 759
thymus (congenital) (gland) 254.0
thyroid (gland) 240.9 See also: Goiter
tongue 529.8
tonsils 474.11
and adenoids 474.1
uterus 621.2