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A2 anemia 282.49
altitude effects 993.2
anoxia 993.2
ears 993
sinuses 993.1
polycythemia 289.0
foot 755.67
palate 750.26
artery (arterial) tension 401.9 See also: Hypertension
without diagnosis of hypertension 796.2
basal metabolic rate (BMR) 794.7
blood pressure 401.9 See also: Hypertension
incidental reading (isolated) (nonspecific), no diagnosis of hypertension 796.2
compliance bladder 596.4
diaphragm (congenital) 756.6
frequency deafness (congenital) (regional) 389.8
head at term 652.5
affecting fetus or newborn 763.1
output failure (cardiac) 428.9 See also: Failure, heart
oxygen-affinity hemoglobin 289.0
palate 750.26
behavior See: (problem)
cervical, human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA test positive 795.05
family situation V61.9
specified circumstance NEC V61.8
individual NEC V62.89
infant NEC V20.1
patient taking drugs (prescribed) V67.51
nonprescribed 305.9 See also: Abuse, drugs, nondependent
pregnancy V23.9
inadequate prenatal care V23.7
specified problem NEC V23.89
temperature (of unknown origin) 780.6 See also: Pyrexia
thoracic rib 756.3