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Hydrops 782.3
abdominis 789.5
amnii (complicating pregnancy) 657 See also: Hydramnios
articulorum intermittens 719.3 See also: Rheumatism, palindromic
cardiac 428.0 See also: Failure, heart
congenital See: Hydrops, fetalis
endolymphatic 386.00 See also: Disease, Ménière's
fetal(is) or newborn 778.0
due to isoimmunization 773.3
not due to isoimmunization 778.0
gallbladder 575.3
idiopathic (fetus or newborn) 778.0
joint 719.0 See also: Effusion, joint
labyrinth 386.00 See also: Disease, Ménière's
meningeal NEC 331.4
nutritional 262
pericardium See: Pericarditis
pleura 511.8 See also: Hydrothorax
renal 581.9 See also: Nephrosis
spermatic cord 603.9 See also: Hydrocele