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Inadequate, inadequacy
aesthetics of dental resoration 525.67
biologic 301.6
cardiac and renal See: Hypertension, cardiorenal
constitutional 301.6
child 783.40
fetus 764.9
affecting management of pregnancy 656.5
after puberty NEC 259.0
congenital See: Hypoplasia, genitalia
lungs 748.5
organ or site NEC See: Hypoplasia, by site
dietary 269.9
distance, interarch 524.28
education V62.3
economic problem V60.2
household condition NEC V60.1
poverty V60.2
unemployment V62.0
functional 301.6
household care, due to
family member
handicapped or ill V60.4
temporarily away from home V60.4
on vacation V60.5
technical defects in home V60.1
temporary absence from home of person rendering care V60.4
housing (heating) (space) V60.1
interarch distance 524.28
material resources V60.2
mental 319 See also: Retardation, mental
nervous system 799.2
personality 301.6
prenatal care in current pregnancy V23.7
function 786.09
newborn 770.89
ventilation, newborn 770.89
respiration 786.09
newborn 770.89
sample, Papanicolaou smear 795.08
social 301.6