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anterior mediastinum 518.1
compressed, disease 993.3
embolism (any site) (artery) (cerebral) 958.0
abortion See: Abortion, by type, with embolism
ectopic pregnancy 639.6 See also: categories 633.0-633.9
molar pregnancy 639.6 See also: categories 630-632
due to implanted device See: Complications, due to (presence of) any device, implant, or graft classified to 996.0-996.5 NEC
abortion 639.6
ectopic or molar pregnancy 639.6
infusion, perfusion, or transfusion 999.1
in pregnancy, childbirth, or puerperium 673.0
traumatic 958.0
hunger 786.09
psychogenic 306.1
leak (lung) (pulmonary) (thorax) 512.8
iatrogenic 512.1
postoperative 512.1
rarefied, effects of See: Effect, adverse, high altitude
sickness 994.6