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Lack of
adequate intermaxillary vertical dimension 524.36
appetite 783.0 See also: Anorexia
in home V60.4
of adult 995.84
of infant (at or after birth) 995.52
coordination 781.3
development See also: Hypoplasia
physiological in childhood 783.40
education V62.3
energy 780.79
financial resources V60.2
food 994.2
in environment V60.8
growth in childhood 783.43
heating V60.1
housing (permanent) (temporary) V60.0
adequate V60.1
material resources V60.2
medical attention 799.89
memory 780.93 See also: Amnesia
mild, following organic brain damage 310.1
ovulation 628.0
person able to render necessary care V60.4
physical exercise V69.0
physiologic development in childhood 783.40
posterior occlusal support 524.57
prenatal care in current pregnancy V23.7
shelter V60.0
sleep V69.4
water 994.3