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Lymphangitis 457.2
abortion See: Abortion, by type, with sepsis
abscess See: Abscess, by site
cellulitis See: Abscess, by site
ectopic pregnancy 639.0 See also: categories 633.0-633.9
molar pregnancy 639.0 See also: categories 630-632
acute (with abscess or cellulitis) 682.9
specified site See: Abscess, by site
breast, puerperal, postpartum 675.2
chancroidal 099.0
chronic (any site) 457.2
due to
Brugia (Wuchereria) malayi 125.1
Wuchereria bancrofti 125.0
abortion 639.0
ectopic or molar pregnancy 639.0
gangrenous 457.2
acute 607.2
gonococcal (acute) 098.0
chronic or duration of 2 months or more 98.2
puerperal, postpartum, childbirth 670
strumous, tuberculous 017.2 See also: Tuberculosis
subacute (any site) 457.2
tuberculous See: Tuberculosis, lymph gland