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Person (with)
admitted for clinical research, as participant or control subject V70.7
awaiting admission to adequate facility elsewhere V63.2
undergoing social agency investigation V63.8
concern (normal) about sick person in family V61.49
consulting on behalf of another V65.19
pediatric pre-birth visit for expectant mother V65.11
complaint in whom no diagnosis was made V65.5
condition not demonstrated V65.5
feigning illness V65.2
healthy, accompanying sick person V65.0
living (in)
alone V60.3
boarding school V60.6
residence remote from hospital or medical care facility V63.0
residential institution V60.6
financial resources V60.2
housing (heating) (space) V60.1
housing (permanent) (temporary) V60.0
material resources V60.2
person able to render necessary care V60.4
shelter V60.0
medical services in home not available V63.1
on waiting list V63.2
undergoing social agency investigation V63.8
sick or handicapped in family V61.49