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Toxemia 799.89
abortion See: Abortion, by type, with toxemia
bacterial See: Septicemia
biliary 576.8 See also: Disease, biliary
burn See: Burn, by site
congenital NEC 779.89
eclamptic 642.6
with pre-existing hypertension 642.7
erysipelatous 035 See also: Erysipelas
fatigue 799.89
fetus or newborn NEC 779.89
food 005.9 See also: Poisoning, food
gastric 537.89
gastrointestinal 558.2
intestinal 558.2
kidney 593.9 See also: Disease, renal
lung 518.89
malarial NEC 084.6 See also: Malaria
maternal (of pregnancy), affecting fetus or newborn 760.0
myocardial See: Myocarditis, toxic
of pregnancy (mild) (pre-eclamptic) 642.4
convulsions 642.6
pre-existing hypertension 642.7
affecting fetus or newborn 760.0
severe 642.5
pre-eclamptic See: Toxemia, of pregnancy
puerperal, postpartum See: Toxemia, of pregnancy
pulmonary 518.89
renal 593.9 See also: Disease, renal
septic 038.9 See also: Septicemia
small intestine 558.2
staphylococcal 038.10
aureus 038.11
due to food 005.0
specified organism NEC 038.19
stasis 799.89
stomach 537.89
uremic 586 See also: Uremia
urinary 586