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Transplant (ed)
bone V42.4
marrow V42.81
complication See also: Complications, due to (presence of) any device, implant, or graft classified to 996.0-996.5 NEC
bone marrow 996.85
corneal graft NEC 996.79
infection or inflammation 996.69
reaction 996.51
rejection 996.51
organ (failure) (immune or nonimmune cause) (infection) (rejection) 996.80
bone marrow 996.85
heart 996.83
intestines 996.87
kidney 996.81
liver 996.82
lung 996.84
pancreas 996.86
specified NEC 996.89
skin NEC 996.79
infection or inflammation 996.69
rejection 996.52
artificial 996.55
decellularized allodermis 996.55
cornea V42.5
hair V50.0
heart V42.1
valve V42.2
intestine V42.84
kidney V42.0
liver V42.7
lung V42.6
organ V42.9
specified NEC V42.89
pancreas V42.83
peripheral stem cells V42.82
skin V42.3
stem cells, peripheral V42.82
tissue V42.9
specified NEC V42.89