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constituents, abnormal NEC 790.6
disease 289.9
specified NEC 289.89
donor V59.01
other blood components V59.09
stem cells V59.02
whole blood V59.01
dyscrasia 289.9
abortion See: Abortion, by type, with hemorrhage, delayed or excessive
ectopic pregnancy 639.1 See also: categories 633.0-633.9
molar pregnancy 639.1 See also: categories 630-632
fetus or newborn NEC 776.9
abortion 639.1
ectopic or molar pregnancy 639.1
puerperal, postpartum 666.3
flukes NEC 120.9 See also: Infestation, Schistosoma
feces 578.1 See also: Melena
occult 792.1
urine 599.7 See also: Hematuria
mole 631
occult 792.1
poisoning 038.9 See also: Septicemia
decreased, due to shock following injury 958.4
fluctuating 796.4
high 401.9 See also: Hypertension
incidental reading (isolated) (nonspecific), without diagnosis of hypertension 796.2
low 458.9 See also: Hypotension
incidental reading (isolated) (nonspecific), without diagnosis of hypotension 796.3
spitting 786.3 See also: Hemoptysis
staining cornea 371.12
without reported diagnosis V58.2
donor V59.01
stem cells V59.02
reaction or complication See: Complications, transfusion
tumor See: Hematoma
vessel rupture See: Hemorrhage
vomiting 578.0 See also: Hematemesis