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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Expand Abbe operation
Abciximab, infusion 99.20
Abdominocentesis 54.91
Expand Abdominohysterectomy 68.49
Abdominoplasty 86.83
Abdominoscopy 54.21
Expand Abdominouterotomy 68.0
Abduction, arytenoid 31.69
Expand Ablation
Expand Abortion, therapeutic 69.51
Expand Abrasion
Abscission, cornea 11.49
Absorptiometry photon (dual) (single) 88.98
Aburel operation (intra-amniotic injection for abortion) 75.0
Accouchement forcé 73.99
Acetabulectomy 77.85
Expand Acetabuloplasty NEC 81.40
Expand Achillorrhaphy 83.64
Expand Achillotenotomy 83.11
Expand Achillotomy 83.11
Acid peel, skin 86.24
Acromionectomy 77.81
Expand Acromioplasty 81.83
Actinotherapy 99.82
Expand Activities of daily living (ADL)
Expand Acupuncture 99.92
Expand Adams operation
Expand Adenectomy
     see also: Excision, by site
Expand Adenoidectomy (without tonsillectomy) 28.6
Expand Adhesiolysis
     see also: Lysis, adhesions
Adipectomy 86.83
Expand Adjustment
Expand Administration (of)
     see also: Injection
Expand Adrenalectomy (unilateral) 07.22
Adrenalorrhaphy 07.44
Adrenalotomy (with drainage) 07.41
Expand Advancement
Expand Albee operation
Albert operation (arthrodesis of knee) 81.22
Aldridge (-Studdiford) operation (urethral sling) 59.5
Expand Alexander operation
Alexander-Adams operation (shortening of round ligaments) 69.22
Alimentation, parenteral 99.29
Allograft see: Graft
Almoor operation (extrapetrosal drainage) 20.22
Altemeier operation (perineal rectal pull-through) 48.49
Alveolectomy (interradicular) (intraseptal) (radical) (simple) (with graft) (with implant) 24.5
Alveoloplasty (with graft or implant) 24.5
Alveolotomy (apical) 24.0
Ambulatory cardiac monitoring (ACM) 89.50
Ammon operation (dacryocystotomy) 09.53
Expand Amniocentesis (transuterine) (diagnostic) 75.1
Amniography 87.81
Amnioinfusion 75.37
Amnioscopy, internal 75.31
Expand Amniotomy 73.09
Expand Amputation (cineplastic) (closed flap) (guillotine) (kineplastic) (open) 84.91
Amygdalohippocampotomy 01.39
Amygdalotomy 01.39
Expand Analysis
Expand Anastomosis
Anderson operation (tibial lengthening) 78.37
Anel operation (dilation of lacrimal duct) 09.42
Expand Anesthesia
Expand Aneurysmectomy
Aneurysmoplasty see: Aneurysmorrhaphy
Expand Aneurysmorrhaphy NEC 39.52
Aneurysmotomy see: Aneurysmectomy
Expand Angiectomy
Expand Angiocardiography (selective) 88.50
Expand Angiography (arterial)
     see also: Arteriography
Expand Angioplasty (laser)
     see also: Repair, blood vessel
Expand Angiorrhaphy 39.30
Expand Angioscopy, percutaneous 38.22
Expand Angiotomy 38.00
Angiotripsy 39.98
Ankylosis, production of see: Arthrodesis
Annuloplasty (heart) (posteromedial) 35.33
Expand Anoplasty 49.79
Anoscopy 49.21
Antibiogram see: Examination, microscopic
Antiembolic filter, vena cava 38.7
Antiphobic treatment 94.39
Expand Antrectomy
Antrostomy see: Antrotomy
Expand Antrotomy (exploratory) (nasal sinus) 22.2
Antrum window operation see: Antrotomy, maxillary
Aorticopulmonary window operation 39.59
Aortogram, aortography (abdominal) (retrograde) (selective) (translumbar) 88.42
Aortoplasty (aortic valve) (gusset type) 35.11
Aortotomy 38.04
Apexcardiogram (with ECG lead) 89.57
Apheresis, therapeutic see: (category)
Expand Apicectomy
Expand Apicoectomy 23.73
Apicolysis (lung) 33.39
Apicostomy, alveolar 24.0
Expand Aponeurectomy 83.42
Expand Aponeurorrhaphy
     see also: Suture, tendon
Expand Aponeurotomy 83.13
Expand Appendectomy (with drainage) 47.09
Expand Appendicectomy (with drainage) 47.09
Appendicocecostomy 47.91
Appendicoenterostomy 47.91
Expand Appendicolysis 54.59
Expand Appendicostomy 47.91
Appendicotomy 47.2
Expand Application
Aquapheresis 99.78
Arc lamp see: Photocoagulation
Expand Arrest
Arslan operation (fenestration of inner ear) 20.61
Expand Arteriectomy 38.60
Expand Arteriography (contrast) (fluoroscopic) (retrograde) 88.40
Arterioplasty see: Repair, artery
Arteriorrhaphy 39.31
Expand Arteriotomy 38.00
Expand Arteriovenostomy 39.29
Expand Arthrectomy 80.90
Expand Arthrocentesis 81.91
Expand Arthrodesis (compression) (extra-articular) (intra-articular) (with bone graft) (with fixation device) 81.20
Arthroendoscopy see: Arthroscopy
Arthroereisis, subtalar joint
Expand Arthrogram, arthrography
Expand Arthroplasty (with fixation device) (with traction)
Expand Arthroscopy 80.20
     see also: Arthrotomy
Expand Arthrotomy 80.10
Expand Artificial
Arytenoidectomy 30.29
Arytenoidopexy 31.69
Asai operation (larynx) 31.75
Expand Aspiration
Expand Assessment
Expand Assistance
Astragalectomy 77.98
Asymmetrogammagram see: Scan, radioisotope
Expand Atherectomy
Atriocommissuropexy (mitral valve) 35.12
Expand Atrioplasty NEC 37.99
     see also: Repair, atrial septal defect
     see also: Repair, atrial septal defect
Atrioseptostomy (balloon) 35.41
Atriotomy 37.11
Atrioventriculostomy (cerebral-heart) 02.32
Expand Attachment
Atticoantrostomy (ear) 20.49
Atticoantrotomy (ear) 20.49
Atticotomy (ear) 20.23
Audiometry (Bekesy 95.41
Expand Augmentation
Auriculectomy 18.39
Autograft see: Graft
Autologous see: Blood, transfusion
Autopsy 89.8
Autotransfusion (whole blood) see: Blood, transfusion
Expand Autotransplant, autotransplantation
     see also: Reimplantation
Expand Avulsion, nerve (cranial) (peripheral) NEC 04.07
Azygography 88.63