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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Bacterial smear see: Examination, microscopic
Baffes operation (interatrial transposition of venous return) 35.91
Baffle, atrial or interatrial 35.91
Balanoplasty 64.69
Baldy-Webster operation (uterine suspension) 69.22
Ballistocardiography 89.59
Expand Balloon
Expand Ball operation
Expand Bandage 93.37
Expand Banding
Bankhart operation (capsular repair into glenoid, for shoulder dislocation) 81.82
Bardenheurer operation (ligation of innominate artery) 38.85
Barium swallow 87.61
Expand Barkan operation (goniotomy) 12.52
Barr operation (transfer of tibialis posterior tendon) 83.75
Barsky operation (closure of cleft hand) 82.82
Basal metabolic rate 89.39
Basiotripsy 73.8
Bassett operation (vulvectomy with inguinal lymph node dissection) 71.5 [40.3]
Bassini operation see: Repair, hernia, inguinal
Batch-Spittler-McFaddin operation (knee disarticulation) 84.16
Batista operation (partial ventriculectomy) (ventricular reduction) (ventricular remodeling) 37.35
Expand Bearing surface, hip replacement
Expand Beck operation
Beck-Jianu operation (permanent gastrostomy) 43.19
Behavior modification 94.33
Expand Bell-Beuttner operation (subtotal abdominal hysterectomy) 68.39
Belsey operation (esophagogastric sphincter) 44.65
Benenenti operation (rotation of bulbous urethra) 58.49
Berke operation (levator resection of eyelid) 08.33
Expand Bicuspidization of heart valve 35.10
Bicycle dynamometer 93.01
Expand Biesenberger operation (size reduction of breast, bilateral) 85.32
Bifurcation, bone
     see also: Osteotomy
Bigelow operation (litholapaxy) 57.0
Bililite therapy (ultraviolet) 99.82
Billroth I operation (partial gastrectomy with gastroduodenostomy) 43.6
Billroth II operation (partial gastrectomy with gastrojejunostomy) 43.7
Binnie operation (hepatopexy) 50.69
Biofeedback, psychotherapy 94.39
Expand Biopsy
Bischoff operation (ureteroneocystostomy) 56.74
Expand Bisection
     see also: Excision
Bischoff operation (spinal myelotomy) 03.29
Blalock operation (systemic-pulmonary anastomosis) 39.0
Blalock-Hanlon operation (creation of atrial septal defect) 35.42
Blalock-Taussig operation (subclavian-pulmonary anastomosis) 39.0
Blascovic operation (resection and advancement of levator palpebrae superioris) 08.33
Blepharectomy 08.20
Expand Blepharoplasty
     see also: Reconstruction, eyelid
Expand Blepharorrhaphy 08.52
Blepharotomy 08.09
Blind rehabilitation therapy NEC 93.78
Expand Block
Expand Blood
Expand Blount operation 99.05
Boari operation (bladder flap) 78.25
Bobb operation (cholelithotomy) 51.04
Expand Bone
Expand Bonney operation (abdominal hysterectomy) 68.49
Borthen operation (iridotasis) 12.63
Expand Bost operation
Expand Bosworth operation
Bottle repair of hydrocele, tunica-vaginalis 61.2
Boyd operation (hip disarticulation) 84.18
Expand Brachytherapy
Brauer operation (cardiolysis) 37.10
Breech extraction see: Extraction, breech
Bricker operation (ileoureterostomy) 56.51
Brisement (forcé) 93.26
Bristow operation (repair of shoulder dislocation) 81.82
Brock operation (pulmonary valvotomy) 35.03
Brockman operation (soft tissue release for clubfoot) 83.84
Expand Bronchogram, bronchography 87.32
Bronchoplasty 33.48
Bronchorrhaphy 33.41
Expand Bronchoscopy NEC 33.23
Bronchospirometry 89.38
Expand Bronchostomy 33.0
Bronchotomy 33.0
Browne (-Denis) operation (hypospadias repair) 58.45
Brunschwig operation (temporary gastrostomy) 43.19
Expand Buckling, scleral 14.49
Expand Bunionectomy (radical) 77.59
Bunnell operation (tendon transfer) 82.56
Burch procedure (retropubic urethral suspension for urinary stress incontinence) 59.5
Burgess operation (amputation of ankle) 84.14
Burn dressing 93.57
Burr holes 01.24
Expand Bursectomy 83.5
Expand Bursocentesis 83.94
Expand Bursotomy 83.03
Burying of fimbriae in uterine wall 66.97
Expand Bypass