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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Expand Dacryoadenectomy 09.20
Dacryoadenotomy 09.0
Dacryocystectomy (complete) (partial) 09.6
Dacryocystogram 87.05
Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) (by intubation) (external) (intranasal) 09.81
Dacryocystostomy 09.53
Dacryocystosyringotomy 09.53
Dacryocystotomy 09.53
Dahlman operation (excision of esophageal diverticulum) 42.31
Dana operation (posterior rhizotomy) 03.1
Danforth operation (fetal) 73.8
Darrach operation (ulnar resection) 77.83
Davis operation (intubated ureterotomy) 56.2
Deaf training 95.49
Expand Debridement
Decapitation, fetal 73.8
Decapsulation, kidney 55.91
Expand Declotting
     see also: Removal, thrombus
Expand Decompression
Expand Decortication
Decoy, E2F 00.16
Expand Deepening
Defatting, flap or pedicle graft 86.75
Expand Defibrillation, electric (external) (internal) 99.62
de Grandmont operation (tarsectomy) 08.35
Delaying of pedicle graft 86.71
Expand Delivery (with)
Expand Delorme operation
Expand Denervation
Denker operation (radical maxillary antrotomy) 22.31
Dennis-Barco operation see: Repair, hernia, femoral
Denonvillier operation (limited rhinoplasty) 21.86
Densitometry, bone (serial) (radiographic) 88.98
Depilation, skin 86.92
Derlacki operation (tympanoplasty) 19.4
Dermabond 86.59
Expand Dermabrasion (laser) 86.25
Derotation see: Reduction, torsion
Expand Desensitization
     see also: Division, ligament
Expand Destruction
Detachment, uterosacral ligaments 69.3
Expand Determination
Expand Detorsion
Expand Detoxification therapy 94.25
Devascularization, stomach 44.99
Expand Device
Expand Dewebbing
Dextrorotation see: Reduction, torsion
Expand Dialysis
Expand Diaphanoscopy
Diaphysectomy see: (category)
Expand Diathermy 93.34
Dickson operation (fascial transplant) 83.82
Dickson-Diveley operation (tendon transfer and arthrodesis to correct claw toe) 77.57
Dieffenbach operation (hip disarticulation) 84.18
Expand Dilation
Expand Dilation and curettage, uterus (diagnostic) 69.09
Diminution, ciliary body 12.74
Expand Disarticulation 84.91
Discectomy see: Diskectomy
Expand Discission
Discogram, diskogram 87.21
Discolysis (by injection) 80.52
Expand Diskectomy (discectomy), intervertebral 80.51
Expand Dispensing (with fitting)
Expand Dissection
     see also: Excision
Distention, bladder (therapeutic) (intermittent) 96.25
Expand Diversion
Diversional therapy 93.81
Expand Diverticulectomy
Expand Division
Doleris operation (shortening of round ligaments) 69.22
D'Ombrain operation (excision of pterygium with corneal graft) 11.32
Domestic tasks therapy 93.83
Expand Dopplergram, Doppler flow mapping
     see also: Ultrasonography
Dorrance operation (push-back operation for cleft palate) 27.62
Dotter operation (transluminal angioplasty) 39.59
Douche, vagina 96.44
Douglas' operation (suture of tongue to lip for micrognathia) 25.59
Doyle operation (paracervical uterine denervation) 69.3
Expand Drainage
Drawing test 94.08
Expand Dressing
Expand Drilling
Drotrecogin alfa (activated), infusion 00.11
Ductogram, mammary 87.35
Duhamel operation (abdominoperineal pull-through) 48.65
Expand Duhrssen's
Dunn operation (triple arthrodesis) 81.12
Expand Duodenectomy 45.62
Duodenocholedochotomy 51.51
Expand Duodenoduodenostomy 45.91
Duodenoileostomy 45.91
Duodenojejunostomy 45.91
Duodenorrhaphy 46.71
Duodenoplasty 46.79
Expand Duodenoscopy 45.13
Duodenostomy 46.39
Duodenotomy 45.01
Expand Dupuytren operation
Durabond 86.59
Duraplasty 02.12
Durham (-Caldwell) operation (transfer of biceps femoris tendon) 83.75
DuToit and Roux operation (staple capsulorrhaphy of shoulder) 81.82
DuVries operation (tenoplasty) 83.88
Expand Dwyer operation