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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
E2F decoy 00.16
Eagleton operation (extrapetrosal drainage) 20.22
ECG see: Electrocardiogram
Expand Echocardiography 88.72
Echoencephalography 88.71
Echography see: Ultrasonography
Echogynography 88.79
Echoplacentogram 88.78
ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) 39.65
Eden-Hybinette operation (glenoid bone block) 78.01
Educational therapy (bed-bound children) (handicapped) 93.82
Expand EEG (electroencephalogram) 89.14
Effler operation (heart) 36.2
Effleurage 93.39
Expand EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy) 45.13
Expand Eggers operation
     see also: Electrocardiogram
Elastic hosiery 93.59
Expand Electrocardiogram (with 12 or more leads) 89.52
Expand Electrocautery
     see also: Cauterization
Expand Electrocoagulation
     see also: Destruction, lesion, by site
Electrocochleography 20.31
Electroconization, cervix 67.32
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) 94.27
Expand Electroencephalogram (EEG) 89.14
Electrogastrogram 44.19
Electrokeratotomy 11.49
Expand Electrolysis
Expand Electromyogram, electromyography (EMG) (muscle) 93.08
Electronarcosis 94.29
Electronic gaiter 93.59
Electronystagmogram (ENG) 95.24
Electro-oculogram (EOG) 95.22
Expand Electroresection
     see also: Destruction, lesion, by site
Electroretinogram (ERG) 95.21
Expand Electroshock therapy (EST) 94.27
Expand Elevation
Elliot operation (scleral trephination with iridectomy) 12.61
Ellis Jones operation (repair of peroneal tendon) 83.88
Ellison operation (reinforcement of collateral ligament) 81.44
Elmslie-Cholmeley operation (tarsal wedge osteotomy) 77.28
Expand Eloesser operation
Elongation see: Lengthening
Expand Embolectomy 38.00
Expand Embolization (transcatheter)
Embryotomy 73.8
EMG see: Electromyogram
Emmet operation (cervix) 67.61
Expand Encephalocentesis
     see also: Puncture
Encephalography (cisternal puncture) (fractional) (lumbar) (pneumoencephalogram) 87.01
Encephalopuncture 01.09
Expand Encircling procedure
     see also: Cerclage
Expand Endarterectomy (gas) (with patch graft) 38.10
Expand Endoaneurysmorrhaphy
     see also: Aneurysmorrhaphy
Endolymphatic (-subarachnoid) shunt 20.71
Expand Endometrectomy (uterine) (internal) 68.29
Expand Endoprosthesis
Expand Endoscopy
Expand Enema (transanal) NEC 96.39
ENG (electronystagmogram) 95.24
Expand Enlargement
Enterectomy NEC 45.63
Expand Enteroanastomosis
Expand Enterocelectomy 53.9
Expand Enterocentesis 45.00
Enterocholecystostomy 51.32
Enteroclysis (small bowel) 96.43
Enterocolectomy NEC 45.79
Enterocolostomy 45.93
Enteroentectropy 46.99
Expand Enteroenterostomy 45.90
Expand Enterogastrostomy 44.39
Enterolithotomy 45.00
Expand Enterolysis 54.59
Enteropancreatostomy 52.96
Expand Enterorrhaphy 46.79
Expand Enterostomy NEC 46.39
Expand Enterotomy 45.00
Expand Enucleation
     see also: Excision, lesion, by site
EOG (electro-oculogram) 95.22
Epicardiectomy 36.39
Expand Epididymectomy 63.4
Epididymogram 87.93
Epididymoplasty 63.59
Epididymorrhaphy 63.81
Epididymotomy 63.92
Epididymovasostomy 63.83
Epiglottidectomy 30.21
Epikeratophakia 11.76
Expand Epilation
     see also: Arrest, bone growth
see: (category)
     see also: Arrest, bone growth
see: (category)
Epiploectomy 54.4
Epiplopexy 54.74
Epiplorrhaphy 54.74
Episioperineoplasty 71.79
Expand Episioperineorrhaphy 71.71
Episioplasty 71.79
Episioproctotomy 73.6
Expand Episiorrhaphy 71.71
Expand Episiotomy (with subsequent episiorrhaphy) 73.6
Expand EPS (electrophysiologic stimulation)
Eptifibatide, infusion 99.20
Expand Equalization, leg
Equilibration (occlusal) 24.8
Equiloudness balance 95.43
ERC (endoscopic retrograde cholangiography) 51.11
Expand ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) 51.10
ERG (electroretinogram) 95.21
ERP (endoscopic retrograde pancreatography) 52.13
Eruption, tooth, surgical 24.6
Erythrocytapheresis, therapeutic 99.73
Escharectomy 86.22
Escharotomy 86.09
Esophageal voice training (postlaryngectomy) 93.73
Expand Esophagectomy 42.40
Expand Esophagocologastrostomy (intrathoracic) 42.55
Expand Esophagocolostomy (intrathoracic) NEC 42.56
Expand Esophagoduodenostomy (intrathoracic) NEC 42.54
Expand Esophagoenterostomy (intrathoracic) NEC
     see also: Anastomosis, esophagus, to intestinal segment
Expand Esophagoesophagostomy (intrathoracic) 42.51
Esophagogastrectomy 43.99
Expand Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) 45.13
Esophagogastromyotomy 42.7
Esophagogastropexy 44.65
Esophagogastroplasty 44.65
Expand Esophagogastroscopy NEC 44.13
Expand Esophagogastrostomy (intrathoracic) 42.52
Expand Esophagoileostomy (intrathoracic) NEC 42.54
Expand Esophagojejunostomy (intrathoracic) NEC 42.54
Esophagomyotomy 42.7
Esophagoplasty NEC 42.89
Esophagorrhaphy 42.82
Expand Esophagoscopy NEC 42.23
Expand Esophagostomy 42.10
Esophagotomy NEC 42.09
Expand Estes operation (ovary) 65.72
Estlander operation (thoracoplasty) 33.34
Expand ESWL (extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy) NEC 98.59
Ethmoidectomy 22.63
Ethmoidotomy 22.51
Expand Evacuation
Expand Evaluation (of)
Evans operation (release of clubfoot) 83.84
Expand Evisceration
Expand Evulsion
Expand Examination (for)
Expand Exchange transfusion 99.01
Expand Excision
Excisional biopsy see: Biopsy
Expand Exclusion, pyloric 44.39
Expand Exenteration
Expand Exercise (physical therapy) NEC 93.19
Exfoliation, skin, by chemical 86.24
Expand Exostectomy
     see also: Excision, lesion, bone
Expiratory flow rate 89.38
Explant, explantation see: Removal
Expand Exploration
     see also: Incision
Expand Exposure
     see also: Incision, by site
Expression, trachoma follicles 10.33
Exsanguination transfusion 99.01
Expand Extension
Expand Exteriorization
Expand Extirpation
     see also: Excision, by site
Expand Extracorporeal
Extracranial-intracranial bypass [EC-IC] 39.28
Expand Extraction