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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Face lift 86.82
Facetectomy 77.89
Facilitation, intraocular circulation NEC 12.59
Failed (trial) forceps 73.3
Expand Family
Farabeuf operation (ischiopubiotomy) 77.39
Fasanella-Servatt operation (blepharoptosis repair) 08.35
Fasciaplasty see: Fascioplasty
Fascia sling operation see: Operation, sling
Expand Fasciectomy 83.44
Expand Fasciodesis 83.89
Expand Fascioplasty
     see also: Repair, fascia
Fasciorrhaphy see: Suture, fascia
Expand Fasciotomy 83.14
Expand Fenestration
Ferguson operation (hernia repair) 53.00
Fetography 87.81
Fetoscopy 75.31
Fiberoscopy see: Endoscopy, by site
Fibroidectomy, uterine 68.29
Fick operation (perforation of foot plate) 19.0
Filipuncture (aneurysm) (cerebral) 39.52
Expand Filleting
Expand Filling, tooth (amalgam) (plastic) (silicate) 23.2
Expand Fimbriectomy
     see also: Salpingectomy, partial
Finney operation (pyloroplasty) 44.29
Expand Fissurectomy, anal 49.39
Expand Fistulectomy
     see also: Closure, fistula, by site
Expand Fistulization
Expand Fistulogram
Fistulotomy, anal 49.11
Expand Fitting
Five-in-one repair, knee 81.42
Expand Fixation
Expand Fixator, external
Flooding (psychologic desensitization) 94.33
Expand Flowmetry, Doppler (ultrasonic)
     see also: Ultrasonography
Fluoroscopy see: Radiography
Fog therapy (respiratory) 93.94
Expand Folding, eye muscle 15.22
Foley operation (pyeloplasty) 55.87
Fontan operation (creation of conduit between right atrium and pulmonary artery) 35.94
Foraminotomy 03.09
Forced extension, limb 93.25
Forceps delivery see: Delivery, forceps
Expand Formation
Fothergill (-Donald) operation (uterine suspension) 69.22
Expand Fowler operation
Fox operation (entropion repair with wedge resection) 08.43
Expand Fracture, surgical
     see also: Osteoclasis
Expand Fragmentation
Franco operation (suprapubic cystotomy) 57.18
Frank operation (permanent gastrostomy) 43.19
Frazier (-Spiller) operation (subtemporal trigeminal rhizotomy) 04.02
Fredet-Ramstedt operation (pyloromyotomy) (with wedge resection) 43.3
Expand Freeing
Expand Freezing
Frenckner operation (intrapetrosal drainage) 20.22
Expand Frenectomy
Expand Frenotomy
Frenulumectomy see: Frenectomy
Frickman operation (abdominal proctopexy) 48.75
Frommel operation (shortening of uterosacral ligaments) 69.22
Expand Fulguration
     see also: Electrocoagulation and Destruction, lesion,by site
Expand Function
Fundectomy, uterine 68.39
Expand Fundoplication (esophageal) (Nissen's) 44.66
Fundusectomy, gastric 43.89
Expand Fusion