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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Gait training 93.22
Galeaplasty 86.89
Galvanoionization 99.27
Expand Games
Gamma irradiation, stereotactic 92.32
Expand Ganglionectomy
Ganglionotomy, trigeminal (radiofrequency) 04.02
Gant operation (wedge osteotomy of trochanter) 77.25
Garceau operation (tibial tendon transfer) 83.75
Gardner operation (spinal meningocele repair) 03.51
Expand Gas endarterectomy 38.10
Expand Gastrectomy (partial) (subtotal) NEC 43.89
Gastrocamera 44.19
Gastroduodenectomy see: Gastrectomy
Expand Gastroduodenoscopy 45.13
Expand Gastroduodenostomy (bypass) (Jaboulay's) 44.39
Expand Gastroenterostomy (bypass) NEC 44.39
Expand Gastrogastrostomy (bypass) 44.39
Expand Gastrojejunostomy (bypass) 44.39
Expand Gastrolysis 54.59
Gastropexy 44.64
Expand Gastroplasty NEC 44.69
Expand Gastroplication 44.69
Gastropylorectomy 43.6
Gastrorrhaphy 44.61
Expand Gastroscopy NEC 44.13
Expand Gastrostomy (Brunschwig's) (decompression) (fine caliber tube) (Kader) (permanent) (Stamm) (Stamm-Kader) (temporary) (tube) (Witzel) 43.19
Expand Gastrotomy 43.0
Gavage, gastric 96.35
Gelman operation (release of clubfoot) 83.84
Expand Genioplasty (augmentation) (with graft) (with implant) 76.68
Ghormley operation (hip fusion) 81.21
Expand Gifford operation
Expand Gill operation
Gill-Stein operation (carporadial arthrodesis) 81.25
Gilliam operation (uterine suspension) 69.22
Gingivectomy 24.31
Gingivoplasty (with bone graft) (with soft tissue graft) 24.2
Expand Girdlestone operation
Girdlestone-Taylor operation (muscle transfer for claw toe repair) 77.57
Glenn operation (anastomosis of superior vena cava to right pulmonary artery) 39.21
Expand Glenoplasty, shoulder 81.83
Expand Glomectomy
Expand Glossectomy (complete) (total) 25.3
Glossopexy 25.59
Glossoplasty NEC 25.59
Glossorrhaphy 25.51
Expand Glossotomy NEC 25.94
Glycoprotein IIB/IIIa inhibitor 99.20
Goebel-Frangenheim-Stoeckel operation (urethrovesical suspension) 59.4
Goldner operation (clubfoot release) 80.48
Expand Goldthwaite operation
Expand Gonadectomy
Expand Goniopuncture 12.51
Gonioscopy 12.29
Goniospasis 12.59
Expand Goniotomy (Barkan's) 12.52
Goodal-Power operation (vagina) 70.8
Gordon-Taylor operation (hindquarter amputation) 84.19
GP IIB/IIIa inhibitor, infusion 99.20
Graber-Duvernay operation (drilling of femoral head) 77.15
Expand Graft, grafting
Grattage, conjunctiva 10.31
Green operation (scapulopexy) 78.41
Grice operation (subtalar arthrodesis) 81.13
Grip, strength 93.04
Gritti-Stokes operation (knee disarticulation) 84.16
Gross operation (herniorrhaphy) 53.49
Group therapy 94.44
Guttering, bone
     see also: Excision, lesion, bone
Guyon operation (amputation of ankle) 84.13