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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Hagner operation (epididymotomy) 63.92
Halsted operation see: Repair, hernia, inguinal
Hampton operation (anastomosis small intestine to rectal stump) 45.92
Hanging hip operation (muscle release) 83.19
Harelip operation 27.54
Harrison-Richardson operation (vaginal suspension) 70.77
Hartmann resection (of intestine) (with pouch) see: Colectomy, by site
Expand Harvesting
Expand Hauser operation
Expand Heaney operation (vaginal hysterectomy) 68.59
Hearing aid (with battery replacement) 95.49
Hearing test 95.47
Hegar operation (perineorrhaphy) 71.79
Heine operation (cyclodialysis) 12.55
Heineke-Mikulicz operation (pyloroplasty) 44.29
Heller operation (esophagomyotomy) 42.7
Hellstöm operation (transplantation of aberrant renal vessel) 39.55
Expand Hemicolectomy
Hemicystectomy 57.6
Hemigastrectomy see: Gastrectomy
Hemiglossectomy 25.2
Hemilaminectomy (decompression) (exploration) 03.09
Hemilaryngectomy (anterior) (lateral) (vertical) 30.1
Hemimandibulectomy 76.31
Hemimastectomy (radical) 85.23
Hemimaxillectomy (with bone graft) (with prosthesis) 76.39
Heminephrectomy 55.4
Hemipelvectomy 84.19
Hemispherectomy (cerebral) 01.52
Hemithyroidectomy (with removal of isthmus) (with removal of portion of remaining lobe) 06.2
Hemodiafiltration (extracorporeal) 39.95
Hemodialysis (extracorporeal) 39.95
Hemodilution 99.03
Hemofiltration (extracorporeal) 39.95
Hemorrhage control see: Control, hemorrhage
Expand Hemorrhoidectomy 49.46
Hemostasis see: Control, hemorrhage
Henley operation (jejunal transposition) 43.81
Expand Hepatectomy (complete) (total) 50.4
Hepatic assistance, extracorporeal 50.92
Hepaticocholangiojejunostomy 51.37
Hepaticocystoduodenostomy 51.37
Hepaticodochotomy 51.59
Hepaticoduodenostomy 51.37
Hepaticojejunostomy 51.37
Expand Hepaticolithectomy 51.49
Expand Hepaticolithotomy 51.49
Hepaticostomy 51.59
Hepaticotomy 51.59
Hepatocholangiocystoduodenostomy 51.37
Expand Hepatocholedochostomy 51.43
Hepatoduodenostomy 50.69
Hepatogastrostomy 50.69
Hepatojejunostomy 50.69
Expand Hepatolithotomy
Hepatopexy 50.69
Hepatorrhaphy 50.61
Hepatostomy (external) (internal) 50.69
Hepatotomy (with packing) 50.0
Hernioplasty see: Repair, hernia
Herniorrhaphy see: Repair, hernia
Herniotomy see: Repair, hernia
Heterograft see: Graft
Heterotransplant, heterotransplantation see: Transplant
Hey operation (amputation of foot) 84.12
Hey-Groves operation (reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament) 81.45
Heyman operation (soft tissue release for clubfoot) 83.84
Heyman-Herndon (-Strong) operation (correction of metatarsus varus) 80.48
Hibbs operation (lumbar spinal fusion) see: Fusion, lumbar
Higgins operation see: Repair, hernia, femoral
Expand High forceps delivery 72.39
Hill-Allison operation (hiatal hernia repair, transpleural approach) 53.80
Hinging, mitral valve 35.12
His bundle recording 37.29
Hitchcock operation (anchoring tendon of biceps) 83.88
Hofmeister operation (gastrectomy) 43.7
Expand Hoke operation
Holth operation
Homan operation (correction of lymphedema) 40.9
Homograft see: Graft
Homotransplant, homotransplantation see: Transplant
Hosiery, elastic 93.59
Hutch operation (ureteroneocystostomy) 56.74
Hybinette-Eden operation (glenoid bone block) 78.01
Expand Hydrocelectomy
Expand Hydrotherapy 93.33
Hymenectomy 70.31
Hymenoplasty 70.76
Hymenorrhaphy 70.76
Hymenotomy 70.11
Hyperalimentation (parenteral) 99.15
Expand Hyperbaric oxygenation 93.95
Hyperextension, joint 93.25
Expand Hyperthermia NEC 93.35
Hypnodrama, psychiatric 94.32
Expand Hypnosis (psychotherapeutic) 94.32
Hypnotherapy 94.32
Expand Hypophysectomy (complete) (total) 07.69
Expand Hypothermia (central) (local) 99.81
Hypotympanotomy 20.23
Expand Hysterectomy 68.9
Expand Hysterocolpectomy (radical) (vaginal) 68.79
Expand Hysterogram NEC 87.85
Expand Hysterolysis 54.59
Hysteromyomectomy 68.29
Hysteropexy 69.22
Hysteroplasty 69.49
Hysterorrhaphy 69.41
Expand Hysterosalpingography gas (contrast) 87.82
Hysterosalpingostomy 66.74
Expand Hysteroscopy 68.12
Expand Hysterotomy (with removal of foreign body) (with removal of hydatidiform mole) 68.0
Hysterotrachelectomy 67.4
Hysterotracheloplasty 69.49
Hysterotrachelorrhaphy 69.41
Hysterotrachelotomy 69.95